Divination X-files Part 1
  • Pansy: Blaise, did you hear? Granger hit Draco. Poor Drakie-wakie.
  • Blaise: I did. I wonder what will happen next...
  • Professor Trelawny: *in a trance* Slytherin Prince and Gryffindor Princess, lovers of the age. Pureblood and muggleborn shall become one. All shall melt to the story of their romantic triumph. Their children will conquer nations.
  • Harry: Oh, shit.
  • Professor Trelawny: What did I miss?
**Dramione, acts of love through books. Pt 1**
  • Draco: *looking around their flat* Hermione?
  • Darco:
  • Draco: Hermione?! *goes into the study, sees a small blanket tent*
  • Draco: *crouches near edge* Hey, you coming out of there anytime soon?
  • Hermione: *sniffles* no.
  • Draco: You okay in there?
  • Hermione: *softly* yes.
  • Draco: You want to be left alone?
  • Hermione: please.
  • Draco: *gets up grabs nearby book, and places near the edge of the blanket fort*
  • Hermione: *hand extends from under the blanket, grabs book, drags it back in.*
  • Draco: *stands to leave*
  • Hermione: *pushes out a different book*
  • Draco: *smiles, picks it up, note falls out, reads I love you, pockets note and puts the book away*
  • Hermione: *hears Draco put the book away and leaves, opens the book he gave her, a note falls out, reads I love you to, she smiles and turns to page one*
before the hogwarts battle
  • Hermione: Look, if we don't make it...
  • [kisses Draco]
  • Draco: Wait a minute! I thought you liked Weasley.
  • Hermione: I lied. I just wanted to get to know you better. You see, I'm a very cautious person, and I tend to take things-
  • [Draco interrupts, kissing her]
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[6/10 - Dodie]

Hermione was trying her best not to wake him.  It had taken him nigh on forever to fall asleep.  

Who knew that Draco Malfoy fancied a talk after a shag?  

She might have laughed, except she was trying her damnedest to creep silently around his room and find all her discarded clothing.  She didn’t want to accidentally leave something.  No use in trying to prolong the inevitable.  

She ran through the possible excuses she might give him if she did end up waking him.  

She was sleepwalking.  She had to be at work early in the morning.  She…was a chronic bedwetter?  

That last one was filed under ‘only to be used under extreme duress and locked tightly away.  

The early work excuse was her best bet.  

If this had happened five years ago, she could bring up her parentage as reason enough why this should only be a one-nighter.   But something had changed in Draco.  

In fact, before this happened, she might have counted him as a friend.  

But she wasn’t daft.  She knew how one-nighters worked.  They’d seen each others’ naughty bits and now a friendship wasn’t possible.  

He wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye in the morning.  She was doing them both a favour.  

At least, that’s what she was telling herself.  

Like what was previously stated, Hermione Granger wasn’t daft.  She was anything but.  

But even the brightest witches of their year needed to sugar coat the pill sometimes before it could be swallowed.  

And this one was so saccharine it burned her throat.  

Part 2 is [here]

Listopia - 10 Most Popular Posts on this Tumblr

At this moment, these are the most liked/reposted posts on this Tumblr. All Dramione! You naughty people do love fics rated M (and quite a bit of smutty ones too)!

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√ Dystopian World
√ Smut

2) It Began With A Muggle Contraption by Emerald-Kisses
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√ 1 chapter
√ Rated M
√ 7th Year of Hogwarts, Post War
√ Smut

3) The Advocate’s Handwriting by Bex-Chan
√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ 1 chapter
√ Rated M
√ Dystopian World
√ Romance, War Story

4) Educating Draco by sammy921
√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ 2 chapters
√ Rated M
√ 7th Year of Hogwarts, Post War
√ Smut

5) The Boy in the Hammock by Galfoy
√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ 18 chapters
√ Rated M
√ Dystopian World
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6) The Best Cure by Musyc
√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ 1 chapter
√ Rated M
√ Post War
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7) Bond by MrBenzedrine
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√ 5 chapters
√ Rated M
√ Post War
√ Smut, Romance

