Moulin Rouge! // Min Yoongi


the prompt: do you think you could write a yoongi x reader fic? Something with a situation/plot like Moulin Rouge?

words: 6636

category: moulin rouge au

disclaimer: all references and rights of moulin rouge go to it’s original creators.

author note: right so I watch the whole movie and there are like 7 different angsty plot twists. i skipped only a few. anyway this is a lot like the movie since it was fresh on my mind so i hope you don’t mind that. I also took a few things that I wasn’t comfortable with writing out. I hope you guys enjoy this because it’s my longest scenario yet at 6k+ words.

- destinee

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Are you guys prepared for a mushy, gushy, ultra-romantic super-dramatic script format bomb?? Five episode fanscripts in a duration of five days… perfect for you and your valentine to read this Valentines’ week!

Scripts are written by @jasperscheesepuffs and inspired by synopses from @fakesuepisodes. It starts tomorrow! Get hype!!

treenostalgia  asked:

first - i love everything???? the reactions are so cute??? and second - would like to humbly request RFA+V+Saeran reactions to finding out MC works night shift >> (like 10pm-7am.. there is a lunch hour there somewhere haha)

A/N: okay but I love you?? and you’re so cute?? (●♡∀♡) and!!! I know how the nightshift is!! actually i prefer night shifts because then i don’t have to deal with people oops (Also i really hope this is okay because i kept loSING MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT BECAUSE MY POWER KEEPS GOING OUT so if yall need me I’ll be outside in a storm peace my dudes) ~Admin 404


           -He tries to be so quiet during the day, while you’re sleeping!!

           -So he’ll actually do school work when he gets back from class rather than game

           - gaSP

           -Though sometimes, he’ll crawl into bed with you and take a nap

           -When you wake up later in the day, he gets so excited to see you!! He can finally be loud! And can finally stop studying!!!! what a dork

           -He even wakes up in the middle of the night just to text or call you on your lunch!!

           -You have to lecture him every time so he’ll sleep

           -“But it’s hard to sleep without you!!!” my heart

           -Always up in the morning to greet you when you get home!! He tries to make you breakfast/lunch so the two of you can eat together before he has to leave for school

           -More often than you would like, he’s up all night gaming so the two of you sleep the day away together




           -Hard to accept it, but he eventually does of course

           -Wakes up every morning and gets everything set up for you to go to bed!

           -Sets out some pj’s for you, cleans up so you won’t have to, even makes breakfast! or is it dinner

           -When you wake up late in the day, he’s ready to cuddle!! He’ll put down his script just so the two of you can spend time together

           -He thinks of himself as a night owl, so he’ll stop by your workplace every now and then to drop off some lunch, or just to visit for a while!

           - dramatic script reading at your work that lowkey embarrasses you

           -If he doesn’t have work early in the day when you get home, he’ll sing you to sleep and lay with you as long as possible

           -Tries to arrange his practices so he can be home with you as much as possible


           -She hardly ever sleeps because of work

           -So a lot of the time when you come home in the morning, she’s either awake and drinking coffee

           -Or asleep at her desk and you have to wake her up

           -But being able to text you throughout the night makes the work worth it

           -The two of you often take naps together when you’re trying to relax

           -It’s a ritual to take at least one nap a day together

           -She’ll drop by and bring you some coffee, or food for your lunch break!

           -She leaves cute little notes all around the house before she leaves for work in the morning

           -So when you wake up, you still get cute messages from her, if she’s too busy at work to text you!!

           -You seem to wake up at just the right time each afternoon, because you always bring her coffee at her most stressful time of the day and she just appreciates it so much omg


           - why are you even working

           - mc i can provide you with everything

           -It’s very hard for him to accept that you want to work, let alone overnight

           -Sends bodyguards with you to work because??? Nighttime is daNGEROUS, MC

           -He’s pulled quite a few all-nighters of his own so it isn’t a problem for him to come visit you

           -If he can’t because of work, he makes sure to take time and text you

           -If he wasn’t already up in the morning, he’ll wake up just to greet you

           -Always late into the office because he wants to eat with you in the morning and see you off to bed

           -Although he comes in late, he doesn’t leave the office late. He’ll take whatever work is left and do it in his home office because he wants to be there when you wake up!

