dramatic wind that makes no sense

Eye of the Hurricane: a Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

Requested? Yes (a quick note, this was a requested to be paired with “I Don’t Love You” by MCR, so it’s a bit dramatic. You can read with or without music, it will make sense either way, but I feel the music may enhance emotion within the piece)

In this imagine, the reader and Draco Malfoy hit a rough patch as the war begins. Vicious fights and survival are at the center of this story, as well as love, or a lack of love for protection. Sides are chosen, winds are high, and lives are at stake. All is calm in the eye of the hurricane, but even moments of peace must pass.

Y/N - your name
~~~ - indicates the passage of time

Warnings: language, dark content (death, violent arguments, confrontation, war)

Word count: 1,610


“Why are you acting like this?” I don’t even try to wipe the tears from my cheeks.

“You know nothing, I’m not acting like anything. This is me Y/N!” Draco opens his arms wide, voice raised angrily.

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This post is dramatic and personal af.

Basically I’ve been very happy for a long time and one of the reasons is because I stopped pretending I actually wanted a relationship. I was making myself go on dates etc because it was the “normal” thing to do, but I’ve never really envisioned having a boyfriend. I genuinely can’t see how they’d fit into my life right now as I love it the way it is, and that’s how I’ve felt for about 5 years.

I’m not sure why I felt the need to share this, I’ve just been feeling like this attitude was a stupid thing to feel ashamed or weird for. Because people (and weirdly it’s always other single people), act as if not wanting to be in a relationship means you’re either lying and desperately alone, or selfish and nasty. And I’ve just had enough of pretending to care

Darcy’s first trip on a ferry. She was wild with excitement and sea air. This will sound so dramatic but watching her be so free and joyful and present in each moment as she ran about being whipped up by the wind and the incredible view and the love of her friends, made me stop and think, ‘this is living’. These electric moments where you just feel full of something- whether it’s joy or excitement or terror or love or sadness or compassion- that’s what makes you really alive, feeling real things in a real world situation. Does that make sense or has it been too long a day?? http://ift.tt/2azw8Hi