I can’t tell you why I like him because I’m not sure I even know the answer myself. Their have been many subjects of my desire before this and i probably could have told you 1 reason I liked all of them - but not this one. Things like “he has a nice smile”, “he’s funny”, “he’s perfect”, seem so insignificant. They don’t sound like they’re good enough reasons. I’ve been avoiding having my heart broken for awhile now but Shit. I don’t think I’d mind if this one left a scar.
—  I’m Just A Dramatic Teenage Girl Exaggerating My Nonexistent Love Life #2

The Knights of Ren

I felt the need to do a mini animation of this scene, with the Knights of Ren being dramatic under the rain and the thunderstorm so here it is! As a bonus I added a bit more detailed sketch of the scene :D

You can get the GIF version through my Deviant HERE

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Don’t make people into heroes John. Heroes don’t exist and if they did I wouldn’t be one.

I stayed up until 5am for this one. Trying out Infinite Painter on my Wacom and it’s awesome \(^0^)/


So #Dramatic Larry 😍😍 #lestwins
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Sexy Blaze. Still adoreable.💖