           -Lowkey loves when he has to take business trips because sometimes the timezone he’s in makes it so the two of you are up at the same time and can talk as much as possible


           -He’s up for days at a time soooo

           -It doesn’t affect him much that you work at night??

           -He’ll more than likely be up as well

           -Can check any security cameras near you to make sure you’re okay, or staying awake

           -Late evening/early morning is when he gets even weirder

           -You received some of the weirdest memes of your life while you were at work

           -“MC…. do you think snakes ever get frustrated that they don’t have any limbs??”

           -“Saeyoung, please go to sleep”

           -When you’re home, the two of you cuddle and usually just pass out wherever you are

           -The two of you met up and started hugging in the kitchen? Y'all are now sleeping in front of the fridge and Saeran is cursing the both of you


           -He’s kind of like a little puppy

           -Really sad and has trouble sleeping by himself

           -Waits by the door for you to get home and gets extremely excited when you are!!

           - if he had a tail it would wag

           -Tries to stay up all night to text with you, but can’t

           -Sets an alarm so he wakes up around the time of your lunch so he can call you

           - falls asleep on the phone but omfg he’s so cute??

           -He’s usually a very quiet person so being quiet while you sleep isn’t a problem

           -He likes to tuck you into bed and kiss your forehead

           -Not to mention!!! Likes to make you food while you sleep so you can wake up and not have to worry about making it yourself!!


           -He’d rather be up all night than in the day

           -So when you’re at work, he’s up as well, texting you

           -He doesn’t tell you, but he’s actually really excited when you get home because that means he can stop worrying about you

           -That and the two of you can go to bed!!! It took a lot for him to be comfortable cuddling with you but now that he’s gotten a taste of it, he’ll be damned if he sleeps without you

           -Most of the time, he’ll take you and pick you up from work

           -Because?? It can be dangerous at night and no one’s fucking with his MC

           -Constant texts throughout the night, making sure that you stay awake

           -Even on your days off, the two of you tend to stay on track as night owls so it’s easier for you to stay awake at night

           - both of you threaten saeyoung if he’s too loud during the day

           -Over all he has no problems with it, he actually prefers staying on your schedule

anonymous asked:

What are you currently watching??

Just finished Merlin(Finished 2012). If your into for Knights and Magic and ready to ship Merthur lol. Go on adventures with Merlin and Arthur Pendragon. It has 5 seasons it has a great comedic and dramatic script with great camera work. Based on Arthurian Legends.

Anne with an E (Also known as Anne the Series/ Anna/ Anne of Green Gables). Its a Canadian CBC show that has a deal with Netflix based on the books. The cast are amazing. If you can watch it! It needs the ratings to see if it will be renewed for a second season. See Anne a previous orphan go through life as the odd one out trying to look move on hoping for a better life than the few terrible years she has lived. A quirky book loving girl with a big heart and an even bigger imagination! You can learn to love Gilbert Blythe x Anne Shirley Cuthbert (or as she prefers Cordelia).

Also ABC just aired yesterday a show called Still Star-Crossed. It’s based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet the aftermath. POC Cast. It’s a VERY diverse cast. I’m already shipping Rosalie Capulet with Benvolio Montegue. It’s greatly written and the film and camera shots are pure bliss. Don’t sleep on this show fam.

For another diverse cast and more comedy you can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It has a great script. Amazing friendships and healthy relationships.
Not giving away more, but alas a must watch.

Stay Amazing,

anonymous asked:

Can you write a senario/fic where MC is Zens co-actor and his characters love interest for a romantic musical they're working on and they both slowly fall in love and they have a dramatic scripted scene and they have a non scripted kiss! Thanks fam😘

Yea I gotchu fam (*^-^*) Also, I made a gender neutral MC, it’s kinda long but I hope you like it~

This early in the morning, the theatre was bound to be empty. You had come an hour before rehearsal so you could see the roster before anyone else and escape the inevitable swarm of actors bickering over their parts.

You navigated to the bulletin board offstage, wanting to see what part you were assigned. You had thought your audition went reasonably well, and you were expecting an important role. Perhaps you’d be one of the royal knights, or the heir to a nearby kingdom.

The play was about a prince, the heir to his kingdom, trying to find his way in life after a tragic accident leaves his parents dead. He is courted by royalty and nobility from kingdoms near and far, but he falls in love with the Captain of the Guard who lives in his palace. Eventually, he decides to marry for love, and earns the support of his people and the neighbouring kingdoms for being a king who is true to himself.

