dramatic yes but damn

Chapitre 114 – The Imprisoned Princess

Which might imply that Sakura is trapped inside her dreams?


I’m simultaneously going “Clamp this is not new information” and “NO CLAMP DON’T YOU DARE” and I don’t know which side will win out. 

Meanwhile Fuuma is dramatically posing for his photoshoot at the end of the world with a lovely play of black and white in the background with metaphor written all over it but

I’m still mad at him so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Definitely part of the Dramatic Apocalypse Pose Club though hot damn

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Female gymnasts having tons of respect for you and treating you nicely because you did the impossible and 'Tamed the Tucker'

“You did not tame me” Lance scoffs. 

“Baby, could you get me some water?” you ask, adding a cough to be dramatic. 

“Yes, baby” he says walking away instantly. 

“Damn it!” you hear from his office. 

Fluffy Friday™

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TM2C - Steve + Bucky + sewing


“Again?” Bucky sets down a cup of coffee by his boyfriend’s elbow with a sigh, watching with fond exasperation as Steve sucks the blood off his finger where he’s stabbed it with the needle for the fifth time. “Why don’t you just let me do it?”

“’Cause you have the unsteadiest hands in the entire world.” Steve grumbles, squinting at the little pouch in his hand behind his thick hipster glasses. “The fuck do these things have to be so small for?”

“I dunno why you insist on making people handmade birthday presents. You hipster fuck.” Bucky shakes his head at the long-suffering look that says Steve is asking himself the same question. “I got her a fifth of nice vodka and a fancy glass to drink it out of.”

“That’s because you’re a terrible person who won’t stop ‘til we’re all alcoholics.” Steve grunts in frustration when the thread falls off the end of his needle. Again. “Handmade stuff is special… and I don’t know where to buy these, anyway.”

“Etsy, maybe?” Bucky cranes over to get a look at the second of what are supposed to be ten pouches, all made of different fabrics. Some are bigger - to be filled with beans or rice to turn them into microwavable heat pads, or smaller - ready for baking soda and lavender or whatever else for deodorising gym bags and drawers. “Babe, will you let me help? I’ll tell Nat it was all you.”

Steve fumbles the needle as he tries to thread it and drops it on the floor. He makes a strangled sound and throws his glasses across the table, putting his head in his hands. Bucky tries not to laugh because damn, people call him dramatic. 

“Fine. Yes. Please help me.” It’s muffled grudgingly through his fingers, and Bucky has to bite his lip to hold in the giggle that wants to escape as he sweeps the pile of sewing stuff over to his side of the table. 

By the time Steve is over his conniption and raises his head, Bucky already has one of the bags done.

“Motherfucker!” He grabs for his glasses to make sure he’s not seeing things as Bucky continues placidly (extremely fucking smugly) working on the next pouch. “How did you do that?!”

“I’ve been fixing my own shit and adjusting my shoes since I was a kid.” He shrugs, far too pleased with himself. “You pick it up.”

“You are… terrible.” Steve scowls as Bucky snorts a laugh. “Can’t believe I’m gonna marry you.”

The room is suddenly very silent. 

Bucky drops the needle as Steve realises what he just said. 

Oh. Fuck. 

Fake married AU where they pretend to be married for a job, but Felix gets really into it for fun and to annoy Locus (because he had to entertain himself somehow). Reminds him to wear his wedding ring even when they’re alone at home. Holds his hand when they’re out for dinner. Calls him darling. Makes up a different extravagant honeymoon story any time someone asks. Plays up the in love newlywed thing. And Locus just rolls his eyes and sighs and goes with it.

And Felix is definitely amused so mission accomplished right. Except that he slowly starts to become more than a little serious about it.

One day he slips up when Locus reminds him “We’re not married Felix.” Which Felix responds with “We could be.” And it takes him just a bit too long to brush it off as a joke.

Locus just stares at him in disbelief before calmly saying, “So you could be with me outside of work, that’s good to know Felix.” 

Felix is so angry and annoyed with himself because, gdi they’re not supposed to have feelings, and at Locus for his nonchalant response and not being the least bit surprised, and the whole damn situation. So he dramatically huffs “yes of course it was a joke god, just forget it.” And Locus nods, but he also definitely makes a bold and underlined mental note to bring this up again after the job.