Assalto di Gioia by auroraprimavera


Summary: When a mystery unfolds and Aurors are sent to investigate, Harry Potter finds himself in the middle of the unexpected. Someone he has tried to forget from his past is pushed back into his world and he suddenly finds everything changing. What happens when he learns the truth of the mystery and gives in to the truth of his own heart?

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, Auror, mystery, angst, romance, drama.

Word Count: 33, 000


Siege Mentality by Lomonaaeren


Summary: Harry Potter is the Ministry’s resident expert on Dark magic, and after ten years of cases, he’s confident he’s seen anything the Dark wizard’s mind (and wand) can produce. But there’s an unidentified curse on Draco Malfoy, and in the struggle to figure out whether Draco is victim or perpetrator, Harry may well lose more than his life.

.Draco/Harry, M, mystery, romance, angst, violence, EWE, future.

Word Count: 37, 000


Choices of the Heart by Naadi


Summary: Harry has dreams that pull him into the realm of the newly dead. At first, the dreams are only a curious mystery, but when when Harry dreams of Narcissa Malfoy, his life suddenly goes in a much different direction than the one he’d always imagined.

.Draco/Harry, romance, mystery, M, EWE, post-war.

Word Count: 78, 000


The Darkest Mercy by tarklovishki


Summary: Being put in the Triwizard Tournament for the second time running, Harry finds out who his true friends are. With someone a lot closer to him than Voldemort out to kill him, Harry must rely on his Veela boyfriend, Draco, to save him.

.Draco/Harry, M, romance, mystery, adventure, Hogwarts era, creature fic, established relationship.

Word Count: 20, 000


A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing by mahaliem


Summary: Draco hits his head and wakes to find himself in another world where he’s a Gryffindor and Harry Potter is a Slytherin.

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, AU, Hogwarts era, mystery, romance, angst, drama.

Word Count: 38, 000


Harry Potter and the Case of the Befeathered Ninja by grey_hunter


Summary: He had been on medical leave for a month and was bored out of his mind. All he wanted was to go grocery shopping. And then he just happened upon a Muggle horrifically killed by a Wheeze, a ninja who might be a showgirl, and Malfoy looking like a fashion disaster (but it turned out there was a good explanation for that). As far as Harry was concerned, it hadn’t ever been his fault to begin with.

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, EWE, mystery, drama, violence, angst.

Word Count: 38, 000