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Remember when Hinata and Kageyama called each other “Tobi” and “Shou” and we all died

The first time they meet—in middle school, in a hallway next to the bathroom of the gymnasium—they don’t know each others’ names.

And they don’t learn them, not even after two quick games where neither of them really wins anything.

Not the King of the Court, who still can’t sense the widening rift between him and the team on his side of the net, because he’s too focused—on the game, on his tosses, on the other side’s smallest player, the one with so much wasted potential. So he thinks.

And the Small Giant hopeful, he doesn’t have enough time. Not time enough to stay on the court he’d always dreamed of, nor to learn the name of the one blocking his path.

They don’t understand one another. They move on.

They come back together.

Not by choice… when they see each other again at Karasuno, there is no feeling of kinship, only irritation. But the captains have the roster, and their names, and so they are finally introduced.

They really can’t stand each other.

Kageyama is dumb and oblivious, and wildly reassured of his own abilities. He has yet to learn that there are multiple people on a team for a reason. He’s a bastard, Hinata says, he’s my rival.

Hinata is less oblivious but just as dumb, and has no idea what to do with a volleyball, which puts an expression of permanent constipation on Kageyama’s face. Hinata wants to do everything right now. He’s a dumbass, Kageyama says, I won’t ever toss to him.

Then he does.

They remain rivals, but become partners, too.

They discover, much to their shock, that it’s occasionally very difficult not to become friends with the one person who knows them best.

It takes three years of high school for them to crumble and admit it during one incredibly embarrassing conversation shortly before Nationals that they will never tell anyone about, ever. They’re both fairly sure no one they know has ever had to make a dramatic friendship confession and would not understand. Really, this is why they are friends.

But in the interim, changes become a necessity. After spending so much time at the Hinata household, it becomes natural for Kageyama to call Shouyou by his first name… just because the alternative is confusing both him and his sister whenever Kageyama wants to talk to one of them. That’s the only reason.

And Hinata finds himself strangely obsessed with the way Kageyama’s ears and the back of his neck turn very pink when Hinata calls him by his first name, so he just keeps doing it, after the first time. Eventually, Kageyama gets used to it, and the blushing and stumbling over all his words for several minutes stops; but the fact that he is used to it becomes kind of nice, too. Only Hinata calls him Tobio.

Only Hinata has ever tried to hold Kageyama’s hand and kiss him on the walk home from school in their third year (and succeeded).

They are friends, plus a little bit more.

Sometimes a little bit more becomes a lot.

Being on the same side of the net becomes being on the same side, always, even when they fight. Even when they make each other angry. Being rivals aiming for the world stage becomes a long journey in each others’ company. And being invincible becomes being in…

…bed together as late as possible on sleepy mornings when they don’t have practice, or aren’t traveling with the national team. Hinata always ends up taking up most of the space in the bed despite being so much smaller, unless he’s wrapped every possible limb around Kageyama, who has learned to accept his fate.

Sometimes, there is Hinata’s nose and then entire face smashed between Kageyama’s shoulder blades, rubbing insistently until Kageyama finally mumbles, “Shou… Shou, five more minutes…”

“I’m starving.”

“I’m sleeping.”

Hinata hugs him from behind, fingers splayed under Kageyama’s shirt over his chest and stomach. Kageyama is fairly sure he’s copping a feel.

“Tobi…” Hinata whines plaintively, and Kageyama’s perpetually low reserves of “resisting Shouyou” willpower evaporate. “Make me breakfast?”

The names they call each other may have gotten shorter over the years, but it seems a good exchange, for this life they have together.

umm AU where harry just went through a really bad breakup in which his douchey ex-fiance leaves him for a huge corporate job offer. which yeah good for him except he was a jerk about the breakup, left him via phone message, and didn’t look back. which sucks all on it’s own but now harry finds himself confused because he’s not nearly as sad as he thinks he should be about it, and frustrated because he has two non refundable tickets for a honeymoon cruise. enter childhood best friend louis, who he calls up the night before while packing and is all like, “ummmm so. how’s a free vacation sound?” and louis’s like “nothing’s free in life harold…. but….. i’m listening.” it honestly doesn’t even take anything to convince louis. most of his protest is just for show because harry can already hear him dragging his suitcase out of the closet. so.

