A Very Drarry Valentine by mmella

Yes, tomorrow is Monday2.0! The theme is crack! So some of you may ask: “what the frick, crack?”


  • clicheé
  • WTF-moments
  • What did I just read?
  • Funny shit that doesn’t belong in any other theme

Just a few examples. We want to start this week with a fun day and with everyone helping I am sure we can make this a succes. Doodles, fics ( citates) everything is welcome!

If you have something for monday2.0 be quick! Today, Sunday 15 December is practically the last day you can submit something. You are welcome to submit things on the Monday itself, but it won’t be guaranteed that we will see it or post it! So submit your crack so we will start Drarryweek with a huge boom! (No, seamus is not allowed in anymore).