8) Head Games by MissFantastic
√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ 22 chapters
√ Rated M
√ 7th Year of Hogwarts, Post War
√ Smut

9) Love Me Twice by Bex-Chan
√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ 1 chapter
√ Rated M
√ Dystopian World
√ Romance

10) Hunted by Bex-Chan
√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ 36 chapters
√ Rated M
√ Post War
√ Romance, Whodunnit

Couldn’t (Draco Malfoy)

Pairing: Draco X Gryffindor!Reader
Warnings: Dramione, jealous reader, ANGST!1!1, and a lil’ swearing
Prompt: “I’ve been so alone.”
△ I haven’t really seen any X Reader’s with Dramione present so I decided to make one :))  
You were strolling down the corridor on the way to the library. You were going to the library to do some calligraphy. You would’ve done it in your dorm, but you were pretty sure your roommate, Hermione herself, had Draco over and was probably snogging him and would tell you to leave anyway.

You weren’t exactly fond of their relationship, but whatever made Draco happy, made you happy as well. You had known Draco all your life. He was your best frenemie. Even if you were sorted into the Gryffindor House the Malfoys accepted you and your family nonetheless, you and your family were purebloods after all.

You entered the library, took a seat right next to one of the windows, and took out your sketchbook and your brush pens. You took out a book from your bag and started skimming through it, hoping to find a quote that you would use for your practice. You find a quote and smile to yourself.

You could cut the tension with a knife and kill.


It totally described you and Draco’s friendship at the moment.

You know, all you wanted was to talk to him.

You missed him, you really did.

But you couldn’t. You couldn’t take him away from his happiness. Who were you to do that?

You loved him.

You didn’t even need to question your crush towards him. You couldn’t deny it. You couldn’t.

You were about to put the final touches on  your masterpiece when you heard muffled voices.

Being relatively bored with a hand cramp that was starting to go numb, you decided to eavesdrop.

“Draco! Stop! Someone’s here.”

You immediately knew who was there.

The one and only, Dramione.

Stupid ship name, I know. The whole school shipped them. And that was when your crush, crushed you.

“Hey guys.”, you get up from your spot and head over to them.

He’s got his arm around her, and her head is nuzzled into his neck.

“Hey (Y/N), uh sorry to bother you.”, Draco says to you after a whole 3 months of not talking.

“No! Um, I can leave if you guys want me to? I know how hard it is to find a place all to yourself.”, you fake a smile and start packing your things up.

“NO! (Y/N) you don’t have to. We’ll just go somewhere else, right babe?”, Hermione giggled.

Disgusting, you thought.

“No, it’s fine. I was about to go meet up with Harry anyway.”, you say with a smile.

There was an awkward silence for a moment.
Draco locked eyes with your (E/C) ones.
He didn’t like Potter, everyone knew that.
That’s why when he was suddenly a thing with Hermione, everyone was shook.
You knew this look. All too well, actually.

“I guess, I’ll be going then.”, you wave a hand at them, walking out of the library and making your way to the Gryffindor Common Room.

“(Y/N), wait!”

You turn around and see Draco walking after you,

without Hermione.

“You needed something?”, you say with a sly smile.

“I wanted to talk.”, he says whilst catching his breath.

“About what?”, you reply.

Girl Advice probably, you think to yourself.

About us.”

You take his arm and drag him over to a window.

“Five minutes, Malfoy.”, you say after glancing at your watch.

“What did I tell you about being with that Potter?! You’re my best friend for fuck’s sake! What will your parents think if they found out you were hanging out with a halfblood like him? I thought you would’ve known better than to-”

“First of all, Malfoy”, you put a finger to his chest, “ My parents don’t care who I’m with! As long as the people who I have befriended treat me like I’m an actual decent human being. Just like Harry. Second, you don’t own me, Malfoy. Never did and never will. And last but not the least, you’re with Hermione. Why do you care about what I’m-”

“Because your part of my clique. And I can’t have you associating with that Potter. It would ruin my reputation.”

