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Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Out of all the WIPs on my drive, there are six fics which are either currently posting/ready to be posted, or are past the outline stage.  Thank you, @mugglelissa, for the tag! <33

Gunslinger:  Historical Wild West AU set in the 1870’s.  A planned train robbery forces Kylo to rethink his future, as well as face the ghosts of his past.  This is a six-chaptered fic for @kyluxtrashcompactor, scheduled to update weekly.  I had a lot of help on this one: artwork from my FandomTrumpsHate artist @keire-ke and @m-oarts; and my two amazing betas @thecopperriver and @gefionneRating: Explicit

Kylux Big Bang: I am beyond thrilled to have received my prompt.  It is gorgeous and lush, and I fell in love with it the second I read it.  There will be themes of addiction and angst, but also of redemption with eventual fluff.  I’m co-writing this with a writer whom I absolutely adore, a fantastic artist, and we’re all really excited–I wish I could say more!  Rating: Explicit

The Wizard King and the Empyrean Prince:  I teased this fic on Valentine’s Day, when I posted this lovely digital painting created by @m-oarts.  Since then, I have also had other pieces created by @chenria and another FandomTrumpsHate artist, Bunbundago.  It’s based on the Fairy Tale “The Wizard King,” and has a Prophecy, Dark Magic, and Love at First Sight™.  It will post after KBB (because I need a fairy tale ending for Kylo and Hux, before TLJ comes out). Rating: Mature

Sinderella (Hot Under the Collar): A crack fairy tale retelling of “Cinderella.”  There’s a randy prince, a tipsy Fairy Godmother, and a beautiful orphan who’s bestowed a magical sex collar on the night of the ball.  It also includes misappropriated lyrics to multiple versions of “Nasty Girl.”  Alright, who am I kidding, it was an excuse to write porn.  Written for the Rewritten Reylo Collection (@reylo-book-of-sins ). Completed, and should be posting in a week when the entire collection comes out.  Beta’d by the lovely @isharan, with artwork from @winterofherdiscontent and a gorgeous mood board from @once-upon-a-reylo.  Rating: Explicit

Death and the Maiden (working title): Based on “The Maiden and the Gallows,” and written for The Reylo Fanfiction Anthology (@reylofanfictionanthology) which comes out in September.  My celebration theme was Samhain.  The fic explores the balance of light and dark, life and death, and what happens when Kylo, as Spirit Master of the Sluagh Sidhe, falls in love with a girl who dares to give up her soul to challenge him.  First draft completed, and will feature the artwork of the amazing @winterofherdiscontentRating: Mature

HP-Drizzle Fest:  Currently at the anon stage, fully outlined.  Suffice to say that it features exes Auror!Harry and Healer!Draco; a mystery; jungles; sweltering heat; lots of skin; wanking; and waterfall sex.  Oh yes, and some lovely artwork by @higelaw !! My next project to tackle fully after Gunslinger is complete.  Coming out in September.  Rating: Explicit

With the exception of some possible one-shot prompt fills, these will likely take me through the end of the year (whew!).  I tag: @isharan, @thecopperriver, @gefionne, @kyluxtrashcompactor@francisthegreat, and anyone else who would like share their work!

The most satisfying thing is when you make someone laugh.like a genuine laugh. The feeling is so pure. Like i made someone laugh, someone happy and like at that moment we forget all the wrong in the world.

Art of kidnapping

I dont understand why the hell kidnappers have to be so extra? Like using chloroform and getting so physical and wearing all black and driving in a van. Like dude . All you gotta do is bribe me with a book and lock me up in a hugeeee library and feed me. That’s it. Easy pesy. Best part? I wouldn’t struggle a bit. You need my soul? No problem. Here have it. Just remember to bring me snickers.

  • me on a date: so what's your hogwarts house?
  • date: I don't know...
  • me shoving breadsticks into my purse: something's come up I've-
  • date: I mean no one can truly know their house because the online quizzes are nothing compared to the sorting hat.
  • me slowly takes breadstick out of purse: go on
  • draco: if you bite it and you die, it's poisonous. if it bites you and you die, it's venomous.
  • harry: what if it bites me, and it dies?
  • draco: that means you're poisonous. honestly harry, try to keep up. just because you're not as smart as me...
  • harry: what if it bites itself and i die?
  • draco: it's voodoo.
  • harry: what if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • draco: that's correlation, not causation.
  • harry: what if we bite each other and no one dies?
  • draco: ... that's kinky.