so they arrive at the dock where they’re supposed to board the ship and louis’s like “um so why is everyone holding hands lol” and harry’s all “yeah…. so… funny story… ummmm i got dumped and this is my honeymoon cruise surprise :)” (louis is tempted to throw him overboard. they haven’t even gotten on the boat yet but the sentiment is still the same). but now that louis knows the whole story (which harry tells amidst deep frowns and lots of tears), he is determined to be the best fake™ husband ever. so he signs them up for all the couples activities because “go big or go home styles. or tomlinson. styles-tomlinson? who are we again?” and they end up doing better than most of the couples there when it comes down to How Well Do You Know Your Spouse trivia. it should be embarrassing really, because everyone around the ship already knows them as the dream team and it’s only been 4 days.

cue dramatic confessions, bed sharing that means nothing till it means something, an obscene amount of nautical references, and cameos by the rest of one direction lol

The Answer We Missed?

Shortly after the end of Fairy Tail, a lot of us lamented the fact that we never officially saw “Gray’s answer”. It’s often said of the Western fandom that we tend to want things explicitly direct and more obvious than commonly provided by the Japanese language and culture. Upon reflection, I am starting to think we saw the answer and just didn’t realize it. While many of us were waiting for dramatic confessions and reunions post-499 (myself included), a funny thing happened…Hiro Mashima.

Shortly, after the events of 499, Mashima posted this gem of a postcard:

We all know it well, it’s the “Autumn of Romantic Love” which fairly accurately depicts the “first date” scenario seen in basically every slice of life anime that has ever existed. Here, less than a month after the dramatic, romantic, double-suicide, “I couldn’t hurt a friend, no, I couldn’t hurt you” chapter, Mashima suddenly presents Gruvia in a clearly romantic light. It was almost as if he wanted 499 to be interpreted as the answer and the canon moment, because he sure as hell hadn’t drawn them like THIS before. What was Mashima getting at here?

@rieriebee later snagged this gem in an art book while in Japan. In Mashima’s comment regarding this drawing, he indicates that it reflected what was going on in the manga when he drew it…almost an “attack”. Basically, it was a signal that the “tease” was over and we were supposed to view them as a couple. We loved it. We wanted more. Answers! Confessions! There was more, but perhaps it wasn’t what we wanted exactly…

Whoa! Gray and Juvia playing strip poker? Gray looking nervous because of the half-naked girl in front of him? When did that become a thing? Sure, they both strip anyway, but now we have them getting nervous in front of each other…like a couple…

Like that! Volume 59 came out with a very, very “exposing” table of contents page. Our ship was presented in their “full glory”. Surely, Mashima wasn’t trying to tell us something about the impact of 499, right? He wasn’t going full tilt into telling us that we already were supposed to view that as Gray’s answer, was he? It’s not like he’s got them dressed in matching outfits…

Errr…cat ears, matching blue formal wear? What’s next, are we going to get some cute picture of them having a private moment with their foreheads touching in the most coupley shoujo way…

Well, then. Ok. I’m pretty sure we are supposed to see them as a couple already.

In all seriousness, though, I have noticed before that it’s not uncommon for shounen authors to rely on external media (art, games, omakes, ovas, etc) to give us content which can’t always be fit into the manga (be it plot, too shippy for the target demographic, etc). When looking at Mashima’s Gruvia art post-499, there was a clear dynamic change in which the tease transitioned into things which could easily be viewed as snippets of a relationship. Given the clear and drastic change, I feel that Mashima ultimately felt he gave us the answer—we just didn’t realize it at the time.  Perhaps it was not the concrete response, but it was still clear as day…and we got a series of adorable (and at times quite graphic) art to give us insight into Gray and Juvia’s relationship.



WORD COUNT: 1,373 

FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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Solangelo HC

So it’s been a while since I made any solangelo posts but this has been digging in the back of my mind so I had to just write these out ok? 

 So most people in the fandom hc the get together of solangelo to be a lot of Dramatic Confessions™ and Nico being hella confused/disbelieving/insecure/ect. Which is all well and good like hc what you will, but… 

Give me a solangelo that over the six months between BOO and TOA grew out of that insecure/dramatic phase while still in the friendship days.

Give me Nico who becomes so comfortable with will as a friend and the idea of someone caring for him that he can see what’s going on 

Give me Nico getting flirty but like Nico is Nico so it’s like are you flirting or do you want to kill me???

Give me a point when they both realize they have slowly been building up more than friendship and all those days hanging out in the arena they are making more excuses for physical contact than usual 

Give me snuggly movie nights in the Hades cabin where they just complain about dumb movies and make weird snack combinations and it is just so! soft!!

