dramatic nails

prompt: Luke is badly injured and Kylo wants to finish him, but Rey gets in the way.

sent by: @angrydragonpuppy

Rey wakes up to a deafening silence only filled with the sound of the rain. She’s lying on the ground, a bleeding arm and a piercing headache reminding her of what is happening. 

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anonymous asked:

this is gonna sound random, but I think u look exactly like the Childlike Empress from Neverending Story. Like, especially when u did Veil as Tonks with asktheboywholived

(( OOC: Well, we both got the dramatic crying thing nailed down. ))

I really want a fluffy Marble Hornets AU where all the characters are a bunch of kids in elementary school and all the things that happen in the series are just part of an elaborate game of pretend that lasts like a week instead of five years and ends with Brian jumping off the tiny swing set in his yard as part of his ~theatrical death scene~ and Tim dramatically nailing Alex with a Nerf sword to avenge Jay who Alex blasted with a SuperSoaker earlier that afternoon.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day Three

For day three, canon-compliant prompt season two.

Danger Night

Umbrella in hand, Mycroft Holmes followed his brother into the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Morgue. 

“Had her brought here, your ‘home from home,’” he said as they turned the corner into the examination area.

Miss Hooper (she was a physician, but dropping her title annoyed Sherlock so it was habit for Mycroft) was already there. Although she had answered her phone immediately and his summons without protest, she’d obviously been to a party tonight, despite the hideous holiday jumper underneath her lab coat. Her eye makeup was dramatic, her nails painted (immensely impractical for everyday in her line of work), and her hair was down and had been curled, though brushed out now. So, a party that hadn’t gone well … Sherlock’s party? 

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we’ve had a clone club dinner and even a clone club dance party, but what if orphan black gave us a clone club fight scene? picture sarah, cosima, alison, helena, rachel, tony, and krystal all teaming up, each wielding weapons ranging from frying pans to needles and SCIENCE! to guns and knives, all using their specific skillsets to take down hordes of Neolutionists Gone Wrong while exchanging banter and crushing their enemies.

Lafayette Headcanons

-Lafayette is the biggest gay
-wears crop tops and high waisted pants
-helps Alex with advice on laurens
-wears heels. All the time. Casually in stilettos.
-*dramatic gasp*
-stiletto nails
-doesn’t take any of your SHIT
-will OWN a catwalk
-protective AF
-occasionally does drag and fucking ROCKS IT
-slightly naïve
-the biggest flirt
(I was the same person who submitted the Lafayette heels headcanon a few weeks ago)

modtea  asked:


favorite character - Applejack
character i am most like IRL - Applejack
character i want to be most like - Twilight, though i already do have a lot in common with her.
favorite actor/voice actor - Tabitha St. Germain, she really sells Rarity’s character for me, and nails those dramatic exaggerations perfectly
actor i want to see on the series in the future - i don’t know if she’s done acting, but i feel like Carly Rae Jepsen would be great for a guest celebrity!
favorite song(s) - Winter Wrap Up is my Fucking Jam
song(s) i associate with the series - some of Lisa Hannigan’s work reminds me of some of the songs in the show
favorite scene - that scene in the Mane Attraction when Rara comes on stage and sings her song ;o;
favorite location - the Library. ;-; i’m still sad it got blown up. ah well, what can you do
what i would want to do if i could work with the staff - i’d want to be one of the writers!