You finally got to the roster and searched near the bottom of the list, but you couldn’t find your name anywhere. Then you looked at the top, and printed in big bold letters was your name, next to “Captain of the Guard.”

You clamped your hands over your mouth. Captain of the Guard? That was one of the lead parts! But then, that would mean your co-lead was–

“Oh, hello,” a smooth, musical voice sounded right behind you. You turned around and saw Zen, the famous actor who would be playing the prince. “I heard you’re my new co-star. My name is Hyun, but you can call me Zen. Everyone does.” He smiled, extending his hand to you.

“I’m MC,” you said, a little flustered. You shook his hand and smiled back. “I didn’t really expect to get the lead part, though.”

“Really? The director sent me the audition tapes and I chose you myself,” Zen said. “You’re very talented, MC. I look forward to working with you.”

He winked at you, then turned around and went to the change room.

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q series: life plan a and b – final thoughts

SYNOPSIS: When Zheng Ruwei (Rainie Yang)’s boyfriend’s father suffers a severe injury from a car accident, she goes down two vastly different paths – remaining in Taiwan and marrying her boyfriend to take care of her father-in-law, “forgotten” as a busy housewife, and accepting her job promotion in Shanghai, where she becomes an extremely wealthy and successful, yet lonely businesswoman. 

Life Plan A And B was a show that I left on the back-burner for the longest time, but rather unexpectedly, I managed to find time to sit down and complete this. It’s a considerably solid show, with a fairly strong, albeit occasionally over-dramatic, script, yet frankly I’m largely relieved that I’ve finally completed this.

It’s quite rare for me to watch Taiwanese dramas (and it was initially difficult for me to find an HD version of the show; I ended up viewing this on DramaFever), but as a fan of Rainie Yang, who praised the script immensely, I decided to give it a shot. Though “only 6 episodes”, each episode is a whopping 1.5 hours long – so technically the equivalent of either 12 or 18 c-drama episodes. While having watched the first three episodes sometime in January, and the latter three this week (latter part of May, indicating how much I might’ve procrastinated on writing this), it was considerably easy to immerse myself back into protagonist Zheng Ruwei’s two alternate lifetimes. However, riddled with tragedy, melodrama, and even dragging lethargy, I found it difficult to truly enjoy the ride.

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2 poems. 2 different kinds of loss

-Through the Body of Grief-

I denied it, that it was there at all.
I denied that it was the only path to walk
I denied that this was the result of losing, the result of grief
I denied that an ocean was standing upright in front of me
I look into the sky and I can’t see it’s crest
If I stand still we will never meet, like the fear that seizes me
every time I meet a water body
but, I just have to move past this.”

My right foot first, broke the 90 degree surface, creating a ripple
and the ripple grew as my leg followed and my torso went with.
I felt the undulations of the current streaming across my face,
the first push into aquatic space.
It permeated my arms and legs, submerging me fully.
The waves pull me forward and back, gently now,
and roughly in the next moment.
Every step is a production,
a full length dramatic script in 3 acts
ending with me going 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.
I’m drowning in an upright position.
I feel a searing pain on the sides of my neck
I think…“just let this be the end,” so I let go
I breathe out and then instinctively, I breathe in,
and again, and then again and I continue to live
to cope with the ocean I evolved gills and I think,
“I just have to move past this.”

After what felt like weeks traveling through water
I saw a line of human figures with linked hands
I met the mouth of a vast trench with no bottom
They were standing at the edge lined up for miles
They were preserved and stood as stone to the test of time
They were solemn and covered in dirt,
they were dark skinned peoples with wide lips and broad noses
I saw myself in them. I inhaled haltingly as my eyes widened.
I had one grave thought in my mind
“I am in the run-off of the middle passage..
This trail of grief, this is a place that should not be”
Suddenly time didn’t matter anymore.

