Another art progression post for today.

Since sketching has been going slow for me, I decided to keep coloring sketches that I have, and I decided that it was time to add some color to one of my oldest characters in the Star Trek universe: Drasko.

Drasko is the chief engineer/first officer on Dorgan’s ship, the USS Rubicon and he is a dracon, hailing from the planet Alpha Draconis III (or Thuban as it’s more commonly known).

Drasko’s history is long and interesting, or at least I think so. The original concept for him was that he was named ‘Dan Dragon’ and that he was, well, a dragon and the helmsman onboard the Enterprise-F under the command of Dorgan (this was back in the day when I don’t think there was even an Enterprise-E). I wish I could get a scan of his original concept back in the day, you wouldn’t believe how bad I was at art back then, heh.

Drasko has stayed with me all this time and over time he did evolve; I gave him a proper name and his look started to change and update a little.
When Star Trek Online was released and I started playing it, Drasko had to be included, but unfortunately the Alien editor in the game is somewhat limited, so I was able to create him, but not as how I wanted him to look.
Eventually I would sit down and actually give him a new and updated look, and voila, here it is, finally in glorious (if not flat) color.

Finished him in SAI, and overall I’m happy with his look. There are a few things that kind of bug me, but those are something I can edit should I get a chance to draw him again.


Today’s post is gonna be a bit long, but hopefully not -too- long.

I love Star Trek.  Star Trek has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember; my dad a collection of video tapes of the original series and I loved watching it, and this was before The Next Generation was running I think.

So, like any good Trek fan, I had my own thoughts and stories revolving around my own ship and crew (which was the Enterprise-F). Of course thinking back on it now you realize that the ideas were really bad, but you do still manage to find ideas that inspire you for ideas to this day.

Nearly two years ago, Cryptic Studios had released Star Trek Online, the Star Trek mmo and I was excited about it, but I was very unsure if the game would be any good, but I was finally able to get a copy of it and gave it a whirl and, well, I was hooked.  Being able to command your own ship with your own crew was a lot of fun, and it really got my inner Trekkie thinking.

One of the first things I needed to figure out was a name for my character’s starship, obviously I couldn’t command the Enterprise, but I wanted to find a good name, something unique that not many people would use. I looked to ‘R-Type Final’ for some ideas and I found a ship called the 'Cross the Rubicon’. After doing some research on what it was and what it meant, I had found my ship name.

The USS Rubicon, Avenger-Class Star Cruiser, NX-91042.

Now that I had a ship, I needed a captain.  That one was a lot easier to figure out; I was always the captain of my ship, so for my first character in the game, it was Christopher Dorgan.
Ever since I started playing, I had wanted to sit down and draw out the crew of the Rubicon, but for some reason I have been having the most difficult time drawing humans and humanoid characters, everytime I’ve tried drawing Dorgan they’ve turned out rather awful, one of the reasons why I don’t have any sketches of him in this post, but I do have a screenshot of his appearance in-game for a point of reference.

Now, onto the actual sketches themselves.

First up is Drasko, rank commander and the Chief Engineer of the Rubicon.
As much as I love Star Trek, I was always disappointed by the fact that there weren’t a lot of creature races; the other alien races you saw looked mostly human with ridges or spots, very rarely did you see a race that was a little more alien, but there weren’t any creatures like the Gorn.
When I started to come up with ideas for my own crew, Drasko was one of my own original characters in the Star Trek theme, and he’s one of my oldest characters. He started out as Dan Dragon (yes, I put a dragon in my Star Trek) and he was the ship’s helmsman, but he slowly started to evolve, now he’s a dracon, a race hailing from Alpha Draconis III.
I did try and create him in STO, but unfortunately he doesn’t look nearly as good as he does here, heh.

Next, we have Lieutenant Arran, the ship’s helmsman.
Star Trek: The Animated Series was one of the only Star Trek offerings that -did- show more creature-like alien races, and I really love the Edosians and Lieutenant Arex was one of my favorite characters, so I always wanted to have one on my own ship. The thing is that the Edosians are actually kind of a tricky race to draw, their head structure is pretty interesting, if not tricky, and their a tripedal race, so that becomes rather tricky as well, but for Arran here, I think I did a pretty good job with him.
Unfortunately the Edosians are not a playable race in STO, and it doesn’t look like they will be in the future, but…I can hope.

With any luck I will be able to sketch out some more members of the Rubicon crew, the list is pretty big and heck, I could use the practice on more humanoid characters.

All things Star Trek are copyrighted to CBS Studios, and all things Star Trek Online are copyrighted to Cryptic Studios.
Original characters and artwork are mine.

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