Give me them having a conversation where they acknowledge they have been dancing around the subject and that maybe neither of them said anything bc they were having such a good time just being in each others lives that they didn’t feel like they needed to label anything

Give me Nico showing up for breakfast one morning, taking his usual seat at the Apollo table and will kisses his cheek as he sits down. The idea of them in a relationship is so natural to both of them that they forget they never actually told Will’s siblings. They just kinda sit there looking laughing to each other as everyone is freaking out. Not like it was unexpected but like !exciting it finally happened! 

I am just such a strong believer in a solangelo that was already so close before being “official” that the line between friendship and dating was majorly blurred. 

Campers have trouble remembering when they actually started dating bc honestly not much changed except now they kiss?? 

“guys will and nico are official!” “havent they been dating for like a month???” “I thought they got together last monday…” “ummmm…”

 I’m sorry wow this got long. But yeah I just like soft lifemates Solangelo

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Not everyone wants to come out to every single person in their life and that’s okay! You don’t owe anyone a coming out. 

You want to come out to your friends but decide it’s not your coworker’s business? That’s fully okay! Only you get to decide who to tell. 

You know your mom would react unsupportive and don’t want to hear her say something hurtful? You don’t need to come out to her if you prefer not to! It’s your choice and just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean you have to come out to them. 

You don’t want to have the whole “big talk” kind of coming out? That’s okay! Being lgbt+ is not something you need to dramatically “confess” to anyone. You may choose to not hide it but not explicitly come out either or just bring it up if necessary - there’s nothing wrong with never having the cliche “I need to tell you something..” conversation. 

It’s your life and you get to make up the rules. There’s no golden guideline who to tell, how to tell or if to tell at all. 

People who don’t come out are just valid as people who are “out & loud”. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

notes | just  little love confession fic because I was feeling dramatic apparently and wanted to reference some great favorite movie/lit quotes. See if you can figure out where they’re all from!

title | a confession {original, I know!}

“I…” he’s standing on the middle of a sidewalk, staring at the most incredible woman he’s ever known, mouth half open, eyes taking her in, choking on everything he wants to say because he doesn’t know how to say it.

He knows all the cliches, he’s read all the stories and seen all the movies and he knows all the lines that all the great romances start with (“If I’m a bird, you’re a bird”, “What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the world and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down”, “I wish I knew how to quit you”, “You had me at hello”, “Do I love you? My god if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches”, “I just want you to know that you’re very special.. and the only reason I’m telling you is that I don’t know if anyone else ever has”, “If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more”) but they all tangle, somehow completely insufficient, for all the things he wants to say to Caitlin Snow, standing in front of him, dark eyes growing distant with the length of his silence.

“Cait, I,” he tries again, takes an unsteady step forward, only to watch the divot between her brows deepen, uncertain, as her walls begin to shore themselves, as the careful layers she wraps herself in begin to retreat a little bit, safeguarding that beautiful heart of hers that has far too often been broken. He’s making the most ridiculous mess of his whole thing (but then again, he’s Barry Allen, and making a mess of things is really what he’s best at, both after and before the whole saving the world thing).

“Barry, it’s okay…” she starts, slow and measured and careful and so gently understanding. She’s giving him an out, thinks that everything that’s lead up to this point was a mistake, or heat of the moment, or something equally absurd and she’s giving him an out to save face and run off and reassert their usual status quo and that, that practical and patient act of utter Caitlin-ness, that’s what spurs him forward. Because god damn this woman has been hurt and broken and somehow she keeps finding ways to give more and do more and sacrifice more and he will not be the thing that hurts her next. Not if he can help it.

“No Caitlin,” he steps forward again, this time feeling his feet steady beneath him, “no it’s not okay.”

It gives her pause, because she straightens up a little, the emotion behind all that guarded brown sharpening a bit as she searches his expression.

“I’ve been dancing around this for months now, afraid of what it meant for me and us and the team and everything we do and I just can’t anymore.” The words are falling out fast now and maybe they’re the right ones, but they’re the only words he has and damn it, he just wants to tell her, just wants her to know that he thinks she’s the most amazing person he’s ever met and that even if he could do this without her, he wouldn’t want to. It wouldn’t mean anything without her.

