Interpreting Draconis by dacro


Summary: Draco, the Deaf son of a wealthy businessman, has always had the best of everything, including a habit for rapid signing and a reputation for having a short fuse. When his father disappears, the interpreters who have been on the receiving end of Draco’s attitude and temper refuse to work for him. Enter Harry, our ‘new on the block’ interpreter with a heart of gold, exemplary skills, and a few secrets in his pocket.

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, AU, drama, romance.

Word Count: 11, 000


In Which Harry Potter Discovers a River In Egypt by kestrelsparhawk


Summary: A missing roommate, a mysteriously familiar male prostitute, murdered Muggles, and an angry boss are all making life difficult for Auror Harry Potter. And that’s before he discovers that the reason he’s avoided having girlfriends for three years is not only because he doesn’t like publicity.

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, drama, mystery, Auror, prostitution, first time.

Word Count: 23, 000


Dragon Tamer by jennavere


Summary: Desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Draco convinces Harry to pretend to be his boyfriend. What follows is an epic romantic comedy involving scheming, snogging, silliness, shagging, snarky boys, superstars, singing, shagging, snuggling, secrets, sex gods, shagging, and a bunny named Draco Lucius Malfoy the Third.

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, fake relationship, humour, romance, drama.

Word Count: 124, 000


Overcoming Misconceptions by Desera


Summary: After a cauldron explotion in Potions class, Harry Potter is landed with a child turned Draco. Will he be able to soothe the scars left from Draco’s first childhood and will Draco be able to do the same for Harry?

.Draco/Harry, M, romance, drama, kid fic, de-aged, Hogwarts-era.

Word Count: 10, 000


‘Starts with a Spin’ by Maxine


Summary: It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.

.Harry/Draco, NC-17, smut, romance, drama, angst, humour.

Word Count: 119, 000


Life Renovations by WindSeeker2305


Summary: Sometimes people are forced to make many changes in their lives in order to survive.After a summer of torture with the Dursleys,Harry goes into a magical coma,where he decides many things that could very well change the Wizarding World forever.

.Draco/Harry, M, drama, romance, creature fic, mpreg, adventure, dom/sub, Hogwarts era.

Word Count: 292, 000


Sequel: Life Agendas

Word Count: 687, 000


Lonely Moon by eleventy7


Summary: More than a decade after the Battle, Harry returns to Hogwarts as a professor and discovers a student with a familiar face and an unexpected past.

.Draco/Harry, EWE, NC-17, drama, romance, teacher, creature fic, kid fic.

Word Count: 64, 000


Suffer the Children by oldenf2nb


Summary: Draco Malfoy has learned via painful experience that the least complicated way to go about things is to not allow himself to care — about anyone. After all, he’d tried that once without success. But now he finds himself thrust into a situation where maintaining the armour around his heart simply isn’t an option.

.Draco/Harry, M, adult, drama, romance, kid fic, angst, future.

Word Count: 32, 000


Berry Red by olimakiella


Summary: An explosion in the Forensic Potions Department of the Ministry of Magic has people wondering who has it in for the Ministry. After Auror Harry Potter does some digging, however, he realises the Ministry is not the target.

.Draco/Harry, M, drama, romance, future, EWE, Auror,

Word Count: 27, 000


Dancing Devils in His Eyes by furiosity


Summary: Harry and Draco are forced to work together on an assignment. Draco’s been pursuing Harry for a while, but Harry has too little respect for Draco to take him seriously. Could anything in the world change that?

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, Auror, drama, angst, romance. 

Word Count: 14, 000


Irresistible Poison by Rhysenn


Summary: A Harry/Draco SLASH romance. Under the influence of a love potion, Draco learns that poison doesn’t always bring death and there are other ways to suffer and live. Chemical emotion runs feverish as Harry and Draco discover the intoxication of love.

.Draco/Harry, PG-13, Hogwarts era, drama, romance.

Word Count: 123, 000


Salt on the Western Wind by saras_girl


Summary:“That wand’s more trouble than it’s worth,” said Harry. “And quite honestly,” he turned away from the painted portraits, thinking now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwich there, “I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.”

.Draco/Harry, NC-17, post-war, romance, drama.

Word Count: 60, 000


Summer Rain by Lani


Summary: They shared a perfect summer night making love on the beach. When Harry woke up the next day, Draco was gone.

.Draco/Harry, romance, M, drama, hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, AU.

Word Count: 52, 000


Sequel: Everything Was Perfect

Word Count: 119, 000