I looked around for a few moments and I cried out
and without thinking about it I bit down
on my bottom lip till blood flowed
the veins in my forehead pushing up against my skin.
My head pounding, my heart striking my ribs.
Anger’s consuming my body.
And then, my reddened eyes rested on the impassable trench
It’s my fault I don’t know how to swim.
Under water, I couldn’t see the tears brimming my eyelids,
but I felt them welling up above my cheeks.
I felt the warmth pulsing, throbbing underneath

All my rage melted into bitter anguish
with me standing at the edge of the cliff
My eyelids fall, as I do, to my knees.
my feet tumbling to either side of my thighs, defeated,
as my body crumples down like a pile of stones.
My gaze was fixed on the darkness below.
Something about the chasm was inviting me now
I reached out to it and it seemed like it was pulling

I crawled forward…Off the edge
The descent is slow, but frightening at first.
In time I began to experience numbness and pressure.
I couldn’t feel my moods anymore, like there was a wall through
which I had to punch, to touch my emotions. It was a struggle of its own
But, when the pressure squeezed my frame, I kicked out,
wildly, panic overtaking me, emotions overflowing me
I flailed my arms up and down like how I thought it looked when people swam.
It slowed my descent and I opened my mouth in disbelief
I could see the upper portion of the sea. I could reach.
I kept on. I wagged my legs back and forth
and I swatted the currents down with my open palms,
pulling myself up, grasping at the edges of water.

I made it to the top of the trench and exhaled into the deep.
I stayed there for a moment, mid current.
I swam down to the opposite side of the trench
I looked straight across with a pensive stare at the faces looking back at me
I laid back in the dirt shaking loose a dust cloud into the drift
I closed my eyes and I realized there was no outside anymore,
that there was no surface, no “I just have to move past this,”
I stayed there for a few moments in silence and then…
I grinned from ear to ear as I looked down at my arms and legs
…and said, “but I swam!”

-Buried Memories-

buried memories retreat to sensitive parts of the body
the crown of the skull, the crest of our hips
our knee caps, our stomachs where the solar plexus is
just behind our ears and in the crook of our necks;
in between our thighs, in between our labored sighs,
and just under our breath. Sometimes, right in the middle
of the sharp pains in our chest.
They retreat to the tip of our tongues
and sometimes they lodge themselves in our throats
always behind our heads and yet, no matter where we turn
we struggle in our search, in fact we buried the memory of the hiding
as if getting reacquainted with the fresh scars and stretch marks
over the heart, is the entire point of the exercise

We must do more than wish to feel…fixed
Because the body remembers. So we start fresh
we play hide and seek with our flesh
so that we can reset to rebuild

- Malcolm Lasalle. -

teeny horikashi ficlet

Because of two of kagedork’s prompts I am going to where I have actually never successfully gone before and try to write out a fic for an otp. (It ended up having two ways to go about it so I wrote both because I couldn’t chose which I wanted more, they end up in the same point but it’s the intro that splits) I might write more of this and actually get into the play and marriage ceremonies and stuff, i dunno, depends on how well this ficlet goes down with the masses

Prompt: Kashima taking the role of princess so Hori can play the lead in the last play of his high-school career - Hori & kashima doing a marriage ceremony in a play (or at least hinting at a marriage ceremony)

Exams were coming soon and there was only one play the drama-club had time for before the end of the semester. It was decided as yet another play with a chivalrous prince as the lead, but Kashima felt different about this one. It had been brought to her attention by Sakura that Hori-senpai wasn’t going to be around forever and in fact he wasn’t going to be around after these next few months. In a fit of panic Kashima had tried to come up with resolutions for Hori’s leaving but to no avail. There was no way she was going to stop him from graduating and leaving, which only meant she had to make the rest of his days as a high-school student memorable! 

Opening 1:Kashima had come up with the idea of stepping down from her consistent role as prince to pitch Hori as the lead instead. Proud of herself, Kashima walked into the next meeting, confident as ever.

The second the casting list was presented and Hori asked if the choices were alright with everyone Kashima shot from her seat and shouted “I want to step down from prince and play the princess in this play, if that is alright!” A shocked silence soon was overtaken by a sea of skeptical whispers. Hori was not one to be excluded from the confusion.

“Really? Kashima, are you sure? You’re always the lead, who do you suppose will take your place as the lead?” Hori asked, eyebrows raised and an air of skepticism in his voice as he asked who would replace her.

“You, Hori-senpai.” Now Kashima directed her gaze right at Hori. She was expecting more of a flattered expression on his face when she said it but what her faze was met with was something quite the opposite.

Hori stared at her blankly, “Are you sure you’re alright Kashima?”

