Barry Dransfield - The Werewolf

Barry Dransfield - The Werewolf

2013 год, ко мне на работу зашел Аллан Дрансфильд! ) Это дизайнер автомобилей из Великобритании и заядлый путешественник)
Веселый усач и фотограф :D
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Michael Dransfield - Like this for years

In the cold weather
the cold city the cold
heart of something as pitiless as apathy
to be a poet in Australia
is the ultimate commitment.

When y’ve been thrown out of the last car
for speaking truthfully or mumbling poems
and the emptiness is not these stranded
endless plains but knowing that you are completely
alone in a desert full of strangers

and when the waves cast you up who sought
to dive so deep and come up with
more than water in yr hands
and the water itself is sand is air is something

you realise that what you taste now in the mornings
is not so much blood as the failure of language
and no good comes of singing or of silence
the trees wont hold you you reject rejection
and the ultimate commitment
is survival

Genevieve sweet Genevieve the days may come the days may go

apple castles. the sun go by in the morning
and at night the sirens sing, from their high
chimneys. on the rock the red horse
has run its step thousands of years. ah,
genevieve, sweet… and the squirrels, high
in their berry branches. orangebells ring, rosetrumpets,
lilyflutes, play the slow wind in flowers.
white ships pass in the bay. the moment of history
is now, always, we pass in the morning
of a thousand flowers, in apple castles
with rivernames, old names like muiderslot
my favourite castle all one year
when apples were a penny each
o janvier sweet

Michael Dransfield


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