Person B would always say a specific word/phase around/to Person A in a different language. Person A would ask him what language it was and what did the word/phase mean, but Person B would smirk and leave. This pisses person A so much, because it makes them think that Person B is insulting them in another language. So what Person A did is the next time when Person B said the phase/word, she/he (secretly) recorded it on her/his phone and asked Siri what it meant.

Siri’s answer: ‘This language is _____(what ever language you want), and the word/phase means is 'my cute little kitten’

Person A blushing 5 shades of red.

Person A is like a hella good realism artist. But when ever they try to draw person b they are always finding something that isn’t right. Pre relationship so A doesn’t wanna look obvious by staring at B. But a little while after they get together B finds the sketchbook of them and is like “if you want me to I’ll sit still for you to get it perfect” and A gets to stare all they want.

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my absolute favorites are Twist of Fate, Temptation on the War Front, Unlikely Heroes, Concealed Torture and Escaping Darkness. like they had me crying for hours

I love Temptation on the Warfront by alizarincrims0n and Twist of Fate by OakStone730 so much! Temptation on the Warfront is one of my favorite alternate Horcrux hunts (my ultimate favorite is Secrets by Vorabiza- there will never be a better Drarry for me). And Draco and Luna’s friendship in Twist of Fate is my favorite thing

I’ve never read Unlikely Heroes by Kusanosakura or Concealed Torture by RockQueen98. I couldn’t find Escaping Darkness- who wrote it? I don’t tend to read a lot of creature fics, but Unlikely Heroes sounds interesting- I like the Slytherin focus! And Hogwarts Era fics are really special to me

Thanks for the recs- it’s so thoughtful of you to share them with me :)

One day in the future you may leave platform 9 and 3 quarters for the last time, you might climb out of the rabbit hole, you might shut the door to 221B bakers street, you might throw the sheet back over the wardrobe, you might leave Camelot, you might stumble out of a blue police box for the last time, you might finally defeat the demons, stubborn angels and drive off in the impala. 

But you will remember the days leading up to the end. The adventures, the love, the happiness, the sadness, the pain. For these fictional places and characters are never quite going to go away. Because the ones that love us, never really leave us. 

Reblog this if you are willing or enjoy doing beta reading for fic authors :)

for those who are unfamiliar with the term Beta it’s just basically reading it and telling the author if you thought anything needed more work or what you thought before they publish it.

Part I

Two Wands Make a Right
Harry’s wand is playing up and Hermione thinks she knows the answer, but why does she have to be right all the time, why does Draco Malfoy have to be so god damn difficult and why is he wearing his tie backwards?

“It’s not for long,” Hermione said. “By the time we get back to Hogwarts, the Unfettering Brew will be ready.”
“Listen to you!” Ron said. “He’s got to get through a month with the Dursleys and a month at Malfoy Manor. With Draco Malfoy.”
“Yeah, thanks,” Harry said, because he hadn’t just spent the last week contemplating just how much more horrible his summer holidays were about to be than they’d ever been before.

Twice as Much as an Earthquake
Accidental bonding. Breaking and entering. Conspiring, however unwillingly, in the strange one-man war Malfoy’s waging against detention. This isn’t the normal school year Harry anticipated having, but at least it’s not boring.

The Potter-Malfoy Problem
The room of requirement’s gone mad — at least, that’s what Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy ‘requires’ him, of all people, but why does it keep dragging Harry there like he’s some kind of furniture, every time Malfoy enters it? Throw in Pansy the pervert and a clipboard-wielding Hermione, and things can only go from bad to worse. And that’s not even mentioning the pirates …

101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes (Or, an Unfortunate Incident with a Traffic Cone and a Policeman’s Helmet)
Harry is a trainee Auror, and Draco is living at Malfoy Manor, bored and petulant with nothing to do, and no career prospects. Draco’s attempt to heal himself via Muggle psychology – including writing a series of 'why I hate you’ letters to Harry – backfires when an overanxious house elf delivers the results to Harry. Harry is bemused, Draco is angry and together they have a lot of issues to work out.

Tea and No Sympathy
It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

The Name on Your Forehead
The Weasley twin’s latest invention, a glitter-bomb that causes the name of your crush to appear across your forehead, wrecks havoc among the students of Hogwarts. As usual, Harry’s the one who bears the brunt of it.

An Act of Kindness for One Harry Potter by a Sympathetic Draco Malfoy
As Draco leaned on the wall to wait for them to get dressed, he could not help feeling like he had done a very kind thing by disrupting them. Someone should give Potter a better rogering than that sorry sod had. The man had saved the bloody world—okay, mostly Europe—the least someone could do was give him a proper shag.

Who Shagged Harry Potter?
One beautiful sunny Sunday the Slytherins wake up after a raunchy night only to discover a very naked Harry Potter sleeping in their dormitory. Naturally, they ask themselves a logical question: Who the hell shagged him?

Something I Don’t Want to Stop
It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

IDK My BFF Hermione
Draco’s a hot mess. Harry’s lovin’ it (hell yes).

Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Sometimes, Harry can’t help but wonder why such strange shit always happens to him.

Bad Medicine
As an Auror, Harry is no stranger to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries but he has reached his limit with his confidential information appearing in the Prophet after every visit. He’s angry enough to give even his childhood nemesis’s private practice a go. At least if Harry’s secrets show up in the paper now, he’ll know who to hex.

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work
Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

Sealed with a Kiss
Harry Potter will fall in love with the first person who kisses him. Draco knows what he must do. A Christmassy Hogwarts fic, this.

In the Interest of Interhouse Cooperation
Organizing a Duelling Club was supposed to be a fun extracurricular activity for Harry’s 8th year. But add in Draco Malfoy and a malfunctioning Room of Requirement, and things can’t help but get complicated.

House Proud
His house liked Draco Malfoy more than him.

In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco Is An Idiot
For as long as he can remember, Draco’s been bringing fake dates to his family’s annual Yuletide celebration in order to evade his mother’s matchmaking. This year, Potter’s posing as his pretend boyfriend. But as the party gets underway, it gets unclear who’s playing who, who’s pretending what, who’s not pretending at all, and what the game really is. Confused? Yeah, so is Draco…

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight
When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.

Cats and Dogs
Harry is a dog person. Draco is a cat person. But they love each other anyway.