“So now you own me? *scoffs* And here I thought you actually cared. I thought you wanted me back. I thought you had actually missed me. Just like I did to you.

You lean against the window, blinking back tears.

“Draco, I’ve been so alone. These past few months, have been utter complete torture. Of course you wouldn’t feel this way because you have everyone. And everyone has you.

You sob.

Just like when you cry yourself to sleep, after seeing them together throughout the day.

You are now on the floor, your knees up to your chest with you face buried in your hands.

You wanted him to hold you.

“Hey, (Y/N), I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt this way and I’m sorry. I’m a selfish git and you know it.”, you hear him say.

He was now sat beside you, looking at you thoughtfully.

You heard footsteps coming towards you two.

“(Y/N), hey what happened?”, it was Harry.

He pulled you up and held you.

You were full out crying now. You didn’t care, Harry was here now.

Harry let go of you suddenly, and next thing you know, he was about to punch Malfoy.

“Don’t.”, you say with a shaky voice, “ Harry let’s go.”

Even though you hated Draco for isolating you, you couldn’t hurt him.

You couldn’t.


Part two is up my lovelies

Dramione Oneshot

“…Granger?” Draco’s arm reached over the soft cotton of the bed to feel for the Gryffindor. Thick with sleep, he reached helplessly further and further with his eyes closed before realising that the space beside him was empty.
Oh course she’s gone, he thought bitterly his eyes opening in a glare. Why would she stay? He’d drunkenly insisted that she spend the night in his bed, and now she was gone forever. He groaned in frustration, rubbing his hands over his face and eyes. Faintly, he heard a small creak, this was unusual - all the boys in his dormitory had gone home for Christmas, leaving himself and Granger alone in their sleepy bliss.
Draco smiled a small hopeful smile.
“Granger? You out there?” Maybe she’d come back with toast and a pain-relief spell? No response came. Worry knotted in his stomach, maybe she really had left for good this time. A frown formed on his lips as he gradually pulled himself up to a sitting position in his bed. Looking solemnly at Hermione’s side of the bed he sighed, and mumbled something rude to himself.
Waiting a few more seconds, to see if she would turn up again, Draco sat quietly and sadly in his bed. Then decided that maybe he could make it up to her at breakfast, he nodded to himself, he’d make it up to her. Then without further questioning he swung his legs out his bed and planted them on the floor before standing.
A hand shot out from under his bed and grabbed onto his ankle, he screamed and fell forward tumbling onto the floor. His heart thudded loudly in his ears as he yanked his foot from their grasp. Completely horrified he scrambled onto his back just in time to see a wheezy Hermione crawling out from under his bed and over his body. Laughter shook her body, and he glowered at her while she straddled his waist grinning maniacally.
“Your…y-your face” She howled, the Slytherin watched her in fascination and brooding annoyance. She hadn’t left, instead, she’d been under his bed this whole time, waiting to give him a heart attack.
“Malfoy….Malfoy!” Her laughter made him smile while he watched her try and gain enough breath to finish her sentence.
“You….hahaha…..you screamed and everything…” Draco rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help the tiny smirk quirking his lips upward.
“I thought you’d left” The sadness in his voice drew her laughter to a close, and she looked down at him perplexed.
“Left? Why would I leave?” Malfoy looked up at her suspiciously, he was pretty sure she had been there last night too.
“Because I was a drunken ass who made you stay with me” Surprise lit up her eyes, and then she smacked him lightly on the forehead.
“I stayed, you moronic wizard, because I wanted to, not because you wanted me to” Hermione shook her head at him, and then got up off the floor and offered a hand to him too. He took it gratefully, her words swirling in his head.
“You wanted to?” He asked, she rolled her eyes this time and nodded her head slowly for him.
“Would you also want to, maybe want to stay a little longer?” He gestured back toward his bed, Hermione grinned cheekily and then nodded again.
“Why not, Christmas is a day for sleeping in” He nodded dumbfounded as she crawled back onto his bed and then patted the space beside her. He followed her under the covers and then pulled her closer as they snuggled down into the mattress.
“Merry Christmas Draco” She murmured against his neck. He smiled dozily at the ceiling, merry indeed.

