dramatical mruder

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but I voted for it, because I heard of the Dramitical Murder but never had time to play/watch it. So if Pewds played it that would be cool, he's hilarious ya know and I would love to watch him play it. let others check it out, don't be selfish.

You should watch it for yourself / play the game yourself instead of being lazy and have a youtuber do it. 

Showing Boy Love (or anything really 18+) to a bunch of 10 - 15 year olds is really wrong on so many levels and even reaches kind of disturbingly gross. Also, I know kids who are 7ish 8 that watch Pewdie.. Dramatical Murder is definitely not a game for them.

I’m not being selfish, How the fuck am I being selfish? I’m worried about the entire fandom. I’m trying to prevent the harassment and mindless idiocy. Plus a lot of his followers are homophobic and make rape jokes. Though he himself may not be, some of his followers are. 

Tl;dr Go fuck yourself anon, and stop being so lazy.