The Lone Silhouette 

Nate Hill, an Australian artist has created a mystical photographic series called “Twisted Landscapes.” In his  mysterious series, two things remain constant, silhouette of a lone figure and the use of spherical element.

The photographer depicts the outline of a man who is miniature in size, when compared to the vastness of his surroundings.  Whether the figure is placed at the centre of what may seem like moss green mountains or swirls of lavenders, the man is always afar, facing the nature and its beauty.

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Ethereal Endeavours by Mike Dargas

The magnificent series of hyper realistic art by artist Mike Dargas can fool anyone into believing that they are photographs. Whether it is the ever-so-real micro expressions on the subjects’ faces or the trail of chocolate syrup splurged all across, his works in oil have the perfect luster, liquidity and at times, opalescence.

The artist is known to paint oversized portraits; the magnitude of the canvas intensifies the models’ facial expressions, evoking more intense emotions as it unfolds in front of our eyes.

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Munkahelyi önszórakoztatás eredményei a második napon. Ja igen, felvételt nyertem a MITTE communications stúdióba.

Mindensetre fogadjátok sok szeretettel Kálvin Jánost és a “Design múzeum” munkanévre hallgató betűm lassan épülő karakterkészletét.

Entertaining myself at work. I am working at MITTE communications since yesterday.

However here is János Kálvin and my slowly building typeface for the “Design Múzeum” competition.