“I’ve never felt like this about anyone before Caitlin, like the whole ground might get torn out from under my feet if you walked away. Like it wouldn’t matter if I could run ten times in the speed of light, if I didn’t always know I’d get to run back to you when the day was done. Like the admiration of the city is nothing compared to the way your smile says you’re proud of me when I make the right choice in a fight.” Somehow, through all of it, he’s been moving closer to her, one hand lifting to brush at the curls along the side of her face, tucking them back so he can settle his palm against her cheek, gaze locked sincerely with hers. “I couldn’t be me without you Cait, not the Flash and especially not Barry Allen – I wouldn’t want to be: I love you.”

The wash of her warm breath as she exhales sends a shiver up his spine, even as her expression softens fondly and a twitch of a smile dances across her mouth. “I love you too Barry.”


HELLO!! And welcome to my biggest indulgence so far - too many Zarry drabbles. Over the next following weeks, I’m planning to write and post a number of Zarry drabbles based on a list of “starter sentences”. It’s summer and I’m doing it as a training to push my creativity and to push myself to write every single day.

 Here, you can find all of the drabbles. One should be posted every other day, sometimes even every day. Enjoy, leave a <3, reblog and feedback is the most welcome! Thank you for reading! 

1. “It’s really not that complicated.” - sugar daddy au, 1.4k

2. “Close the door.” - royal au, 1.7k 

3. “It’s three in the morning.” - canon au, 0.7k 

4. “I should’ve told you a long time ago.” - non-famous au, 1.7k

5. “Why are you helping me?” - Hunger Games au, 3.7k

6. “I’ve been waiting a long time.” - The Princess Diaries 2 au, 8.3k

7. “You have to leave right now.” - boarding school au, 2.1k

8. “Just trust me.” - ghost hunters au, 4.1k

Creating Believable Romance: Things Writers Can Learn from Beauty and the Beast (1991)

It always makes me laugh when Hollywood has these two hour films made for adults in which I feel like I know nothing about the cardboard romantic leads or why they even care about each other, when Disney’s little ninety minute family movie manages to develop much more believable chemistry. 

So how did they do it? What can writers learn from this movie about how to create a believable romance in their own stories?

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Your relationship with Taeil from his POV


Taeil’s one wasn’t requested like at all lmfao and I know it probably won’t get many notes either because its Taeil like wtf do u lot have against him why don’t u like reading about him :( So I didn’t spend too long on this :( but somehow this is about 2,600 words long lol

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

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Full House (Young Sirius x Reader)

Pairing: Young Sirius x Reader

Requested: Yes.

Summary: After not being able to find any quiet place to read, y/n heads into the Gryffindor common room in hopes of finding someplace to read.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Warnings: Sirius being dramatic, confessions of love, mild language.

A/n: This is my first time writing for Sirius, so I hope it’s good!

Title: Full House


You sigh, grabbing your book close to your chest as you walk rapidly out of the library. After you’d picked out your book you had hoped the library would be quiet enough to sit down and read for a while, but the sound of kids walking around, whispering to each other, closing books, taking books off shelves- it was too loud for your liking.

It doesn’t take you long to find yourself in the Gryffindor common room. The first thing that strikes you is the odd lack of noise. It was almost unsettling how quiet it was; there was almost always some sort of ruckus going on. The next thing that hits you is a crumpled piece of parchment. Literally. It bounces off your forehead and falls to the ground with a soft whoosh. Your grip tightens around the book as your eyes scan the room madly, finally settling on a group of boys lounging on the couch.

Well, one boy is lounging, while the others are trying to take up the least amount of space as possible. “Y/n, sorry! Didn’t see you there.” Sirius exclaims, a look of shock barley masking the teasing glint in his eyes. You roll your eyes as a small smile stretches across your face, and head over to the couch. As you get closer to them, you can see that Sirius has obviously made himself comfortable, taking up more than half of the couch, while poor Remus is sitting smashed against the armrest. You glance around to find a spot to sit down and join your friends, but you soon realize there is nowhere to sit. James occupies the lone chair just to the left of the couch, and his face is buried in a book as he stays strangely silent.

“Y/n!” Remus exclaims, smiling brightly at you. “What brings you here?”

“I was trying to find a quiet place to read.” You say, smiling softly. “Which I didn’t expect to be here.” You murmur. “Is there some sort of trick you boys have got planned that I don’t know about?” You grin cheekily. “Is that why everyone’s so deathly quiet?” Out of the corner of your eyes you can see James stiffen slightly and move his face closer to his book while Remus blanches.

“A prank?” Remus laughs and waves his hand in the air. “Oh, no. Not at all. It must just not be a very busy day.”

“Remus…” You start.

“People must be tired.”