Dramione - 1

for @thestarfishdancer

1.  A/B/O

Draco grinned salaciously, a growl rumbling in his chest as he crawled towards her.  “C’mon, Granger…why won’t you let me bond you and get it over with?”  

“How romantic…I can’t tell you how many times I dreamed about my alpha asking me to ‘get it over with’…” Hermione mused and rolled away from him.  

“Don’t make me chase you…especially when we know I’ve got what you need…” Draco reached for her ankle, grabbing it and pulling her gently across the satin bedspread.   

“When have you ever known me to make things easy for you, Draco?”  He leaned down to press his lips to hers, a deep chuckle muffled against her.“What could you possibly be laughing at?” Hermione asked, arching an eyebrow.  

“You called me ‘your alpha’ just now…” He nuzzled her neck and nipped softly at the skin.  

“Did not.  I was referring to you in a…vague sense.”   She couldn’t help but lay back against the soft pillows, relaxing into his touch.  

“That’s a load of bollocks and you know it, Granger…”  

Writing Prompts List

Taking prompts for Stydia, Derek x Allison, Hook x Evie, Jay x Evie, Ben x Evie, Scott x Allison, Romanogers, Thorsif, Jon x Daenerys, Gendry x Arya, Robb x Daenerys, Rhaegar x Lyanna, Rhaegar x Lyanna x Robert, Francis x Mary, Linctavia, Dramione, Krumione, Rucas.

1. “ You said it’s us against the world. ”

2. “ You’re my person. ”

3. “ I’m flirting with you. ”

4. “ I can protect myself !”

5. “ You own me. ”

6. “ What the hell are you doing ?”

7. “ Just look at me ! ”

8. “ Why did you do this ?”

9. “ How could you ? I trusted you. ”

10. “ I’m done with you. ”

11.  “ Stop pushing me away. ”

12. “ I can’t do this without you. ”

13. “ This ‘life thing’ is meaningless without you. ”

14. “ Please smile. I need you to smile. ”

15.  “ You now that you don’t own me , right ?”

16. “ Let me go!”

17. “ I didn’t know you were a stalker. ”.

18. “ I’m never going to do this again ! ”

19. “ What’s wrong with you?”

20. “ I wanted to make sure you were okay. ”

21. “ Can I stay?”

22. “ It’s you. It’s always been you. ”

23. “ After all these years , I still love you. ”

24. “ Have you told him? ”

25. “ How are you gonna name her ?”

26. “ I’m tired of running away. ”

27.  “ You’re my home.”

28. “ I have nowhere to go. ”

29. “ I didn’t imagine our first date like this. ”

30. “ You’re jealous. ”

31. “ I can’t believe you talked me into this .”

32. “ I fall for the worst ones. ”

33. “ You don’t have to do this. ”

34. “ What if I’m not good enough ?”

35 . “ I don’t need to prove anything to you. ”

36. “ You still love her ?”

37. “ Stop thinking about her/him/them.”

38.  “ You make me wanna die. ”

39. “ Make me. ”

40. “ This isn’t the guy/girl I fell in love with. ”

41. “ You’re hurting me. ”

42. “ I just wanna forget about this. ”

43. “ I’m glad you came. ”

44. “ You can sing ? ”

45. “ You’re always haunting my dreams. ”

46. “ I don’t trust you. ”

47. “ Kiss me. ”

48. “ You’ll eat that ?”

49. “ Can I borrow your shirt ?”

50. “ Can I keep it ?”

51.  “ You weren’t supposed to love me.”

52. “ I hate you. ”

53. “ Can’t you see? I’m broken. ”

54. “ Someday ? Someday. ”

55. “ Don’t stop now. ”

56. “ Shut up. Your voice makes me want to kiss you. ”

57. “ I want you. ”

58. “ You wanna do this here ? ”

59. “ I’ve been in love with you for centuries. ”

60. “ Shut the hell up. ”

61. “ Are you ashamed of me ?”