(end of Opening 1-back to main story)

Opening 2: When the idea was presented to the members in the next meeting it didn’t seem to settle well immediately with many of them until Kashima stood in front of the group and began belting out her reasoning for it. Slowly the crowd began to nod and agree but it wasn’t until the end of Kashima’s monologue that Hori said anything.

“What do you think, senpai!?”

Hori clamped his eyes shut and shook his head a little, after a minute of silence he cracked a slight smile and looked to Kashima, “You don’t have to give up the lead for my sake. The plays always do better with you as the lead.”

“That’s not the point!” Kashima tried her hardest not to look as defeated as she felt.

Someone from the crowd has piped up just then, “Come on Hori-senpai, it’s just one play.”

Hori watched as Kashima smiled to her supporter, he shook his head and laughed, “Well, I suppose you want to direct, then?”

“No, I want the princess’ role.” Now this truly wrenched a shocked expression out of the entirety of the drama-club, especially Hori. Hori didn’t catch himself staring in disbelief at Kashima until it had been an almost embarrassing amount of time.

 “Are you sure you’re alright Kashima?”

(end of Opening 2-back to main story)

“Yes, Hori-chan, I’m fine! Can I be the princess?” Kashima pressed for her answer, hoping she’d get her way in the matter and be able to set her plan of making Hori’s last high-school play a memorable one.

“Ah…,” Hori looked to the club and asked, “Is that alright with everyone? This is our last casting meeting.” Scanning over the room, there was an overall agreement of these conditions. “Ah-Alright, well,” Hori erased Kashima’s name from beside the prince slot and wrote in his own, repeating the action with Kashima’s in the princess slot. “Okay everyone, time to get back to working on costuming and backdrops.” The room was cleared in a matter of moments and before Kashima left the door Hori called to her, “Kashima.”

Walking over to the president of the club, brimming with pride over the success of the first stages of her plan, Kashima stood before him. “Yes, Hori-chan?”

Hori disregarded the degrading honorable and went right to his first concern, trying to clarify something that was on his mind from the second the members agreed to the casting. “Kashima, have you read the script? You do know there are marriage ceremonies in here between the prince and the princess, at the beginning and the end, you’re comfortable with this? With all of it?” Hori was a little skeptical with Kashima agreeing to be in a very feminine role but he wasn’t completely sure if Kashima knew what the ramifications of her decision were precisely. 

Kashima surprised the brunette and nodded happily, “I’m fine with all of it, Hori-chan! All for you to be lead! Are you comfortable with this?”

Before Hori could reply the director of the costuming popped her head into the classroom, “Kashima-kun! We need to get your measurements for the princess’ costumes!”

“I’ll be right there,” Kashima replied to her, the girl walked out of the class, Kashima looked to Hori. “Gotta go, Hori-chan. Don’t chicken out on me.” And with that Kashima left Hori to his own devices. Hori had a bit of regret in his heart for requesting Nozaki write a really dramatic script. It wasn’t completely his fault, he had no idea Nozaki would right two marriage scenes, but what says drama more than a ruined wedding and a stolen bride?

Looking down at the script Hori gave a little shrug, he wasn’t entirely sure of what was to come for him but he knew that Kashima would give it her all and that if she were to play any princess it would be easiest for her to play this one, Nozaki wrote her as a charming fighter.

Scratching at the back of his head, Hori moved out of the club room and towards back entrance to the auditorium. “I hope Kashima’s fans won’t crucify me for this. Kashima in a dress better be enough to keep the masses at bay.” 


Finally! After six weeks of sculpting, painting, fine tuning and table flipping the first in my series of 80′s Nightmare Fuel Monsters is DONE.

Introducing The Red Bull!

He has a stout 22 inch antique copper chain that matches his nose ring; the chain uses a latch clasp. The chain can be shortened on request. True, he didn’t have a nose ring in neither the book or movie. I just thought it would be a cool touch. :) I think of it as a magic-infused ring that allows King Haggard to control the monster, much like a golden bridle for a unicorn.

His custom pine display stand is done in glossy black with a minimalist white unicorn symbol hand-painted on it; on request from the buyer I will add ‘The Red Bull’ in dramatic red script above the unicorn.

He can be worn as a massive elaborate pendant to go with any cosplay at an event *or* displayed on his stand as purely a collector’s item. I can only hope that one day someone waltzes up to Peter S. Beagle’s table with this around their neck….

