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I want to write a book and make the main girl character end up with the totally misunderstood villian guy when the story alluded to the girl ending up with the likable hero. Then everyone will know how us noncanon shippers feel when our dreams are crushed.

Anyone else thinks, that Julian and Caitlin are the perfect comparison to Draco and Hermione, not just because its Tom ,but the way they look at each other, their conversations, everything is fucking DRAMIONE, and im living, i ship snowbarry with all my heart, but if Julian and Caitlin become ‘a thing” all i will think of is dramione scenes, byeeee 

Friend: why are you always on your phone?

Me: um…what?

Friend: I mean, you’re constantly on your phone. What’s so important that you’re always on it?

Me: I’m just reading.

Friend: oh. Well what do you read?It must be something interesting if you’re constantly on your phone.

Me: *gets flashes of hot steamy drarry smut*

Me: oh you know, just… books.

Friend: okay… but what kind of books?

Me: just, stories based off of other books where the Canon characters are more or else connected with another canon character that they wouldn’t be with rather than who they were originally connected with.

Friend: so… fanfiction?

Me: *shocked*

Me: *stage whispers* you know what fanfiction is?!

Friend: well duh. I’ve only been reading it for 4 years.

Me: how come I’m learning about this now?

Friend: well it’s not something you share so easily is it?

Me: guess not.

Me: well, now that I know that you do in fact know what fanction is, I have one question?

Friend: yeah?

Me: do you ship drarry?

Friend: ew, no drarry is stupid. Dramione for the win.

Me: get the fuck out of my face

  • Rita Skeeter: Mr. Malfoy, if Hermione Granger was a spell or a potion what would she be?
  • Draco: Felix Felicis.
  • Rita Skeeter: Oh. I thought she was a Cruciatus Curse kind of witch. But why Felix Felicis?
  • Blaise: Oh no. Not again.
  • Draco: Whenever I'm with her I get lucky.
A Very Potter Musical

Just finished AVPM and i have compiled a list of things i loved about it.

  • “I love you all. Except you Draco, I can’t fucking stand you”
  • The kick line in To Dance Again
  • Draco rolling around everywhere his main form of transportation apparently
  • Quirrell/Voldemort (b)romance
  • Pigfarts
  • Ron never being seen without some form of junk food
  • Zefron poster
  • Tbh just Draco in general, Lauren did an amazing job
  • “Okay there’s only one thing we can do: we gotta fight” “UGH I’m tired. Can’t we just be death eaters?” 
  • Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!
  • Dumbledore’s space suit when he and rumbleroar go to pigfarts
  • Draco’s crush on Hermione (tbh i’ve shipped dramione since i finished deathly hallows. this musical series is just a dream come true for us dramione shippers)
  • The Dragon Song; I sing it to my own dragon every once in a while lol
  • “Try a little slice of remorse pie”
  • Voldemort getting all sad, nostalgic and remorseful about Quirrell when Harry asks him if there’s even one person he misses, but then…
  • “NO! Jokes on you Potter! I don’t care about anybody!” “I know, that’s what makes you such a piece of shit”
  • Ron putting Voldemorts super long wand (compensating for anything, Voldy? lol) in his headband after voldy’s dead
  • Dumbledore’s will lmao 
  • Voldemort coming back to see Quirrell because there’s still a part of him in Quirrell’s heart
  • “so you came back?” “no, quirrell, I came home”
  • “you think killing people might make them like you, but it doesn’t. it just makes them dead” 

this list got a lot longer than i thought it would. needless to say, AVPM is timeless. i loved it rewatching it now just as much as i did the first time i watched it. The jokes are still good, the music is still catchy and amazing (tbh i already knew that; i listen to the soundtrack at least once a month). 10/10

Man to Man Conversation
  • <b> Scorpius: </b> Father, what's it like falling in love?<p/><b>Draco:</b> ...<p/><b>Scorpius:</b> Forget I asked.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Falling in love was like being a true Slytherin. You break the rules. One moment you hate mudbloods then you're kissing one of them the next.<p/><b>Scorpius:</b> But mum isn't a muggleborn witch.<p/><b>Draco:</b> I'm not talking about your mother.<p/><b>Scorpius:</b> ...<p/><b>Draco:</b> And like the Slytherins I know - you're the bad guy. You don't get the girl. You have no happily ever after.<p/></p><p/></p>
Listen up, Dramione Haters.

Okay so I got a rather rude ask earlier, and I’ve talked to quite a few people since and I’m still annoyed. I want to make a few points to people who want to truly understand, instead of spewing ignorant shit. A LOT of my points go along with UpTheHill’s defenses of the ship, but mind you– I’ve talked to many people about this.

I’ve talked to WeasleyIsMyKing540 several times on the subject, some one who does NOT like Dramione; as well as numerous other people who do not like, nor understand the ship. I have even talked on the phone, at length, to the absolute biggest Drarry shipper I know about different points people have tried to use to de-validate this pairing.

