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“UGH! Why would you ship the Hero with the Villain???”

Hmm, well for starters-

Yes, that is Taran Killam humping a floor during a production of Little Shop Of Horrors. You’re welcome.

But in all seriousness- The hero getting it on with the bad boy has always been hot. If you call me immoral and disgusting you’re literally this lady from Rock Of Ages:

There’s nothing wicked about a person thinking two fictional adult characters have chemistry. Period.

In a world where everyone strives to find Mr./Mrs. Right, the idea that Mr./Mrs. Wrong could be their Right is too fascinating to ignore.

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Star-crossed lovers is twisted and darkened to create an intriguing, dramatic, and beautiful plot.

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Now this argument isn’t new and I could explain and explain ‘til I’m blue in the face,
But, honestly, Sally Bowles said it best:

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“I think people are marvelous, I really do. I don’t think people should have to explain anything… If they ask me why, I say “I THINK IT’S PRETTY” 

So, there you have it.


Fights with Draco includes...

(A.N. Hello! Sundays are officially for headcanons and Saturdays are for Imagines! I’m going to start writing request again so if you requested something it will be out soon! Enjoy ((((((((((; )

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  • Yelling
  • Since both of you are super stubborn
  • Neither of you willing to make a compromise
  • “You just let him touch you!”
  • “I pushed him away!”
  • Draco starts most arguments because of his insecurities
  • Or his jealousy
  • “Why are you being such a-”
  • “Such a what, Y/N?”
  • He closes the space in between you guys
  • His breath is in your face
  • “Say it Y/N.”
  • “No.”
  • Arguing with Draco brings out his bad side
  • You always think: This must be why Potter hates this twat so much
  • Draco looks intimidating when he is pissed 
  • You flinch every time his moves
  • He would never lay a hand on you but you are frightened
  •  If you start the argument or call Draco out on something you will fight until you both are red in the face
  • NO one likes Pissed Ferret mode
  • “You just let Pansy flirt with you!”
  • Swallowing the piece of apple in his mouth he says,
  • “So? It’s not like i kissed her!”
  • The argument doesn’t end until someone breaks
  • Which is usually you
  • Even sometimes him
  • You sit down and put your head in your lap and cry
  • This is where Draco starts to calm down 
  • What have I done?
  • Draco will put you in his lap and kiss you head and say
  • He is sorry
  • How he doesn’t deserve you
  • How he didn’t mean any of the hurtful words that came from his mouth
  • He will cuddle you until you aren’t upset with him
  • He will not leave your side even if you push him away
  • “Love, I’m sorry.”
  • “I’m sorry too. I love you, Dray.”
  • “Love you too.”
  • Draco: well, the rest of the world isn't in love with Hermione Granger!
  • Hermione: you're in love with me?
  • Draco: unless you're not in love with me. then I take it back, because, you know... I'm cool
It Began With A Muggle Contraption - by Emerald-Kisses

√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ Setting: 7th year of Hogwarts
√ 1 chapter
√ My score: ❤❤❤ (enjoyable)
√ Rating: M
√ Language: ***** (close to no mistakes)

 It was funny how things happened, funny how, in the end; she wound up wanting to give her virginity to her sworn enemy. All because of a Muggle contraption.

My notes: Smutty one-shot, don’t have anything interesting to add…

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Respect people's ships/ All of them are good !

Am I like the only one who doesn’t mind others ships ? Who never shit talk a pairing ? Or says this or that pairing is not real/canon, that it’s impossible/disgusting…Etc ?

Doesn’t matter which fandom it is, I’ll still find all pairings relevant, beautiful or cute. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Naruto, MCL or any other fandom I belong to.

For example, I ship Dramione. But I also find Drarry great. Romione is good. Hinny too… Etc.

I even don’t mind very crackish pairings, like Snamione or Lumione.

I just think that a pairing, as crackish as it can be, has a story behind it. It didn’t come out of the blue. The characters must have some alchemy, and some potential.

Modern Hogwarts Houses' Stereotypes

-only uses the blue heart emoji
-say they like bitter coffee but is actually a bitch for sweet caramelly cappuccinos
-tell everyone they sucked at a test but gets an A
-Twenty One Pilots
-probably bi

-watches anime
-owns a small cactus
-messy hair
-Ed Sheeran
-“I’m discovering myself!”
-gets talked into trying weed by their Ravenclaw friend

-sports merch
-most likely straight
-dog person
-forgets to water their plants
-whatever’s on the radio
-“the best things in life aren’t things”

-what’s “straight”??
-bitter coffee, caramelly pancakes
-owns a journal
-Beyoncé, Arctic Monkeys, Hayley Kiyoko

More Realistic Names for the Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on

Harry Potter and the year no one told him what was going on Play Edition

luna as a tattoo artist

just think about it:

- she gives ginny a stick and poke in their fourth year, the first tattoo she’s ever given anyone
- a tiny crescent moon on the inside of her forearm with magic color changing ink
- it tells ginny the weather, and glows when the weather is perfect for quidditch

- hagrid gleefully gets a tattoo from luna sometime in the fifth year
- on his inner ankle, a square of text tells him about the needs of the creatures around him
- he starts sitting with his ankle on his knee to more easily check it

- she gives harry a tattoo the summer before his eighth year
- a small horntail, but it moves from his chest to sit on his shoulder or cower in the crook of his elbow as it pleases
- it wakes him up from his bad dreams, and keeps him warm in the middle of the night

- she gives neville a tattoo before she was stolen into the malfoy’s manor
- it’s a ring encircling his middle finger
- the magic of it is simple, transforming into whatever word he needs to see most when he asks it

- seamus gets one not long after neville
- it’s a tiny bomb on his collar bone, ticking in time with dean’s heart

- hermione doesn’t want a tattoo at first, but as she grows closer with luna she asks for it very shyly in the middle of her eighth year
- it gently pulses with her heart on her shoulder blade, an hourglass on it’s side
- it will sometimes stand up and run sand, but only when hermione is very busy or stressed

- george asks for a tattoo that finishes his jokes, many years after the war, when he is an uncle and godfather
- luna refuses and instead gives him a non-magical tattoo, a china cup mended with gold over his heart

- draco, many years after luna is an established artist and healer, drops into her shop in diagon alley
- he asks her to fix his scar-slashed Mark, and she turns it into a sleeve of flowers, studded with snakes and turtles
- the flowers bloom with his moods, and shield him from hurting himself

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Dumbledore deciding who to leave baby Harry with

Dumbledore: Maybe I should leave him with Remus.He just lost all his bestfriends , he will protect their kid and make sure he grows up in a safe environment. 

  Dumbledore : Maybe I should leave him with the Weasleys . They don’t have a lot of space left but they will protect him and love him.

Dumbledore: Oh , I know! I should leave him with his awful abusive relatives , who will hate him because he is a wizard.

 Minerva: Albus, no!

 Dumbledore: Albus, yes !