62. “ Let’s run away. ”

63. “ We all cry sometimes. ”

64. “ Can I hug you ?”

65. “ Seriously, again? ”

66. “ Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed ?”

67. “ What do you want ?”

68. “ I love your sardonic sarcasm. ”

69. “ You can’t be serious. ”

70. “ Opposites do attract, I guess. ”

71. “ Go on. Tell me you hate me.”

72. “ I dare you to kill me. Do it ! ”

73. “ I just want to be alone. ”

74. “ Don’t waste your second chance. ”

75. “ I wanted him/her to be my husband/wife.

76. ” I can kick your ass, you know that, right ? “

77. ” Those things you said yesterday.. Did you mean them?“

78. ” I’m not promise. I drunk. “

79. ” Stay in bed. “

80. ” Go home. “

81.  ” I don’t have a home. “

82. ” I’m terrified of losing you. “

83. ” I can’t give you forever. “

84. ” What’s going on inside that head of yours ?“

85. ” I can’t say that. “

86. ” How can I not miss you?“

87. ” I thought you were dead. “

88. ” Did you enjoyed yourself last night ?“

89. ” You’re mine. “

90. ” Just kiss already. “

91. ” You left me.“

92.  ” I should’ve stayed home. “

93. ” It doesn’t matter anymore. “

94. ” Take your shirt off ! “

95. ” We’re gonna die. We’re so dead! “

96.  ” Sorry, did I stepped on your moment ? “

97. ” I thought you hated me. “

98. ” I won’t let you die. “

99. ” I wish you could love me. “

100. ” Say something. “

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You know how there are the "classic" dramione fics? Are there any classic one-shots?

Viva Las Vegas! - RZZMG - M, one shot - At Pansy Parkinson’s hen party in Las Vegas, Hermione Granger’s dream comes true when Draco Malfoy crashes with the groom, Blaise Zabini. Anything can/does happen in Vegas! HOT SHAG/ROMANCE. EWE. 2011 Dramione Couples Remix Fest #1 of 2 entry.

Physically Impossible - Twilight to Midnight - M, one shot - Physically impossible? Pfft! Not for Draco Malfoy! He makes the impossible possible and Hermione is about to find that out for herself. Nominated for best smut at the round 4 Dramione awards.

Aphrodisiac - Emerald-Kisses - M, one shot - Hermione drinks something that wasn’t intended for her. Draco finds a very pleasant surprise in the Heads’ Common Room.

Burnt Toast - Bex-chan - M, one shot - No plot. This one-shot is pure smut with extreme fantasy and content.

Under the Lights By: silver.ink13 - T, one-shot - Every year on Christmas Eve, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy would meet under the Christmas tree at King’s Cross Station, London, England.

Graveyard Valentine By: Bex-chan - T, one-shot - Hermione thought she was the only person in the world who would spend Valentine’s Day in a Graveyard, but she was wrong. He’s there. Every single year, with his gloves, roses, and answers. Dramione Valentine’s Day one-shot. Post-Hogwarts. EWE.

Japanese Blossoms By: inadaze22 - M, one-shot - The snow fell, the wind blew, the trees swayed, and the blond man with a heavy heart just stared. Draco supposed it was fitting that the beginning of their story was at the end of another.

Love Me Twice By: Bex-chan - M, one-shot - ’“They tore her apart and then wiped me out of her mind to send me a message. To mess up my life. To break…” he trailed off. Blaise nodded his head with understanding. “To break your heart,” he finished for him.’ Dramione. One-shot.

Glamorous By: Captainraychill - T, one-shot - Draco Malfoy owns a mysterious shop that sells high-quality, custom-made glamours. Hermione Granger visits one sweltering night with a secret and a special request.