Point blank, if you come at me yelling or being rude, I will not even attempt to explain this. So let me try my best to put all of my points out there so you can understand the absolute best you can.

Dramione, statistically, is the most popular ship of the fandom. However, it is also one of the most hated as well. To the point that Dramione writers ACTUALLY have numerous support groups for the amount of hatred they get over stories they pour their heart and soul into. But, alas, I digress.

The popularity of the ship, by majority as I cannot speak for everyone, has nothing to do with a “bad boy” fetish. It also, has nothing to do with Emma and Tom. I’ve seen both of these points brought up by antis to explain away why people like the ship, but it’s just not true. I’m going to say this now. I don’t like the feltson ship. I think it’s weird and disrespectful towards the actors to ship people in real life, and Emma really doesn’t even look like Hermione. Hermione’s BIGGEST physical trait was her hair, frizzy snd wild. Emma’s hair, no matter the amount of teasing, is way too light and sleek.

Now, I’m going to start off by addressing the “bully” factor concerning Draco. Obviously, this is something that the pairing has to overcome within fan fiction. Draco was raised by a man who was overly bigoted and spoke about blood purity as if it were the most important thing in the world. From a young age, Draco was around this. He was taught that this was absolutely normal, and idoling his father, he took what his dad said to heart and it showed throughout his actions. Is that okay? No. Is bullying acceptable? Of course not. But he was a child. Just like James and Sirius, also bullies, were children when they participated in such activities. Only those two, didn’t have parents quite like Draco’s.

Which brings me to my next point. I can not stress this enough, that Hermione is absolutely NOT a goodie goodie little breakable princess. She took everything said to her in stride and even knocked him a VERY well deserved slap to the face by third year. Hermione fucking Granger, is a badass. WORDS, of all things, will not break this woman.

And that being said, in terms of those crying “abuse”, do you truly in your heart of hearts believe that that strong ass muggle born witch would allow Draco (of ALL people) to push her around? Could you see her changing herself for him? No. To both of those things. And in most (I haven’t read all) fan fiction– that never happens. If it does, it’s EXTREMELY OOC and not normally very popular.

The entire series focuses around blood purity prejudices. The entire fucking 7 books and 8 movies. Over and over, it’s the same theme. So why put Draco and Hermione together? Simple. In the words of UpTheHill herself, “It is the best, and most effective way for Draco to get redeemed.” Point blank.

She is the muggleborn. The EXACT opposite of everything Draco himself is taught to hate.

Harry is still a half blood. Although the struggles with the Drarry pairing would be more about sexuality, he’s still half blood. The entire story, as I’ve mentioned, focuses on blood purity.

You can skim around that issue with other pairings like Drarry, Drinny, Druna, Dransy, Drastoria. But you absolutely CAN NOT avoid that fact with Dramione. It’s something that NEEDS to be addressed with that pairing. It’s something that NEEDS to be fine, period. It’s unification, smack dab in your face.

And although Ron is pureblood and ends up with Hermione in canon– Ron is not, and never has been prejudice against blood. Nor has his family.

Draco needs to eat his words. He needs to fall in love with the one thing he had convinced himself he hated. He has barriers to get through. His own previous thoughts on the issue, his parents, his close friends, etc. He, quite literally, needs to bend over backwards and ACCEPT that the thing he thought he hated the most in the world, is his biggest weakness.

I’m not saying you have to like it, but people need to stop fucking bashing it because I’m tired. I’m tired of working 6+ hours on a Dramione picture, that I’m quite proud of, just to have people bash me over the pairing– obviously never really taking a look at it in the first place.

I’m tired of having me and my friends having to hold our breath every time we open our reviews, hoping by god it’s not another message bashing the pairing.

I don’t like Romione, or Fremione. I think that they’re easy ships. They’re routine. Hermione is a fighter, and literally Draco’s walking contradiction. He could challenge her, their sex would be explosive, and they’re enough a like to make it work and enough opposite to keep it interesting.

However, I’m not going to bash Romione. Nor Drinny. Nor Drarry, or whatever ship you antis reading this right now think makes “so much more sense.”

Because I know how to actually look into things. I don’t speak ignorantly, and I would never force someone to defend their ship day after fucking day.

If you think it doesn’t make sense, ask around! Nicely. Any Dramione shipper will be happy enough to explain most of the time.

I love how you can tell what stage of fangirl someone is at by the type of fanfic they read.

Ships ronmione: tsk tsk… rookie mistake. You’ll grow out of it.

Reads veela fics: Beginner. 

Reads any other popular genre (time travel/during ootp,hbp,or dh/AU): Mediocre

Reads one shots: Get a life, hon

Can’t find a fanfic thaey havent read with their otp: Advanced

Tries to read other otp’s: You need a break

Reads the same marriage law concept with the same plot over and over again, while still getting excited each time: Professional 


“Dramione does not make sense” - Every Dramione Hater Out There

Well…Here’s for you.

This is my OTP, I’ll go down with this ship! 

This is for you @lastbornslytherin. For defending Dramione.

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