Bernie Sanders Releases Powerful Ad Featuring Erica Garner

If you were not feeling the Bern before, you might be after seeing this powerful ad. No matter what happens in this election, anyone would have to admit that…

I can’t tell you why I like him because I’m not sure I even know the answer myself. Their have been many subjects of my desire before this and i probably could have told you 1 reason I liked all of them - but not this one. Things like “he has a nice smile”, “he’s funny”, “he’s perfect”, seem so insignificant. They don’t sound like they’re good enough reasons. I’ve been avoiding having my heart broken for awhile now but Shit. I don’t think I’d mind if this one left a scar.
—  I’m Just A Dramatic Teenage Girl Exaggerating My Nonexistent Love Life #2

The Knights of Ren

I felt the need to do a mini animation of this scene, with the Knights of Ren being dramatic under the rain and the thunderstorm so here it is! As a bonus I added a bit more detailed sketch of the scene :D

You can get the GIF version through my Deviant HERE

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Don’t make people into heroes John. Heroes don’t exist and if they did I wouldn’t be one.

I stayed up until 5am for this one. Trying out Infinite Painter on my Wacom and it’s awesome \(^0^)/


So #Dramatic Larry 😍😍 #lestwins
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Sexy Blaze. Still adoreable.💖


The Balanced Rock by J Swanstrom
Via Flickr:
Sunset after a storm, in Arches NP.