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Virus finds it hard to think of people as people. He cant see them with emotions and feelings. So when it comes to Trip he sort of sees him as a pet for a while following him around all the time. He knows only that he doesn’t mind Trip being there and he doesn’t necessarily hate Trip either. He wouldn’t go as far as saying he really enjoys having him around just that he is able to tolerate him more than most. I imagine Trip having his crush/obsession thing he has going on and it going right over Virus’ head because he just doesn’t think about it. Why would he? He never had a reason to. Sly would probably get tiered of the obvious thing between them and Trip complaining to him and finally make Virus aware that there might be something there. 

Ex) “Yo Virus what do you think about Trip?”

Just to get him thinking about it. He would probably take a week or so having to avoid trip to really process his feelings and try to understand what it really is between them.

Idk just some things ive been thinking about I guess…


[The Color of Kpop] [Woohyun, GO, Neil, Jokwon, Yoseob] Dramatic Blue - 눈물나게 아름다운