Borrasca - III

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“Do you think she blames herself?”

“I don’t know, man. Probably.” I stretched out on the reclined seat of my Chevy and pulled the bill of my hat lower over my eyes.

“But do you think she’s okay?”

I didn’t answer him. I certainly hadn’t been okay when Whitney died and Kimber was even closer to her mom than I was to my sister. She was definitely not okay. “Sam, seriously. I’m fucking freaking out here, it’s been two days.”

I pushed my hat up off of my face and looked over at Kyle who was admittedly a wreck. His eyes were bloodshot, his face sallow and his red hair was greasy.

“Dude, her mom committed suicide. You how close Kimber was to her mom. She just needs some time but she’ll be okay.”

“She hasn’t answered any of my texts or calls. I’ve left her like nine voicemails, man, I think I’m going crazy.”

“You just have to give her space.”

“Yeah, but she’s my- my-…” He still couldn’t say it around me. “I’m supposed to be looking after her.”

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Hey all you dramione shippers out there! I would like your input about what fanfics to read. I just started to get into this ship so I don’t really know all the ‘popular’ fics yet so any suggestions would be wonderful! I’ve already read 'Isolation’ and 'Broken’ and a few others but any input would be awesome!


I have an itch
To dress all in black like a phantom
And slip onto the streets at night
I think it is the sense of freedom
The thrill and fright that make it so right
To slip into something sleek and dark
And run on rooftops
Slipping away without a trace, not a mark
Oh the feeling of danger never stops
In this grand city
A city of my dream
If you can understand me
Join me in this delicious scheme…