Give Me An Hour - RZZMG - M, one-shot - As the war continues to rage on around them, Hermione Granger decides to seduce fellow Order Member, Draco Malfoy, one night while at Grimmauld Place… and everything between them changes after that.

- Lisa

An incomplete list of my favorite multi chapter Dramione fics

What the Room Requires (26) - Hermione chases Draco into the Room of Requirement, and the room forces them to face their fears to find the door

Deadly Nightshade (3) - Hermione’s got a weird medical condition, a day is missing from her memories, and Malfoy keeps talking to her as if he knows her

Eight and Eighth (33) - Eight students return to Hogwarts for their seventh year after the war and Hermione is surprised Draco is one of them

* Silver Eyes (29) - When Death Eaters show up Hermione’s door, someone with bright silver eyes saves her and she becomes obsessed with finding them

** Simply Irresistible (30) - When Ron breaks up with Hermione, Draco gives her a makeover to make her irresistible to Ron, and ends up falling for her 

^ Simply Irrefutable (11) - Sequel to Simply Irresistible, with Dramione children

Witch Lit (1) - Hermione is an undercover romance novelist, and Draco is an undercover Potions master who fall in love in a hurricane

Promise Me Love (36) - Hermione is desperate for money, so she agrees to pretend to be Draco’s girlfriend for 4 months

** One Year, One Life (26) - As part of a Death Eater Rehabilitation Program, Draco has to live with Hermione for a year, and prove to the Wizarding World, and her, that he is capable of being a part of society

** Fate Has it’s Ways (40) - Hermione goes missing and when Draco finds her, he finds out that her entire memory is gone 

11 Things (14) - Hermione has a list of 11 thing she wants to do before her cancer kills her, and Draco tries to help her accomplish them all

Such Astonishing Surprises (1) - Hermione is forced to go to an awful family reunion, which turns into a wonderful ambush of friends

Mending Broken Hearts (7) - After the end of her affair with engaged Draco, Hermione disappears from the wizarding world. Two years later, a random encounter gives Draco and Hermione a second chance at love

Moments In Time (5) - Five moments from Hermione’s life. One with Harry, one with Ron, one with Professor Lupin, one with Oliver Wood and one with Draco

This Curse to Bear (23) - Draco is a Veela and he has to find his mate before his next birthday or he will die, so Hermione helps him

Bring Me to Life (12) - Hermione stops Pansy from jumping off a bridge and finds out that she has a dangerous obsession with Draco. Hermione helps her get over it and falls in love with Draco in the process

Paris Days (32) - Hermione and Draco are partners for a competition to see how well they will survive in the Muggle world of Paris

** The Griffin and the Dragon (22) - After Ron dies in the Horcrux hunt, Hermione throws herself into the work, until Draco Malfoy shows up to ask for her help in finding the remaining Horcruxes and defeating Voldemort

* Love Boat (15) - An invite to Blaise and Daphne’s wedding means Draco will be in the same place as an obsessed Astoria. In an attempt to keep Astoria away, Draco asks his best friend, Hermione, to attend the wedding as his (fake) girlfriend

Body Swap (5) - Dumbledore forces Draco and Harry to switch bodies for a weekend to stop their fighting, and Harry accidentally discovers Hermione and Draco’s secret relationship

Resistance (5) - Hermione knows that she is Draco’s Veela mate, but he won’t accept it. So she comes up with a plan with the help of his parents to make him fall in love with her

* A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy (25) - Draco loves his son more than anything in the world. So, when his ex-wife, Pansy, plans to take their son away, Draco asks the most unlikely person for help. Hermione must decide whether changing her entire life is worth helping the man she hates unconditionally

Why Draco Should Not be Using Tampons (14) - As Head Boy and Girl, Draco and Hermione have to switch bodies for one week

Morning Shower (2) - shower smut

Gryffindor’s Golden Girl to Slytherin’s Princess (20) - Hermione and Pansy switch houses for a House Unity project, and Draco is determined to protect them 

Wizards of the Caribbean: Time is On Our Side (28) - Draco and Hermione are gathering magic sand for the time turners on a Ministry mission when they suddenly get sent back in time to the 18th century and are forced to become pirates

