Welcome to the Gay Robot club everyone

guys I just realized

temari is excessively dramtic honestly lol

she has the whole “when you see all three stars you’re gonna die” thing

she literally disappeared in the match vs tenten probably for the intimidation effect then reappears flying over her

not to mention her dramatic entrance to save her bae

tbh with the whole reveal thing i can see both of them figuring it out BUT NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT IT TO ANYONE NOT EVEN EACH OTHER because “i must protect his/her secret, no matter the cost”

and then adrien and marinette somehow become really good friends and akuma attacks are horrendous because they’re just trying to protect each other

but lmao they also get real flirty with each other and everyone’s confused about it cause no one can tell if they’re actually dating or not like not even marinette and adrien knows if they’re dating and eventually they’re just like screw it and they start being “official” but that doesn’t exist in france??

and the legit reveal is also the most casual thing like it just slips out one day when marinette and adrien are hanging out. or like ladybug and chat are on patrol one day and they’re like “hey should we tell each other who we are? I mean it’s been like a year and a half, I don’t think anything bad would happen if we did?” and they’re like aight, says each other’s respective names and they’re like ‘oh wow’ and go back to doing whatever they were doing oh look it’s a thug