10 things I've learnt about Vicko today.

After stalking humorking today I’ve compiled a list of 10 things I’ve learnt about him:
1. I’ve been pronouncing Vicko wrong for a very long time.
2. He is a unicorn and mermaid (how he achieved such status I do not know).
3. He has a younger brother, a very cute little boy. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out he’s a cheeky little monkey :).
4. He takes drunk selfies sometimes. Follow him on instagram @supvicko.
5. English is his second language, his accent is cool too.
6. If he could live anywhere in the world he’d live in London because he “really like UK people”, as a Brit thank you Vicko ^_^
7. There are a bunch of anons who are jealous of him ( who blames them reference to point 2, he’s a unicorn mermaid amalgamation)
8. His mum doesn’t understand the Internet
9. Survived an earthquake (what? I like being dramatic)
10. If you’re not following him your dash without a doubt is dead. So you need to follow him.

At the Reykjanes peninsula you will find the Keflavik International Airport and the Blue Lagoon as well as few small fishing villages and very dramatic coastline

About 52% of the Reykjanes Area are covered with Holocene lava fields and earthquakes are frequent because the Reykjanes Zone is a so-called Rift Zone. The scenery can be out of this world and standing on top of this high cliff overlooking the raging ocean on one side and the lava fields with steam coming from all the geothermal activity that can be found there, on the other is amazing