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AU in which Harry discovers the world of fashion, courtesy of Pansy.

Inspired by thethaumas’s headcanon: “Adult Harry realizing that he doesn’t have to wear tentlike clothing, goes shopping and becomes hellishly fashionable (maybe with Pansy’s help? Who he’s snarky friends with) And Draco is just destroyed whenever he sees how hot Harry is now.”

Pansy strode into her friend’s apartment, not bothering to knock. Her heels clacked against the gleaming wood floors as she tossed her purse down in a velvet armchair and poured herself a cup of tea. 

“How in Salazar’s name did you get in again?” Draco demanded, storming out of his bedroom in a fluffy robe. “I changed the wards just last week!” 

“This tea is cold,” Pansy drawled, flicking her wand toward the cup and murmuring a heating charm. “Now hurry, our reservation is at ten.” 

Draco rolled his eyes. “You’re intolerable.” 

“I’ve got to be at work by twelve, Draco. If you make me late, I’ll charm your beloved eyebrows off.” She cast him a pointed look when he made no move toward his bedroom. “Pronto.” 

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Headcanon that Harry gets a Dark Mark tattoo (a muggle one, not a magical one) on his left forearm, so Draco feels less ashamed - “it doesn’t mean anything, anymore,” Harry begs Draco to understand, Harry doesn’t care - he loves Draco regardless of who he was. All that matters is who he is

do you ever think about draco doing his potions and harry coming and bothering him and draco snapping at him multiple times but when he’s stirring the brew or something harry kisses his neck and holds him and draco just has this little smirk and doesn’t yell at him anymore because i do and i think about it a lot

I want an argument between Harry and Draco where they’re in the great hall or something like that for breakfast and then harry just looks down at his cup and goes, “is this coffee bitter?” before sipping it and going “no, must be you” and draco just loses his shit

little-angel-mice asked:

For the prompt quote thing can you do Drarry with the quote "Please stay" thanks a bunch :)

Thanks for the ask! This is Drarry post-Hogwarts AU. Not quite so established relationship but I promise, the domesticity is there. Also, sass and a little bit of sappiness. Hope you like it!



“Do not slam the door on me, Harry Potter!”

Harry stood up from his bed and walked back towards the door, making sure to slam it extra hard this time.

“You fuck!” Draco yelled. 

“Have fun fixing the hinges,” Harry yelled back through the door. “Oh wait, you can’t fix shit, arsehole!”

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anonymous asked:

OMG you know really good Drarry fics?! I'm trying to get back into that ship, but all the fics I liked when I was 14 are, well, kinda shit. At least in comparison to the quality of stuff I've been reading lately. Do you have any recs?

OH GOD I FEEL YOU, been shipping these two since 2k10 and i was 12 at that time so I only read shitty German ones haha but since i started reading English fanfic a whole new world unfolded in front of me, fic-quality wise haha


Most of my faves are 100k+ words ones, I hope you don’t mind epic fics :D


first of all, my absolute favourite, Underwater Light by Maya. Of ALL fics I have ever read this is the most beautiful. It’s not available on any fanfiction online platform anymore, so you have to read it here. I have read it at least 10 times and I intend on reading it another 10 times. also:

only some of my faves, if you want more, dont hesitate to ask me again! :)
Rec: The Rewards of Bravery
By Organization for Transformative Works

By lauren3210 | Draco/Harry | NC-17 | 13,797 words

During an Auror mission gone wrong, Harry finds himself with an unexpected new power: he can tell when people are lying. It’s incredibly annoying, except for when Draco’s around…

Genre: Post-Hogwarts, top!Draco

lionloveshisbear asked:

So I read a fic where they had to restore Hogwarts together and Harry goes into the room of requirement with Draco to get something for the school but it turns out Harry's been using BDSM (but not sex) as therapy and the room decides he needs a therapy session and I can't find it anywhere

The only fic I can think of that somewhat meets this description is Unknown Pleasures (birdsofshore, 10.5k), in which Harry goes to the Room of Requirement and is stunned to find that it’s provided him with lots of bdsm toys and a curious Draco to play with. They do use bdsm as therapy, but they don’t work together to fix the room. 

Other Fics with Room of Requirement Hijinks

Requirements (ravenna_c_tan, 5k): A sixth year AU in which a naked, blindfolded Harry keeps popping up when Draco goes to the room to try to fix the Vanishing Cabinet.

Of Thwarted Plans (Faith Wood, 8.5k): Draco goes to the Room of Requirement only to find Harry already inside, naked and wanking.

The Potter-Malfoy Problem (who_la_hoop, 29k): Whenever Draco goes inside the Room of Requirement, Harry ends up getting summoned there (sometimes sans clothing). And alas, the door keeps disappearing, forcing them to entertain themselves.

In the Interest of Interhouse Cooperation (firethesound, 12k): Harry and Draco have to co-run the new Dueling Club. They meet in the Room of Requirement, and the room decides to play matchmaker by locking them together.  

Kiss the Joy (Until the Sun Rise) (ICMezzo, 38k): Draco and Harry both find their way to the Room of Requirement immediately after the final battle. Unable to face the real world, they choose to stay in the room together. 

To be Back Again in the Rest of the Room (lamerezouille, 16k): Draco and Harry are trapped in the Room of Requirement with ghost Crabbe, only one bed, and no way out. 

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! If anyone knows of a fic that has them fix the Come and Go Room and then come in it, please let me know! I’ll be eternally grateful :)

Does anyone else read fan fiction and the character looks different than pot rayed in the movie? Like Harry and Draco are never imagined as Dan and Tom unless it is a non-au fic, or one during hogwarts. Idk is it just me?

anonymous asked:

Pardon me, but I was wondering if you knew the name of a fic in which Draco has a daughter and asks Harry for help bc the daughter's mother was killed during a death eater raid and he had no one else to turn to (or something to that extent? I read it a LONG time ago, and can't for the life of me remember what the name was...)

Is it Secrets by Vorabiza?

Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer becomes filled with activity and many secrets. He generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side. post-HBP 

Subject: human rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Harry Potter (North Southwark & Bermondsey)
Date: 7 March 2005 17:44
To: lord muck (

the human rights committee! a malfoy! there is something so. fundamentally. wrong. with this picture.

you’re up to something, aren’t you?

Subject: it’s kind of endearing, really
From: Harry Potter (North Southwark & Bermondsey)
Date: 7 March 2005 18:03
To: lord muck  (

you’re not up to something. you’re just embarrassed.

Subject: Re: it’s kind of endearing, really
From: The Office of Lord Malfoy (
Date: 7 March 2005 19:22
To: bleeding heart liberal  (

Fuck off. It was a clerical error.
—  Corridors of Power by blythely 

*clears throat*


This has been ABookBlog PSA

hellasad-lolno-hellarad asked:

top five drarry aus?

  1. slytherin harry!!!
  2. fake relationship (ugh especially the fics where they wake up in a world there theyre dating and have to keep the charade up)
  3. bond fics 
  4. post-war draco living as a muggle 
  5. secret relationships (bonus points if they pretend to still hate each other around others and have fake fights)

seriously though all of them, i don’t even care anymore, give me them all i’m weak

ask me my top 5 anything