dramatical gender

no im even more convinced than ever that clear’s gender isn’t really binary at all

and its not just the “haha what does a robot know about gender rolls???” thing i thought it was before

because he keeps talking about a “man’s romantic fantasy,” meaning that he considers aoba a man, and he wants to cater to a man’s interests, as opposed to a woman’s…

but the intended comedy of the moment is that clear is taking on the feminine rolls in corny anime tropes

but clear isn’t joking, even if the writers are. clear is 100% serious about his desire to please aoba

so the takeaway is that clear does have a VERY rough understanding of gender rolls (or at least what he can glean from cheesy dating sims) but he doesnt consider himself to be part of that system. just because you strap a dildo to the front of a robot doesnt mean they’ll suddenly think of themselves as a cis boy.

so he really is genderqueer

(or, as ari says genderclear) (AYYYYYYYYYY)

(or agender, bigender, etc.) (or maybe, you know, his gender is just “robot”) (because its stupid to assign genders to a robot)