On suicide squad (spoiler free)

It was structured like a comic book. It jumped in really fast. It sorta grabbed you by the neck and threw you into the plot. There wasn’t a slow build like with civil war or dawn of justice. It was unapologetic. Which I think is alot of the reason why people were uncomfortable with it. Again DC did not follow the whole cookie cutter superhero movie format. I will say it was cringey and almost grossly over dramatic for the tone of the film. But most comics are.

I didn’t hate Harley nearly as much as I thought I would.

I’d say I was dissapointed by the depth they wrote into some charachters like boomerang and croc but this was their introduction to the screen, and unlike with the marvel verse we don’t have 10+ movies to develop them. So my gripe with that is forgiveable. I think it needed more time and more interpersonal scenes between ALL the charachters in the film to develop the ending it led to. The way things went down in the final scene seemed out of place.It just felt like there was a piece of depth missing. But they’ve done this before and it wasn’t surprising. They only talked for like two or three seconds and then there was this level of dedication to one another that just would not exist for what they showed in the movie. So I’m sure, just like with dawn of justice, they’re gonna release an extended cut which will show what we missed.

Other than that I thought it was fun. The plot was simple enough. The charachters were themselves, all cheezed up and comic booky, Again, unapologetically so. It felt like a comic book. It just felt rushed. Which honestly is fairly charachteristic of comics. I don’t dislike that DC is taking that approach. Most comics do not need an hour of build time to set up the plot. Most comics, especially team comics like squad and league, just jump right in. The current justice league does that.

Honestly I’d say that the only sins this movie committed in my eyes was Warner bros rushing it to get to the justice league film, and the joker (leto tried way too hard) and Harley’s relationship. I don’t think the writer really understood joker as a charachter and I don’t think Leto did either.

I give it a 7/10 and it wasn’t a waste of money. It was fun. It encapsulated the spirit of DC comics. Many of the characters like Waller and Lawton were fantastic. It didn’t dissapoint me but my expectations were pretty mild to begin with so yea. Definatley go see it for yourself. Form your own opinions about it.