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About otome animes

Or really any VN dating game based anime

I just finished watching the first episode of Code: Realize and I can already tell how this anime is gonna go. And it got me thinking about the topic of otome anime and why they’re so subpar to their video game counterparts 99.9% of the time.

Otome anime gets created to either:

1. Bring in new fans to a franchise and/or introduce them to the game

2. Give fanservice/new content to existing fans

Yet… It fails on both accounts.

For the former, a mediocre anime isn’t likely to bring many new fans, possibly even having the opposite effect and turning people away. Who wants to play a game where the anime was flat and boring?? The anime needs to be able to stand on it’s own. It needs to intrigue new people into wanting to play the game. I mean, how often do you see people fans of an anime but never read the manga? Or people that saw an anime and wanted to read the manga because of it?

Concerning the latter, most existing fans are just disappointed. While sure it’s cool to see characters we love actually moving and coming alive. The effect wears off quickly if that character is just an empty shell of their original counterpart.

Also, while I can’t speak for all otome fans and maybe this is an unpopular opinion. But if I had to choose between seeing the game I love being animated as closely as possible to the original or an anime with completely new content I’d always go with the latter. While sure there are scenes in the game I’d love to see come to life, I already played the game. I don’t need to see it again. I don’t need to see a rushed, watered down version of the same story I just played, especially since the scene I may want to see might not even be in the anime at all. I’d rather see the characters I love in new situations. Be that in the form of a prequel/fleshing out backstories, sequels, or just short stories/other adventures that could have happened in the common route. Or hell, an anime just loosely based off the game. Taking the core plot and characters of the game and creating a new linear story that works better. After all one of the issues otome animes have is how to handle multiple different routes. Do we base it off one character route or try and shove bits and pieces of all of them into this short time span?? Either way is bad. The first is unfair to every fan that has a different favorite and the second is what leads to bad story telling.

And inb4 someone brings up that it all comes down to money. Companies are already putting in the effort and money to make this anime. Why not make it good? New fans=more money, making existing fans happy= more money. Otomes are a niche genre already. Wouldn’t it be awesome to branch out that fanbase? If the anime could stand by themselves more people would be able to get to enjoy these awesome stories and characters. It could introduce more people to otomes/VNs that hadn’t previously heard of them before. It could give the opportunity to people that just can’t stand all the reading VNs bring but still get to enjoy the characters.

TLDR: I just want better quality otome anime.


Kings and Queens


As some of you may know, TheAnimeMan did a video covering the top 100 anime according to Japan. Now he is doing a poll to create an accurate top 100 anime list according to the international community. He needs our help to get an accurate list. Even if you don’t watch his videos could you please take some time to fill out the survey? And even if you don’t watch/like anime could you please spread this around so we can get as many responses as possible? Thanks in advance