His eyes are real polished moonstones. (Moon stones are a type of feldspar and have visual ‘inner fire’ qualities similar to opals.) The skullpture is 4 inches in length and 5 ½ inches wide, weighing in at 7.4 oz without the chain. The base is a naturally deceased American otter skull. All sculpting, painting and detail work done by me; I also processed the skull itself. This is by far my most detailed skullpture (or Skritter as I sometimes call them) to date!

The inner mouth, nostrils and eyes glow yellow-orange in the dark. (The glow comes through the moonstones!) See those cracked, gnarly scales? I etched those in with a needle. Thirteen layers of acrylic and a touch of oil paint were used to make him the ‘color of blood’ as per the book description - albeit with black highlights for a lovely charred look.

His teeth are a mix of raccoon, mink and otter. I recolored the teeth after processing to give them that minty fresh look you’re seeing. Demonic forked tongue? Check. Glossy slick slobber effects? Check. There’s even a few clear droplets of saliva hanging from his lower lip and teeth.

There’s a small round hole through one ear. Looks like one of those silly little unicorns tried to defend itself….

If you are interesting in owning this monster click the link below to have a look at him on my Etsy. A private sale outside Etsy can also be done; just PM me here.  USA  and UK sales only.

Silver Skull Creations Shop

Thoughts on Rogue One (includes spoilers)

(cue something I wrote a couple days ago but tried to hold off on for sake of spoilers. Hopefully the page break should be enough but please scroll through if tumblr breaks and erases it)

Alright, I want to begin with some of the problems I saw and then end with all the awesome things I saw, both in equal parts, including how I think the events of Rogue One have had a direct impact on Ben Solo/Kylo Ren which could possibly garner some mentions in the upcoming movies. And I want to make clear that I’m commenting on these problems from an objective, professional perspective- not because I dislike the movie, far from it actually. Sooo…*cracks knuckles* let’s get started-

PS: I went back through and put headers on everything because it got long and so folks can read what they want, if they want to!


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Ppl who go “I don’t watch Nollywood movies” with a disgusted expression on their face are actually annoying, yes I understand that when they think Nollywood, they think: overly dramatic movies, poorly scripted and directed movies, awful visual effects, etc. Well there are so many good movies that have come out of the industry ( owo eje, saworoide, Thunderbolt etc) just as there are not so good ones, the industry is getting more diverse in terms of genres, and in just 20 or so years of its existence it’s become one of the biggest movie industries in the world. Nollywood employs millions of people, one of the biggest contributors to the Nigerian economy. Also the sectors of the industry that produces movies in different Nigerian languages (Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa) are very important. Equally important to note that the industry is still quite young, many movies are/were produced with a small budget, with time it should definitely improve.

Tomorrow I'm going to write all day

It’s been a long ass time since I last got the inspiration to actually create something. But while I was driving the other day, I suddenly got the idea for a dramatic script, and before I knew it I was seven pages deep into a story. I’m actually quite pleased with where it’s going. I know I said I wouldn’t submit a portfolio to the art and writing awards this year, but I might just send this in as an individual submission. Or maybe I’ll package it with the short story I wrote for my NYU portfolio and whip up a few poems and call it a deal. 

Who knows, I’m a crazy mother fucker like that.

Scandal Warriors Strike Back!

The Scandal Warriors is an online coalition of fans from across the United States and Canada. In a statement released by them today they wrote,

“Scandal was a gift to viewers. But it was a special gift to women, especially women of color and specifically black women. The show was magic. For the first time since the show, Julia, featuring Diahann Carroll, America had a gorgeous, intelligent, powerful black woman in the lead. Women of all colors were saying they wanted to grow up and be like Olivia Pope! And then, magic happened. The show struck gold with the powerful chemistry between the two lead actors, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. Their chemistry is the stuff of legends and joins other famous screen couples: Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Liv and Fitz became the love story that captured the hearts and minds of the viewing public. It was told with passion, dignity and relevance, acknowledging the racial component and the fact that Olivia Pope was a very independent woman working in what has traditionally been a man’s world. We were hooked and became advocates for "Olitz”.

But something else happened also. Scandal was no longer just a “t.v. show.” Almost from the beginning it became a cultural, social and political statement. There were scenes that resonated so deeply with black women that they heard echoes of their own experiences and upbringing. We became “invested.” We stuck with the story even when we started to see inconsistencies and flat out nonsense in the story line and character development. But we hung in there.