* Sweet Caroline (42) - Hermione was raped by Lucius Malfoy, and gave birth to her daughter, Caroline. Four years later, she runs into Draco, and he immediately sees the resemblance between the child and himself

Hero of The Heart (4) - Draco gets stabbed while stopping a mugging, and Aurors Harry and Ron arrive at the hospital to talk to him just in time to see him making out with Healer Hermione Granger, his 2 year girlfriend (who they haven’t seen in 4 years)

** Dragon Tamer (17) - Hermione disguises herself as a man to prove she can be a capable dragon tamer, and ends up falling in love with her boss, Draco Malfoy

Skin (4) - Hermione has a ‘fuck the world’ moment and signs up to model naked for an art class, where she discovers Draco attending

Justice (21) - Hermione is dating Draco, but Ron refuses to let it happen and blackmails her into marrying him. Luckily, someone kills him the next day

Of Kings and Queens (26) - Hermione overdoses on drugs and Draco is drowning in debt but luckily they can save each other

Pansy’s Revenge (26) - Pansy tricks Draco and Hermione into signing a marriage contract at 12 years old. Now 18, they are married and forced to learn to love each other 

The Best Thing He Never Had (16) - Hermione gets blackout drunk after Ron dumps her so Draco takes care of her for a week, and they stage a relationship as revenge

Scarlett Dragon (20) - Hermione is a single mother in France when she runs into Draco at a museum, and they start dating

True Colours (16) - When Hermione gets kidnapped off the Hogwarts Express, the Order is desperate to bring her home. Little do they know she is already home in Malfoy Manor 

And We All Fall Down (30) - Draco returns to Hogwarts for 7th year, but spends most of his time drinking or drunk until Hermione interferes and saves him 

Dreamers (1) - Draco and Hermione get paired up to investigate a mysterious sleeping problem on a tropical island, which causes strong hallucinations

Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitter’s Draco (2) - Harry needs a replacement babysitter so he tricks Malfoy into watching all the kids for a night without telling Hermione

** Isolated (48) - To protect Draco from Voldemort, the Order locks him in Hermione’s dorm because no one would ever think to look there

Close to Home Mysteries (2) - When Death Eater and Order figurines hit the market, Draco is determined to find the maker and stop them from portraying him as a Death Eater, and he goes to Hermione for help

A Christmas in Azkaban (9) - Draco and Hermione become friends when she is accidentally left in the prison, and they grow only closer upon their returns to the wizarding world

Afterlife (33) - When Hermione is killed in the final battle, she gets to heaven and finds out that Draco is her new neighbor for all eternity

Merry Christmas Mr. Malfoy (29) - When Hermione discovers that Draco has never had a proper Christmas, she becomes determined to give him one

The Green Girl (22) - Hermione is sorted into Slytherin house, becomes part of the Malfoy family, and works her way up through the Death Eater ranks 

Femme Fatale (26) - Draco Malfoy’s new position as an Auror for the British Ministry throws him head first into a hunt for a serial killer. Working with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, he sets out to catch the killer as well as entering into a romantic relationship with their other colleague, Hermione Granger

Christmas at Hogwarts (10) - When a huge storm shuts down Hogwarts, everyone is in such a hurry to leave that they forget 6 students; Hermione, Harry, Ron, Draco, Blaise and Theo

* Summer of The Dragon (42) - Hermione spends a summer collecting supplies for Ollivander’s Wands and ends up working with Draco, who is still greatly haunted by his past

** ^ Fighting for The Malfoys (41) - Just as Hermione and Draco’s engagement is announced, a new prophecy is heard, throwing the wizarding world headfirst into a new war 


dlmalfoy #tb when Scorpius was still fit in mine and ‘Mione arms. Now this boy will go to Hogwarts and I am not going to see him till holiday. Whatever you do don’t get married and have kids you’ll be fuckin’ emotional I lost my cool

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ginevrapotter that make the two of us😭 I think I’ll visit your house more often once Jax and Lily going to Hogwarts

panskinson do I hear mommy’s wild night?