“Remus, the common room’s full. In fact, there’s nowhere to sit.” You sigh slightly and glance down at your book.

“Y/n, are you needing a seat?” Sirius asks, shifting on the couch slightly. Your eyes meet his, and you nod wordlessly. “You could always sit with me,” he drawls, “why don’t you come sit on my lap and read your book?” The words leave his lips effortlessly, and James shakes slightly in his seat. Your cheeks turn bright red, but you simply raise an eyebrow at him. You move forward wordlessly, holding in your laughter at the way his eyes widen slightly. However, before you reach Sirius you turn and sit down on Remus’ lap. You open your book rather quickly, ignoring the chuckle coming from James’ direction.

“Y-y/n!” Remus exclaims. You lift the book up slightly to cover your face, peering at Remus somewhat discreetly.

“Remmy, please.” You whisper so that only he can hear you, meeting his gaze and glancing at Sirius quickly. Remus’ eyes light up as he understands what you’re doing, and he shrugs. You turn your attention back to your book and begin to read.

Because of this, you don’t notice Sirius’ face turning a bright shade of red as he stares at his friend, mouth agape. His fist clenches slightly.

“I- I cannot believe this.” He grumbles. “I set up this whole thing! I got everyone I could to come here, we’ve been here hours, just waiting for you to walk in! I’ve made them stay in the seats, making sure there was no room for anyone! A few Sixth years came in wanting to sit down- I almost lost my life!” Sirius’ voice takes on a dramatic tone as Y/n looks over at him in puzzlement. “I- I know I’m not good at this stuff, but I never thought this would happen.”

“What? Sirius, what are you-”

“You’ve fallen for Remus! All I was trying to do was get your attention on me, hell, maybe get you to sit with me! I would’ve moved over, y/n! Bloody hell! I would’ve moved over.” You stare at him and tilt your head. “Oh, Merlin. How can you not understand this?” Sirius stands up, dragging his hand down his face. “I love you Y/n.” Your eyes widen at his confession, and you practically fall out of Remus’ lap.

“W-what?” You manage to stammer, staring up at him with wide eyes. As you stand up fully, the book falls out of your lap and to the floor. “What did you say?” You lower your voice to a whisper, trying to hide the smile that’s pulling at your lips.

“You heard me. I said I love you.” Sirius repeats, meeting your gaze. Now his eyes fill with confusion as you step forward. “But you obviously fancy Remus, so I don’t know why I’m bothering with this confessio-” You cut off his sentence when you practically tackle him. Your arms wrap around him quickly as a you giggly softly.

“Sirius- come on, don’t be silly.” His arms hang at his sides as his face heats up slightly.


You pull away and meet his gaze. “Do you think I’d actually sit on Remus’ lap if I fancied him?” Sirius begins to speak, but before you can you sit down next to Remus and pat the cushion next to you. “Now that you’re done being an asshole, there’s room for both of us.” You smile up at him, and at this moment James erupts in a fit of laughter, slamming his book shut and basically throwing it away from him.

“How did you- ever- think that was going to work mate?’ He asks, struggling to speak as he laughs loudly, doubling over in his seat and clutching at his stomach.

“Oh, shove it, James!” Sirius huffs, plopping down on the seat next to you. “I knew exactly what was going to happen. Everything went according to plan,” he murmurs, slinging an arm over your shoulders. You roll your eyes slightly, deciding not to say anything else as you rest your head on his shoulder.

Somewhere out there, he wanders. A legend among men lives without fame or renown, but his legend will forever be remembered in the hearts of the people he touched. Somewhere out there a true hero is walking amongst the masses, passing by without notice as the days fade into years. But I remember. I remember you, Trucker Hat Zed. I know I am not worthy, but I shall become a horrid Zed main to carry on this great legacy. I will finish what he started.

hance is by far one of my favorite ships because there is nothing I love more than the friends to lovers trope. And lbrh hunk and lance wouldn’t even have some big dramatic confession it would probably just happen 

They’re sharing a blanket and watching a movie and they’re sitting so close that their thighs are touching and their hands “just so happen” to be resting on the floor with lance’s on top of hunk’s and they aren’t even thinking about whatever it is they’re watching because they’re so focused on how comfortable and safe they feel just sitting together in silence and hunk looks at lance and lance is blushing and keeping his eyes glued to the screen and hunk is like ‘oh’

and he leans over and kisses lance on the cheek and lance finally says ‘screw it’ and pulls hunk close and kisses him on the mouth and 

all is right with the world