And then hell set in. The flames reached through the screen and torched everyone of us in episode 9, season 5. It was insulting on so many levels. Abortion is not a frivolous matter regardless of your position on it. Subjecting a black woman to abuse by a white man in other episodes hits a nerve. Transforming Olivia Pope from a sharp, professional character to what some have called a slut and a whore is not acceptable. If this was done by a white producer, a different kind of hell would have erupted with statements from some very high profile people.

Unless the producer received specific instructions from her bosses to denigrate the female lead, manipulate the male lead into something that bears little to no resemblance to a President of anything, and alienate a significant portion of the show’s fan base, the only thing we can assume is that producer has become self indulgent with little to no regard for the quality of her show or the devotion of her fans. If that is the case, we are here to say (to paraphrase a Scandal expression), “You don’t get to do that…” without consequences because Scandal has become bigger than just entertainment, bigger than just one producer’s show. It has become a statement whether the powers that be like it or not just as the election and re-election of Barack Obama became a statement about something much bigger than electoral politics.

So as Scandal Warriors, we have initiated a boycott of the show and will continue to do so. Some of us may never return. Some of us are still hoping for the resurrection of Olitz because we know that powerful, dramatic, relevant, and entertaining scripts can be written that will garner increased ratings, and become a genuine turning point in the history of television. It can be done. We’ve seen it on Scandal. And to those who will push back with the comment that this is the producer’s show. She has creative prerogative. Not any more. It’s our show now, and if we can’t get it back we will do our best to shut it down, and spread the word because that’s how much it means to us. We have become “the hell and high water.”

Operating much like the “Guerilla Girls”, an anoymous group of women protesting sexism in the art world, the Scandal Warriors see themselves as simply a critical mass of fans fighting for the integrity of this ground breaking show, and the respectful, realistic treatment of the female lead.

Okay so like I know we can say until we’re blue in the face that the show is scripted (it is) and Chloe was set up to look like an underdog (she was) and YES, that underdog storyline probably helped with her TCA win (it did).

But scripted or not, Chloe was undeniably abused on TV. Yes, all the kids are being exploited and there is a lot of abusive power dynamic going on across the board but Chloe has still gotten probably the most outright abuse with immediate reactions and it was played out on TV for the world to see.

In Season One and even Season Two Abby clearly showed a lot of caring for her, even if her dislike for Christi was pretty real. Chloe wasn’t REALLY an underdog at that point, but it played out that way on screen.

But once the show premiered and fans clearly responded to the “Maddie vs. Chloe” plot, producers obviously hatched plans to ACTUALLY make Chloe the underdog, which included saying awful things to and about her, and it got to her every. single. time.

Calling her a “sneak,” calling her a “liar,” Abby refusing to call her by her name, and then the call-outs on social media?

I don’t CARE if it was scripted, I don’t CARE if it was set up, it’s abusing a child. Her pain and her tears were real, and that goes to show why “Dance Moms” should not exist. (And no, I don’t believe Abby solely abused Chloe — “Dance Moms” abused Chloe. The whole thing was hatched by writers and creators and that’s fucking sick).

Like, sure, screw with the parents all you want, but children are fragile and innocent in this situation.

So no, I don’t think Chloe’s “milking” any sort of “underdog” thing. She HAS been dragged and humiliated on national television, scripted/dramatized or not. If this award helps remind her that people out there love, admire and relate to her, then go her. Because dammit, I can’t imagine being treated like that at 11-12.


Never AND. Always OR.

Real dramatic conflict gives the protag a choice. This OR That. Success OR Failure. Save the mother OR the child. Capitulate to the antagonist OR get shot.

Conflict that has a lot of options is not real conflict.

The protagonist is free to save the mother AND the child only after it’s been established that only one of those things is possible.

Scenes of conflict focus on a single OR that represents an obstacle to the protagonist’s goal.

  • Reveal your source OR go to jail.
  • Obey me OR starve.
  • Take your little brother with you OR don’t go at all.

All very different conflicts in different tones, but all the same in that the protag is forced into a choice they don’t want to make.

Conflict is two forces committed to mutually exclusive outcomes. When the forces are strong and focused, the conflict has purpose and clarity. It’s dramatic.