I currently have several Dramione works in progress with good amounts already written, but I really want to focus on one at a time to get them completed. I just can’t decide where to start.

I value the opinions of each followers, and I’m eager to know which the readers would be most anxious to read. Please look over the list and tell me what you think! Reblog with your opinions, tag the numbers you like best, shoot me a private message, however you want to give me feed back, it is very much appriciated! XOXO

1 - Dramione with mild Beauty & the Beast undertones (angsty with potential smut)
Setting: Malfoy Manor during the war
•The Snatchers bring Hermione to Malfoy Manor where only Draco remains. He orders them to leave her, and they obey. It would be foolish not to obey. He keeps her as prisoner but can’t fathom how ungrateful she’s being. After all she is safe here, provided with gourmet meals, a luxurious bed, even a grand ballroom at her disposal. Draco beleives he is keeping her from a worse fate, it is about time she believes it, too.

2 - Dramione with a theme of Draco’s friendship with Moaning Myrtle (true to character, follows original HBP timeline, potential love story and/or smut)
Setting: Hogwarts, sixth year
•Draco stumbles into an unlikely friendship with a ghostly girl who in her former life, despite being a bright Ravenclaw witch, was a relentlessly teased and degraded muggleborn student. Draco can’t help but notice she reminds him of someone. He finally found someone who listens to him, now if only Granger would stop nosing around.

3 - Dramione imprisoned by Voldemort (dark themes, may require some trigger warnings)
Setting: Dungeon of Malfoy Manor, 7th year during war
•Draco is given heinous orders by the Dark Lord, and this is his third and final chance to redeem himself in those red eyes. If he fails, both their lives will be lost, but if he conquers, would he even be able to live with himself? Draco shudders at the thought as the Dark Lord pushes him through the cellar door. He falls on his knees before the other prisoner. Hermione Granger lifts her head off the stone floor enough to give him a look of pure disdain.

4 - Dramione and the forgotten identity (obliviation, some mystery, equal parts fluff/angst)
Setting: Muggle London, post Hogwarts
•It was like seeing a ghost, was he seeing a ghost? Everyone thought she was dead, Potter himself had confirmed it, even held a bloody funeral! But there she was, working behind the desk of a muggle library. Granger looked at him as if she hadn’t loathed him for 7 years. Hell, she looked at him like she had never seen him before in her life. This was quite an unexpected opportunity. (Inspired by my favorite fic, Thirteenth Night by Nelpher)

5 - Dramione in hiding (isolation & romance)
Setting: A seaside cottage during the war
•It was a wonder he got them out of Malfoy Manor alive, or maybe she got them out. Either way, here they were with only each other; no wands and no idea what was happening in the outside world. Hermione had injuries that required attention, and the Dark Lord was now aware Draco’s allegiance had changed. There was no going back, they would have to remain in this old cottage with only the ocean and each other until the storm passed. Would that be tomorrow, in 50 years, or ever?
(^actually posted the prologue for this one under an edit I made, search my tags for seaside cottage)

*authors note: there is always a potential for smut, obviously I adore angst and isolating the pair, and I tend to write from Draco’s POV.

anonymous asked:

In this story I remember that all of the first year students are in a room along with their parents socializing. Draco spots Hermione and declares her as his. His mother is horrified at that statement. I`m not sure if it was soul bonding or if Draco was a veela. Draco and Hermione become enemies with Ron and Harry during their first meeting on the train. Hermione and Draco become friends with Neville.

Interesting, anyone?


Hi, that sounds a lot like this:

Priceless: Diamonds. By: KristieConspiracy. T, 21 chapters. “I want that one.” Draco was only 8 years old when he picked Hermione. He should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. Book 1 of the ‘Priceless’ series, sequel is ‘Snakeskin’. AU (marriage law, modern wizarding world c. 1990) but following canon, Dramione.

- Jamie