dramatic protest


The thing which has been bothering me to shit about the massive protests about the refugee ban and the outrage over the lack of heart or will to do something for these poor refugees is that many of the refugees, certainly the most prominent group of them (syria), are coming from areas that have the United States behind the misery they are suffering. This is an immediate and dramatic protest to help Muslims that has been absolutely absent for years and distinctly without recognition for WHY these people are suffering.

And here is a Yemeni refugee, who is a victim of a conflict waged primarily by saudi arabia (a MAJOR American ally) with a considerable amount of coordination and collaboration on Intel, airstrikes and logistics from the United States.

Or was, until rather recently…

You see.. The United States has quiiiietly been withdrawing their leadership role after report after report emerged of massive human right violations, horrific collateral damage, and war crimes committed by the Saudis against the populace in Yemen in their war against the Shiite Houthi rebels. And that doesn’t touch on how many civilians have been flatly killed in us airstrikes.

It’s like. Watching this clip. It’s like someone was part of a family who decided to collaborate with another family in blowing their neighbours house to shit. And now that someone is confronting a survivor of that blown to shit house and is upset they couldn’t let that survivor come over to their house as if they were a mere witness to it all.

If the old adage goes that republicans only care about your life when you are a fetus in someone’s womb, then it must be said that American democrats only care about your life once you become a refugee of an American instigated war.

It bothers me so fucking much that this level of organised protest never happens to prevent the wars that produce these refugees in the first place.

Tweet with video here, if you want to watch Pelosi’s crocodile tears in action, artfully shifting all blame onto trump to the face of someone who’s family has died because of the actions of the government she represents and the administration she defended: