dramatic music plays in the background*

harry potter fandom, circa 2007
  • harrypotterfanfiction.com
  • harmony vs romione vs dramione – it was getting UGLY out there (hell, it’s STILL ugly out there)
  • constant idealization of draco and constant demonization of ron – which led to the creation of the “draco in leather pants” and “ron the death eater” tropes. (you still see this, of course, but i think we’re getting better)
  • my immortal dramatic readings EVERYWHERE
  • my immortal still being on fanfiction.net
  • actual fanart of my immortal
  • soooo many youtube music videos for the creator’s otp
  • “harry potter chatroom” videos on youtube where the premise was that each character had a laptop and was in an online chatroom for some reason. usually each character got their own music that played in the background while they “typed,” and they all looked like this:
  • i wish i was kidding
  • i may have been obsessed with these when i was nine
  • so many fanvids of draco with “untitled” by simple plan (aka “how could this happen to meeeeeeeeeeeee i made my mistaaaaaaaakes”)
  • fanfics where voldemort had a daughter (and it was ALWAYS a daughter. pre-cursed child, mind you.)
  • people actually liking snape
  • pretty blatantly ignoring the fact that electricity doesn’t work at hogwarts in fanfictions
  • drapple (draco + green apples. not joking.)
  • that fanfic that was a lemon of the giant squid and the hogwarts castle… i can’t be the only one that read it out of sheer morbid curiosity 
  • jily fanfics that gave lily two OC friends that would be paired off with sirius and remus
  • no muggleborn slytherins, ever
  • fanmade potter puppet pal videos – some of them were quite good, but most weren’t
  • bashing viktor krum, cho chang, lavender brown, fleur delacour, and the entire weasley family for no reason
  • fics where people “switched houses”
  • people actually shipping snily
  • you could always tell the author’s opinion of draco malfoy based on whether they called him “malfoy” or “draco” in their narration
  • fanvids of “you belong with me” for every ship imaginable 
  • the trio ALWAYS being white in fanart
  • fics where hermione randomly got hot over the summer
  • sorting yourself into slytherin to be “edgy”
  • or because you had a crush on tom felton
  • or both
  • pairing hermione with literally every male character. ron, harry, draco, cedric, fred and george (sometimes both at once), lucius, snape, voldemort, neville, dean, seamus… if they interacted in canon (or even if they didn’t), they were shipped
  • “transfer student” OCs to explain why they haven’t been there for the past five years
  • not many same-gender pairings apart from wolfstar and drarry
  • harmony fanfics making ginny an “evil bitchy slut” and ron a drunken rapist so harry and hermione can find comfort in each other’s arms
  • people placing literal bets with actual money on who would die in the last book
  • which led to a bit of an issue for people who had bet on harry, as no one was sure whether or not it actually counted since he didn’t stay dead
  • my immortal predicting that harry would turn out to be a horcrux
  • people flipping the fuck out when their otps got sunk in the epilogue and swearing off the series forever
  • everyone having a crush on oliver wood (to be fair this one is completely understandable)
  • school play fanfics, usually with the purpose of getting their otp to kiss on stage (i am 1000% convinced jk rowling had “tales of beedle the bard” mention that theatrical productions are banned at hogwarts specifically to get people to knock it off)
  • “american exchange student” OCs
  • a girl ends up in harry’s (or draco’s) dorm for some reason – either bc she’s pulling a mulan or because of a mistake no one bothered to fix
  • lots of fanfics of the otp banging bc “i don’t want to die a virgin”
  • “101 ways to annoy lord voldemort” lists
  • calling voldemort “moldyshorts”
  • fanfics of the characters somehow reading the harry potter books and reacting to them (these were all taken down bc of copyright)
  • leaving peter out of marauders fanart and fanfic (i understand the urge but come on he was a marauder it’s what made his betrayal so tragic)
  • fred/george fanfic (my eyes, they bleed)
  • fred and george (but mostly fred) being the school heartthrobs
  • think of any two characters. any two. there is a fanfiction somewhere that ships them. (this is still true, of course – in a fandom this massive, it’s inevitable)
  • if you spoiled THAT DEATH from the sixth book, and someone murdered you for it, it was your fault
  • same with THAT DEATH from the fifth book. and a certain few THOSE DEATHS from the seventh.
  • cedric dying was old news within like a month though.
  • the divide between people who had gotten into the series late (or, sometimes, because of the movies) and people who had been there since (almost) the beginning
  • people refusing to go online until they’d finished reading the seventh book for fear of spoilers (i am SO glad i didn’t have tumblr back then)
  • people actually saying they wanted to join the death eaters
  • every character was either good or evil. no in between as far as the fandom was concerned.
  • everyone’s icon looking like this for some reason

  • dramione fanfics where he calls her mudblood AFTER THEY START DATING??? AND SHE PUTS UP WITH IT????
  • dramione fics where hermione heals him with her love
  • making ginny out to be the school bicycle and basically burning her at the stake for going on dates
  • fics where the head boy and girl get their own separate room??? for some reason???
  • VAMPIRE AUS (usually harry and/or draco)
  • dumbledore either being 100% heroic or satan
  • hermione’s parents always being named “dan and emma”
  • fics where hermione turns out to be adopted and a pureblood all along!
  • harry switching to the dark side for some reason??
  • basically
  • the harry potter fandom has ALWAYS been wild
  • it’s the same shit as always, the details are just different
Each house when: studying
  • Gryffindor: Procrastinate it 'till you make it, binge reads every lesson from the last seven years just in case the night before, studying comfy (on the couch or on the bed)
  • Hufflepuff: T E A M W O R K with snacks and blankets, often reads important parts aloud, makes bad puns that help them memorize names and places
  • Ravenclaw: Studies either the most or the less in the class and nothing in between, *opens a book to fact-check something and gets lost for 17 hours*, needs a Hufflepuff friend to tell them to go to sleep
  • Slytherin: Gets irritated by boring lessons real quick, *classical music dramatically playing in the background*, will try to murder you if you interrupt them

Tough Love

No one knew Eddie Kaspbrak better than himself. Even his closest friends didn’t know who he really was, who he wanted to be, who he wished he could be. But then Richie Tozier came along, with his wild hair, passion for film making, and annoying talent of making Eddie’s heart beat faster than normal, and he finally found someone who knew him better than he knew himself. And that scared the shit out of him.

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Bill, Richie, Eddie: Wisdom Teeth

Request  “ could you do an eddie, richie, bill one (or whoever ya please!) where the reader got their wisdom teeth out and the boy is taking care of them? i got mine out this morning and am currently suffering™”

A/N → mouth pain is the WORST, hope ur feeling better by now!!!!

Pairing → Bill Denbrough x Reader, Richie Tozier x Reader, Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Warnings  → eh. none


↳ You woke up groggy and groaned at the dull pain in the back of your mouth, pushing your face further into the pillow. You felt a cool hand on your face, and your hair being tucked away so that you weren’t laying on it. “Duh-Don’t be such a c-crybaby” hushed Bill, and you huffed in response.

He reached over you, reaching between your curtains to open the windows on the wall your bed leant against. You looked at him as he clicked them open above you, his face was reddish, and he was sweating. Bill had flunked school when he learned you were still struggling with yesterday’s pain from having your damn teeth ripped out. 

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Jimin having a blast with Tae in Run BTS! 20

…a.k.a the day Jungkook probably swore to himself he’ll pick Jimin first next time.

This is kind of a rant about Jimin smoothly teasing Jungkook :D In this Run Tae and Jimin had so much fun together and it was so cute! But if you watched closely, you could see Jeonlous in his natural habitat. (It’s not even an analysis, this is just for fun, please don’t take it too seriously! ^^)

As the episode started and Jungkook vs. Yoongi began their picking, Jimin was slightly smiling and calm. He’s not being obvious about it, but he knows Jungkook’s gonna pick him first. Right? Right??

Oh, was he wrong. “Really, Jungkook? Do I mean nothing to you?”

He just stands in the middle, disappointed pokerface as Yoongi chooses him.

Jimin and Yoongi interact nicely when Jimin realizes: Why should he care if some Jeon Jungkook didn’t pick him first? Who does he think he is? Jimin will show this person that he’s having a time of his lifeu, cooking with his best friend and goofing around. He stopped caring about things now *dramatic music plays in the background*.
So, firstly he gives some milk and cookies to his bestie, smiling like a sun. Afterwards Tae feeds him with his snack and Jimin happily munches on it.

Anime references follow. TaeTae and Jimin are having so much fun! What is even Jeon Jungkook’s team? Jimin wouldn’t switch even if Jungkook begged him on his knees!

Awesome cooperation between BFFs again: Jimin needs blender. Taehyung magically finds one and brings it to Jimin, who is deeply touched and happy. He hugs his life-savior who brought him a blender and everything is so nice. Well…

…except it’s not even the middle of the episode, and certain someone realizes he fucked up (while Tae and Jimin hugs in the background). Not cool.

Jimin has new task for his bestie! In Jungkook’s team it wouldn’t work so smoothly, that’s for sure, thinks Jimin as he makes Tae search for a sauce recipe online.

Once again, guess who’s totally NOT having a blast as Jimin calls for TaeTae 64851. time? Jungkook and his tongue. (I checked if he wasn’t like tasting something beforehand, but no :D It was straight-up just “mouth thing”.)

Jimin continues with keeping an hypothetical eye on Tae, who’s working on the sauce (and squirrel) right now. 

After Jimin notices the squirrel he laughs wholeheartedly: everything’s so funny with Taehyung! He’s so glad Jungkook did not chose him. Also Taehyung is so creative!!!
Another mission for BFF emerges: Please, Tae, give me a plate! Shortly after Jimin praises Taehyung: such a talented young man who found him a plate. (That wouldn’t happen in JK’s team. Just no.)

As Jimin and Taehyung do their cooking/washing magic in the back and having fun time, just few meters to the right is someone, who contemplates his life and decisions.

He knows it now. He freaking knows he should’ve pick his hyungboyfriend first, but he didn’t want to be obvious and everything! Now Jimin is having so much fun with Tae :( What has he done? 

Thankfully, this crisis is over when Jungkook makes Jimin laugh with his potatoes. Jimin is so amused he decides to forgive Jungkook for not choosing him first immediately. And since Jimin laughs so hard, Jungkook doesn’t hesitate and makes new silly faces and weird plate-movements. And it works.

Well, thanksgod it worked. After a while they all taste the food and Jimin munches happily on the meal Jungkook cooked, all grudges forgotten. At least at his side. Jungkook will never forget this day and he knows for sure he’s never going to pick someone else before Jimin.

The End.

omg guys what if by the end of TF5 they find out where the last knight is and they go to a hilltop where they see a lone hooded figure who dramatically turns to look at them as the background music swells and it’s….shia lebouf

not sam witwicky played by shia lebeouf

just shia lebouf as himself, with a beard and everything

Boundaries, Part 11

Steve Rogers x Plus Size!Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes

A/N: I’m starting to plant little seeds.


Summary: You just finished a two year long photojournalist stint overseas and decide to take a break from traveling. So you head back to your home town and lucky enough, your childhood friend Sam Wilson has a few rooms to rent out. So you head back to California and are met with a surprise, a very handsome surprise.

His name is Steve Rogers and he’s a shy guy from Brooklyn, New York. Dragged across the country by his best friend, Bucky Barnes - he hopes to start a new life after a pretty bad break up with his long time girlfriend, Sharon Carter.

Can the of four of maneuver the art of living together? Or will boundaries be crossed?

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John McCain could have saved all this drama by calmly voting “NO” three days ago. Instead he dragged it out, leading to a dramatic and hugely shocking moment that stunned everyone.

OK, as someone who has seen too many cheesy Hollywood movies to count, I can tell you: This man has *definitely* seen too many cheesy Hollywood movies.

I’m half-surprised he didn’t ask CSPAN to play uplifting orchestral music in the background as he walked up to the desk and put his thumb down.  

Like, he did the right thing. But this was just silly.     

Maz giving Finn the lightsaber is noticeable for many reasons, not least of which because it happens twice and for all the Arthurian parallels surrounding the scenes.

The first time takes place just after the destruction of the Hosnia system which is what makes Finn return to Han (and implicitly to the fight against the Dark Side). At this point none of them knows that they’re about to be attacked themselves by the First Order, not even Maz.

Despite this she immediately upon Finn’s return  takes him, Han and Chewie into the cellar where she keeps the lightsaber. When she takes it out of the chest Han recognizes it and asks where she got it, she brushes him off and focuses on Finn.

Why Finn? Last she saw him Finn made it clear that he was leaving. Hosnia’s destruction marked a tentative return, but so far it is tentative. And wouldn’t Han a man who might not be a paragon, but someone she’s know for years, make more sense?

Her words as she passes it are ambiguous. “Take it. Find your friend.” And do what exactly? Give it to her? Use it to protect her? What? Recall, no one but Maz and Rey herself knows that Rey can use the Force at this point. In fact Finn is never told this in TFA.

In assorted other things the fact that Han’s attention shifts off Maz and onto Finn the moment she tells him to take it, but before she stops talking is interesting. His intent gaze on Finn as he makes the choice to take the weapon is mirrored in the second “giving” by Maz.

Maz too is looking rather expectantly as Finn reaches out and takes the lightsaber from her. The music that has so far been playing softly in the background swells dramatically the moment Finn’s hand touches the saber and mixes with the diegetic sound of an approaching TIE fighter as Finn raises the lightsaber as a young Arthur might Excalibur. The scene ends in a dramatic boom as the castle is struck just as we see Finn look at the saber with a serious face.

It is noticeable that Finn is so entranced by the lightsaber that he doesn’t seem to hear the incoming TIE. Not long before at Niima Outpost he jumped at the first sound of it, but here he’s oblivious to the noise.

Now before I go on to the second “giving” I’m going to make a small detour around Arthurian myth.

Much have been made of the Arthurian parallels in TFA. Kylo Ren as a Mordred like figure. Luke as either a Merlin or a fallen Arthur himself and of course Rey pulling the Skywalker lightsaber out of the metaphorical stone. But the Arthurian parallels have been ignored where Finn is concerned, especially when it comes to the giving of the lightsaber/Excalibur, because in Arthurian myths there are two kinds of givings of that sword. One is Arthur pulling it out of the stone which declares himself the true king of Britain, in the other it is given to him by The Lady of the Lake.

In both versions Arthur starts out as a youth of unknown parentage grown up fostered by strangers, just as Finn is. In the second versions Arthur runs into Merlin, often portrayed as an older, wiser man. Depending on the version Arthur either asks Merlin for help or about his future, in either case Merlin takes him to The Lady of the Lake.

The Lady depending on the version of the tale is either a powerful magical being or a High Priestess of Avalon. She proceeds to ask the young Arthur several question and put him through a test which he fails, but she sees that though he is not perfect he has a good heart and a true spirit. Realizing this she bequeath him Excalibur, the sword of the true king and the mark of a hero.

Maz is in a quite literal sense The Lady of the Lake. She a powerful alien, strong in the Force who has made her home on a lake.

Her initial interactions with Finn runs parallel with The Lady’s testing of Arthur, complete with Finn “failing the test” by choosing to leave. But in deciding to return to the fight Finn proves to The Lady of the Lake that he’s heart and spirit is true and so she gives him Excalibur (the Skywalker lightsaber) to wield.

That she means for him to wield it and not just as a caretaker becomes clear in the second “giving”.

When they exit the now ruined castle the dark forces are upon them and battle is joined. Maz once more tells Finn to go find his friends.

This time Finn has no intention of leaving proving him once more worthy of Excalibur and this time Maz’s words are unambiguous, she intends, and always intended, for him to be a wielder of the blade, not just a carrier.

As Finn again lifts the Skywalker lightsaber and this time ignites it, Maz look on with great expectancy clearly meant to mirror the audience. Will “Excalibur” accept Finn as its wielder? And will Finn accept the lightsaber as his?

At first we see doubt on Finn’s face, it’s an unfamiliar weapon and a Jedi’s weapon to boot. How can he wield this? But Maz believes he can and Finn is nothing if not up for whatever challenge life throws at him so he ignites it. The blade flashes to life in his hand, accepting him as a worthy wielder, and the moment it does Finn’s decision is also made. He may not be a Jedi (yet), but the sword is his.

tl;dr. There is a lot of Arthurian coding around Han (Merlin) bringing Finn (a young Arthur) to Maz (The Lady of the Lake), Maz testing him and in finding that he has a good and pure heart gives him the Skywalker lightsaber (Excalibur). The sword allowing itself to be ignited (drawn from the sheath) confirms Finn’s worthiness as its wielder.

anonymous asked:

HC for what type of music Shinsou, Deku, Bakugou , Iida and Kirishima likes?

Bakugou Katsuki: Screamo. There’s no hidden surprises with Bakugou’s musical taste, he’s not secretly into pop, because this is a man who tells the bacteria in his mouth to die when he’s brushing his teeth. He’s intense at all times even when listening to music, and his mother wonders if screamo influenced the way her son now talks. 

Iida Tenya: Classical music, and old time rock and roll. He was raised on peaceful classical music because his parents heard it helps with brain development, and now he can’t study without it on in the background. But when he wants to relax or feel better, he listens to a few rock songs that his brother used to listen to religiously when he was young.

Kirishima Eijirou: Rock/Metal. He refers to these as the manliest music genres out there, admiring man of the lead singers because of their cool guy personas. He always finds himself jamming out to a new song in class and he even wants to learn how to play guitar, asking Jirou if she’d be willing to teach him after class. 

Midoriya Izuku: Cute girl bands and movie/game sound tracks. He likes the aesthetic and upbeat lyrics of girl bands, though he doesn’t admit it in fear of being teased. He also likes to listen to soundtracks, specifically dramatic ones, because he feels like they make him even more heroic when he practices his moves with it playing in the background. 

Shinsou Hitoshi: Indie bands. There’s something about their music that draws him in, and he can’t generally stand the drivel of popular music. He likes hearing songs that refer to personal things the singer went through because it makes him feel less alone; if this person found success in hard times, maybe he could too. 

Things that Hermes is Officially Not Allowed to Do at Meetings, a By No Means Comprehensive List Assembled Over the Course of Several Months - by Athena

1. Refer to the collective members of the Olympian Council as Zeus and the Zeuettes.
2. Attempt to chime in to discussions by quoting the battle speech from Braveheart.
3. …Or any other, completely unrelated scenes from Braveheart.
4. Underscore anyone’s speeches by shouting “Amen!”, “Can I get a witness?”, or “Cowabunga!”
5. Underscore anyone’s speeches by waving one of those giant foam fingers from sporting events.
6. Underscore anyone’s speeches by playing dramatic music in the background.
7. Okay, who the hell gave Hermes a kazoo?
8. Giggle every time someone uses the word “duty.”  Seriously, are you five?
9. Make a series of straight-faced, somber-sounding comments designed to include the word “duty” as many times as possible.
9a. [Amended, after the giggling proves contagious.] Okay, now nobody is allowed to say “duty”, are you happy?
9b. I wasn’t laughing, I was coughing, and anyway, that’s not – look, can we move on?
10. Anything involving sock puppets, for any reason.
11. For the purposes of 10, “sock puppets” also includes puppets not made of socks.
12. Okay, who the hell gave Hermes his kazoo back?

  • Friend A: I thought there was only one Robin.
  • Me: *drops my drink in shock, glass shatters in slow motion*
  • *batman theme starts playing in the background*
  • Friend B(who has known me longer): Oh boy you've done it now
  • Friend A: Done what? Where is that music coming from?
  • Me: *reaches into the black hole of my purse and whips out a diagram showing the history of every Robin ever, complete with pictures, and a pointer stick*
  • Alright kids school is session
Hercules ! Hercules ! Hercules !

ask : OMG can I request an imagine where reader is falling in love with Leo but she doesn’t want to admit it so she basically bursts out into song with I won’t say (I’m in love) from Hercules but in the end she sees Leo and goes “screw it”

fucking hell, this was fueled purely on my two am insomnia ass coming up with the perfect way to write it, then ash yelling at me for staying up so late because apparently i ‘need sleep’.

anywho, i really fucking like how this turned out ?? shoutout my boy walt disney for probably being dead when Hercules came out but ya know, that movie is my shit.

/ my fave characters were the Muses, them some bad bitches y'all /

Your heart raced, rapidly, in a way you didn’t know it could. Hands sweaty, you mindlessly wiped them off on your shorts, before dragging a hand nervously through your (h/c) locks, messing them up. Piper’s hand reached over, grasping your wrist in the grip of her nimble fingers. “Are you okay?” Her words rushed over you like a cold current, pulling you back to reality.

You ripped your gaze away from the boy that you refused to admit you adored. Faking a cough, you nodded, smiling at your best friend. “Duh. If I wasn’t, I would’ve told you, McLean.” Piper arched her eyebrow, but decided to ignore it, as she led you through the crowd surrounding the campfire, watching Leo start it. Taking your usual seats, Piper stirred up a conversation with Jason, who she hasn’t seen all day, leaving you to admire the son of Hephaestus with wandering eyes.

You’d never love that asshole. He’s a jerk, always flirting with any girl he thinks is pretty, playing pranks with the Stolls, and teasing almost everyone. Never would the words 'love’ and 'Leo’ leave your lips in the same sentence. So why did your heart feel like it wanted to leap out of your chest every time you saw the kid? Your breaths shorten, and your thoughts become blurry.

You didn’t realize you spaced out. “Looking at something interesting?” Leo asked, patting your knee before sitting beside you. Furrowing your eyebrows, you stared at the fire, clenching your fists and pinning them to your knees.

“Fire’s pretty interesting.” You muttered half-heartedly, leaning forward, resting your chin in the palm of your hand. Leo watched you silently with a curious eye, never really noticing if you actually liked him as a person or not. He’s noticed that you’ve acted distant around him, especially lately, when before the four of you were the closest, best friends not too long ago.

Leo forced himself to look away from you, to ignore how the light from the fire flickered, creating shadows that danced to a silent melody across your face. “I guess it is.” Leo muttered, his elbows resting on his knees, as he watched the fire as well. A cold sweat settled on the back of your neck, and you wiped your hands on your shorts once more, attempting to ignore how close Leo was, and how his breaths were in sync with yours, and how his hands were dangerously close to your thighs.

A soft sigh escaped your lips, as you closed your eyes, leaning back onto your hands. Opening your eyes, you stared at the endlessly starred sky, watching a few clouds pass by. Leo stole a few glances your way, confused on how you were acting. He definitely didn’t want you, out of all people, to hate him. Heart racing at unhealthy speeds, you forced yourself up, brushing off your shorts. “I’m just gonna, take a walk.” You said response to Leo, Piper, and Jason looking at you curiously.

Pushing yourself to leave, you snuck out of the campfire, making your way quickly towards the forest, escaping the feelings you didn’t necessarily wanted to admit you had in the first place. Groaning, you tugged slightly at your roots, a sigh escaping your lips once more.

Smiling slightly, a childhood memory flooded your thoughts. When movie night happened, Chiron would play, ironically, Disney’s Hercules, knowing that it didn’t show how the god of strength was at all. You knew it was fake, but you liked it. Especially Meg, his love interest.

“If there’s a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I’ve already won that.” You started singing, remembering the song you heavily relate to now. Alone, and in the middle of the woods, you technically were allowed to be as dramatic as you possibly pleased. “No man is worth the aggravation. That’s ancient history, been there, done that.”

You thought you yourself, silently, pacing around as the background vocals played effortlessly in your head. Leo? Leo Valdez? You gritted your teeth, annoyed at yourself. Your last boyfriend was a flirt, someone who ended up cheating on you. You didn’t want to throw that title on Leo, but better safe then sorry, right?

“No chance, no way, I won’t say it no, no. It’s too, cliche, I won’t say I’m in love.” You sang again, twirling around and swaying around to the music in your head. The serious thoughts pooled in the bottom of your brain. Were you actually, in love with Leo? Could a relationship, possibly sprout from you- You growled slightly, spinning in place. “I thought my heart had learned it’s lesson, it feels so good when you start out.” You sang loudly, snorting in amusement at your own innuendo. 'I’m lame.’ You thought simply, but continued to sing loudly, your throats becoming sore. “My head is screaming 'Get a grip girl, unless you’re dying to cry your heart out.’” You belted the lyrics out, climbing atop a rock, and spreading your arms out to an audience that wasn’t there.

Or so you thought.

Hiding behind a nearby tree, Leo, Piper, and Jason watched silently, all amused. Unaware of their presence, you continued to sing. “No chance, no way, I won’t say it, no no. This scene, won’t play, I won’t say I’m in love.” You strutted around the top of the rock, tugging your hands through your hair, as the raw emotion you actually felt poured out of your lips into the next lyrics.

“You’re way off base, I won’t say it. Get off my case, I won’t say it.” Closing your eyes, you faced the star ridden sky, and carrying the tune, you belted the last lyric. “At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love!” You heaved heavy breaths, letting out a spiral of different curses.

Calming down, you sat at the edge of the rock, finally coming to acceptance with your feelings. Slamming the bottom of your shoe against the rock, you sighed heavily. “I, Y/N L/N, am in love with Leo Valdez. And it scares me, and I really hate it.” You said aloud, and you heard a sharp gasp come from the woods.

Standing up quickly, you saw Piper, Jason, and Leo, emerge from the woods. “Fuck. Are you serious? You heard that?” You asked, wanting to be anywhere else but there. Leo was too stunned to answer you, and Piper nodded, a smirk spreading across her face.

“You have a good voice, Y/N.” Jason smiled at you, and you thanked the gods for sending you someone as grounded and not embarrassing like Jason Grace. Blushing slightly, you smiled.

“Thanks Jace.” You responded, and Piper winked at you, before grabbing Jason’s hand in her own.

“We’re gonna, go back to the fire.” Piper smiled, before tugging Jason away, leaving you and Leo in an awkward silence. Your heart raced, stomach holding a mosh pit for about five thousand butterflies. Refusing to face Leo, you gritted your teeth. Annoyed at yourself, you clenched your fists at your sides, looking up at Leo.

“Got anything to say, repair boy?” You clenched your jaw, mad he hasn’t said anything yet. You just confessed your love to the kid, the least you could get was rejection. But, what he did next irritated you. A smirk spread across his face. “Oh no.” You mumbled.

“You love me?” Leo asked in a teasing tone, dragging a hand through his curls. You gritted your teeth. So much for having fun being dramatic. “You, Y/N, you love me. Leo.” Leo continued to tease you, grabbing your hands in his own so you couldn’t move away.

“Yes Leo, I fucking love you, okay? Reject me if you want, I don’t give a fuck at this point, I-mmph!” Leo pressed his lips against yours, stopping your rant. A shiver ran down your spine, as you wrapped your arms around Leo’s neck, pulling him closer, pressing your chests together. Leo pulled away, a smirk on his face, dragging his thumb across your bottom lip.

“You love me.” He repeated, but this time he wasn’t teasing you. A genuine smile spread across his face, and he grasped your face in his hands, as he repeated the sentence again. “You, love me.” Leo spoke as if it finally sank into his brain.

“Yeah, loser.” You muttered, and chuckled slightly, before looking him in his eyes. “I love you.” You spoke, and Leo’s breath hitched. A dorky smile spread across his lips, and he pressed another kiss to your lips.

“I love you too.”

this is the best thing I’ve ever written thank you I’ll take three noble prizes and like, maybe an oscar for the movie adaptation, Disney can sUCK IT

(walt’s gonna fucking haunt me now ur welcome for that shitty joke)

- nez

Reunion - Rafael Barba

Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: Rafael Barba going to his high school reunion.

A pair of green eyes mindlessly watched his reflection as his hands threw a crisp and silky tie around his neck. Like routine, his hands looped the silky patterned tie around and securing it with a clean knot. He looked very sharp in his three piece suit and styled hair. He stood tall with his back straight and confidence that many envy. Yet, there was a hint of resentment in his eyes.

Rafael understood that networking was a part of working towards his future. He knew that if he wanted to climb up the ladder and be heard, he needed to attend the galas, dinner parties and a whole lot of kissing ass. He had to make the right friends. Rafael was a realist. He was a smart man, and he knew that there would be sacrifices he would have to make for his future.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a dinner party. It was his high school reunion. The only reason he was going was because he needed to speak with his old friend Alex Munoz. The last time he spoke to Alex, he told him that he was planning to work his way to running for mayor. Rafael wasn’t surprise, the man was always ambitious. Alex said his schedule has been all booked up and the only time he had was during the reunion. Rafael knew it was just an excuse to get him to attend it. Not that Alex would take no for an answer. The man always had a way of guilt tripping Rafael. So, he agreed, reluctantly, but still agreed.

As his taxi headed to the hotel, he constantly reminded himself that he was doing this because he needed to for his career. It didn’t mean he had to like it. He couldn’t help but dread the excessive bragging from adults that hadn’t mentally matured. When his taxi arrived, he took a deep breath, paid the driver and stepped out. He confidently walked through the lobby in his shiny leather brown shoes.

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Fanfiction - Fairplay (College AU)


“And the teams are out on the field, looking decided - and pretty scary if you ask me! Jamie “King of Men” Fraser leading Oxford and Tom Christie commanding the Edinburgh fellows!” The speaker roared, as the stands applauded and cheered, a jungle of whistles and shouts of incentive. “You can tell the rivalry is strong in this one - the winning team today will definitely be the front runner heading to the Championships next month!”

“Jamie looks focused.” Ian commented next to Claire, clapping as the Oxford team players were announced by the speaker. “And Christie looks like gloom and doom – I bet he isna up to anything good.”

“I’m sure our team will handle it.” Claire replied, adjusting her sunglasses – the sun was out that morning, apparently eager to pay testimony to a much anticipated rugby game. As Jamie’s name was called and he briefly waved at the crowd, screams and chanting enhanced tenfold, as if the volume switch had been turned to maximum. “Is that the new player?” She asked curious, noticing the young man sitting on the bench, his blonde hair glowing like a marigold in the sunlight.

“Aye.” Ian smiled. “John Grey was the one drafted – too bad there wasna enough time for him to become better acquainted with the team. Our current scrum half is rubbish and John seems to be a great player.”

“What a shame!” Claire agreed. Jamie and Tom approached the centre of the field to shake hands, a duel of crushing grips, their eyes locking with unspoken promises of a ruthless game.

The Edinburgh team kicked off with brutal intensity, taking the lead with an early drop goal. Tom Christie was indeed a good player, Claire had to recognize – he seemed to make the rest of his colleagues better just by interacting with them, pushing them to their limits – a lot like Jamie did.

“It seems like Fraser was just warming up!” The speaker pointed with excitement in his voice. “He is leading the team to a try – the Edinburgh boys will need to catch a ride with a motorcycle to be able to get to him!” And soon enough Jamie grounded the ball over the opponent’s goal line, awakening huge clamours from the cheering crowd.

The next few minutes were hectic, with both teams achieving scoring points – they were fairly equated, both having some weaknesses and a couple of extraordinary players. The game became rougher, with a couple of ugly tackles taking place, the nastier one inflicted by Christie on Jamie. Claire’s heart tightened when she saw him projected in the air – echoes of the game with Northumbria and his head injury racing through her mind – but he promptly got up and raised a thumb to ease the mind of the howling crowd. They reached the halftime with Edinburgh on the lead, having been awarded a penalty point after an infringement from Oxford’s scrum half.

“I canna believe we might lose this!” Ian clenched his teeth, looking thoroughly annoyed. “I canna stand the idea of Tom Christie prancing about our campus, gloating after their victory!”

“It’s not over yet.” She said in a cheerful tone, looking as Jamie talked and gesticulated with the coach. He seemed irritated with something and kept throwing evaluating looks at their scrum half and then at John Grey. “I think we might be in for a surprise.”

When the halftime was over, the substitution was made – clearly a joint decision from Jamie and the coach - and John Grey entered the field for the first time wearing Oxford’s colours, looking pale but decided.

As soon as they made the formation, Grey threw the ball into it and moved as lightening to the hindmost foot of the scrum, neatly picking up the ball and passing it - like a guided missile - to the hands of Oxford’s fly half, the captain himself, Jamie Fraser. With the proceeding game, it became quite clear that Grey was not only an outstanding player – with a knack for impossible passes and agile as a gazelle in avoiding Christie’s tackles -, but also that he and Jamie were meant to play together. They seemed to predict each other’s moves with easiness and stormed the field like dancers in a physical duet, battering the Edinburgh team’s lines and inspiring the rest of Oxford’s players. A short stretch of time was enough for them to recover from the disadvantage at the score board, sealed with a mind-blowing drop goal that made the fans go crazy.

Chanting propagated like a tribal calling in the stands, encouraging both Jamie and John, which by then had already earned the right of a nom de guerre – John “The Lord” Grey.

When the referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the game, a joyful wave of blue crashed on the grass, as Oxford’s players ran and jumped on top of Jamie and John – the solid foundation of a victorious human pyramid. Claire looked around, grinning as Ian fist bumped the air – her heart overflowing with pride, noticing the gigantic smiles all around her. Jamie was hugging an incredulous John, complimenting him on his achievements – the promise of a legendary friendship being born on a cloudless day.


“You’re late.” Claire announced, as Jamie arrived half running, his hair flaming on the light of dusk - as if the sun was setting inside him.

“I’m sorry, mo nighean donn.” He kissed her forehead in apology, as she pursued her lips and began the task of fixing the collar of his shirt. “I went for a run with John and lost track of time discussing some tactics.”

“That’s alright.” She sighed, bumping his nose. “Ian called to say he’ll be meeting us there. Is John coming too?”

“Aye.” Jamie caught her hand and entwined their fingers, as they began to walk together. It was the college’s anniversary – a big milestone, even for such an ancient institution – and a fancy party was taking place in the Main Hall, where lots of prominent students and alumnae would be gathered to celebrate. “He went to his dorm to shower and will meet us there.”

“You quite like him, don’t you?” Claire asked, caressing the back of his hand with her thumb. “You two became quite close in this last month – always training together and talking.”

“John is a kind, good-hearted, man.” Jamie agreed. “Talking to him always seems easy and uncomplicated – a lot like talking to you, actually.” He smiled, the corner of his mouth twitching. “And we’re much stronger as a team since he came on board. We might actually have a chance at the Championships.”

“Should I be jealous?” She elbowed him, playfully, in a mock pretence of grievance. “You have been spending more time with him than me, that’s for sure.”

“John Grey might be an interesting lad and a good friend.” He let go of her hand and held her by the waist, the tip of his fingers brushing the curve of her buttock, hidden under the emerald green fabric of her cocktail dress. “But he doesna have an arse like yers, Sassenach. You will always be number one in my book, especially when ye wear such a nice dress – A Dhia, I can feel ye underneath it. Do we really have to go anywhere at all?”

“Always making me feel special.” Claire replied dramatically, offering him a light peck on the lips – careful not to smudge her discrete lipstick – and then a possessive squeeze of his own hardened and well-shaped derrière. “Enough time for me to wear your shirt later.”

The vast room was already filled with people, wearing unusually elegant garments – girls with dresses of vivid colours, forming a spontaneous bouquet against the blooming light of chandeliers and sparkling glasses – luring men in their suits with promises of hidden secrets. Jazz music played in the background, setting the rhythm to conversations and filling the gaps of silence in some awkward exchanges.

Claire and Jamie smiled to a couple of acquaintances and waved to some colleagues, as they made their way into the heart of the party. They were standing close together, talking about Claire’s classes, when a male voice imposed over their conversation.

“Claire?” Frank Randall smiled at her, his brows furrowing when he glanced at Jamie from the corner of his eye. “It’s good to see you.”

“Hello, Frank.” She greeted him, turning around. “It’s nice to see you too.”

“Fraser.” Frank acknowledge Jamie with a small nod of his head, his thin lips forming a weak attempt at a pleasant smile. “Congratulations on that fantastic game with Edinburgh last month. Very well played.”

“Thank ye, Professor Randall.” Jamie gave him a relaxed smile and turned to Claire. “Mo nighean donn, I think I’ll go and say hello to Ian and John. I’ll see ye in a bit.” He kissed her cheek and squeezed her fingers in goodbye, offering her strength – reassuring her of his trust and love – and walked away, towering over the crowd.

“I was wondering…” Frank hawked, his fingers fidgeting with the glass of champagne he was holding. “If we could talk.”

“We are already talking, I daresay.” Claire pointed, accepting a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, offered by a passing waiter. “What is it, Frank?”

“Ah – yes.” He licked his lips, quickly looking around them, scanning for anyone within earshot. ““It has become my understanding that you and James Fraser are dating.” He said in a hurry, as if he was running away from his own words. “Is it serious?”

“I don’t see how that would be any of your business.” Claire replied in a dry tone, raising a brow. “We haven’t been together in a long time, Frank. But yes - everybody knows Jamie is my – very serious - boyfriend. It’s not exactly a secret.”

“I see.” He swallowed hard, avoiding her piercing amber eyes, and glancing at her silver ring. “I thought maybe it was a fleeting dalliance. I believed you fancied someone more refined – more polished.”

“Is that what you are?” Claire asked gently, anger and resentment completely absent from her words. “Because I was under the impression things didn’t work out between us – and not by any fault of mine, Frank. If only you had been happy sleeping with one student at a time, perhaps we would be together until this day.”

“I deserve that.” Frank pinched his nose with his skinny fingers. “I was terribly foolish to hurt you, Claire. You are, by far, the most singular woman I ever met.”

“I’m happy you did.” She said softly, looking intently at him. “I only met Jamie because of it – and everything that led me to him has my deepest gratitude.”

“I was under the impression you still had some…feelings for me.” He whispered in a strained voice. “You are always so charming and pleasant every time we meet and have a conversation.”

“I’m over you, Frank.” Claire affirmed, trying to infuse some kindness into the situation, but getting increasingly more uncomfortable. “That’s why I’m nice when we talk. I don’t have any repressed feelings – no secret expectations of you wanting me back. You were important to me, once – I offer you the respect that position deserves. Nothing less – nothing more.”

“I have seen how you look at him. The pride and joy in your eyes.” Frank bit his words. “Did you ever love me?”

“I did.” She whispered, softly. “But not like that – not how I love him.”

“He knows about us, doesn’t he?” He brushed his short dark hair. “And yet he left you with me. Maybe he doesn’t care all that much.”

“What we have has no room for mistrust or lies.” She smiled, distracted, her eyes already searching for Jamie amongst the crowd. “He left because he respects me. Because he trusts me – us - with all his heart.”

“I wish you happiness, Claire.” Frank finally turned away, hiding the pain in his eyes.

“Be happy too, Frank.” She tilted her head. “As I am.”


Claire searched for Jamie inside the room – spending quite some time in pushing through the animated crowd and stopping to exchange pleasantries with teachers from the medical department, some already quite inebriated. He was nowhere within sight, so Claire decided to search for him outside.

When the big oak doors caved under the pressure of her hands, she was saluted by the night’s cold breeze, the taste of oranges and jasmine on the back of her throat. It seemed like the party had extended beyond the premises of the Hall - students were scattered in the lawn in front of the building, laughing and talking in small groups.

She spotted Jamie – looking magnificent in his grey suit pants and light blue shirt - talking to John – clad in black and grey - under the shadows of a cypress. They were tall and beautiful, like legends of days long forgotten, best friends in times of peace and warriors when the occasion called for such actions. John was talking rapidly to Jamie, who seemed to be entirely amused by whatever was being said. Eventually he whispered back to John and they both laughed together.

Claire could tell the moment Jamie had spotted her – even at distance his eyes seemed to soften and the corners of his mouth were pushed on an eager smile. He patted John’s back in farewell and started to walk towards her.

For an instant she could see John Grey, left behind as Jamie made his way to her, and a shiver shot through her spine. It was like looking into a strange mirror - his eyes betrayed exactly the same desire and adoration that could be found within her own.