dramatic music plays in the background*

harry potter fandom, circa 2007
  • harrypotterfanfiction.com
  • harmony vs romione vs dramione – it was getting UGLY out there (hell, it’s STILL ugly out there)
  • constant idealization of draco and constant demonization of ron – which led to the creation of the “draco in leather pants” and “ron the death eater” tropes. (you still see this, of course, but i think we’re getting better)
  • my immortal dramatic readings EVERYWHERE
  • my immortal still being on fanfiction.net
  • actual fanart of my immortal
  • soooo many youtube music videos for the creator’s otp
  • “harry potter chatroom” videos on youtube where the premise was that each character had a laptop and was in an online chatroom for some reason. usually each character got their own music that played in the background while they “typed,” and they all looked like this:
  • i wish i was kidding
  • i may have been obsessed with these when i was nine
  • so many fanvids of draco with “untitled” by simple plan (aka “how could this happen to meeeeeeeeeeeee i made my mistaaaaaaaakes”)
  • fanfics where voldemort had a daughter (and it was ALWAYS a daughter. pre-cursed child, mind you.)
  • people actually liking snape
  • pretty blatantly ignoring the fact that electricity doesn’t work at hogwarts in fanfictions
  • drapple (draco + green apples. not joking.)
  • that fanfic that was a lemon of the giant squid and the hogwarts castle… i can’t be the only one that read it out of sheer morbid curiosity 
  • jily fanfics that gave lily two OC friends that would be paired off with sirius and remus
  • no muggleborn slytherins, ever
  • fanmade potter puppet pal videos – some of them were quite good, but most weren’t
  • bashing viktor krum, cho chang, lavender brown, fleur delacour, and the entire weasley family for no reason
  • fics where people “switched houses”
  • people actually shipping snily
  • you could always tell the author’s opinion of draco malfoy based on whether they called him “malfoy” or “draco” in their narration
  • fanvids of “you belong with me” for every ship imaginable 
  • the trio ALWAYS being white in fanart
  • fics where hermione randomly got hot over the summer
  • sorting yourself into slytherin to be “edgy”
  • or because you had a crush on tom felton
  • or both
  • pairing hermione with literally every male character. ron, harry, draco, cedric, fred and george (sometimes both at once), lucius, snape, voldemort, neville, dean, seamus… if they interacted in canon (or even if they didn’t), they were shipped
  • “transfer student” OCs to explain why they haven’t been there for the past five years
  • not many same-gender pairings apart from wolfstar and drarry
  • harmony fanfics making ginny an “evil bitchy slut” and ron a drunken rapist so harry and hermione can find comfort in each other’s arms
  • people placing literal bets with actual money on who would die in the last book
  • which led to a bit of an issue for people who had bet on harry, as no one was sure whether or not it actually counted since he didn’t stay dead
  • my immortal predicting that harry would turn out to be a horcrux
  • people flipping the fuck out when their otps got sunk in the epilogue and swearing off the series forever
  • everyone having a crush on oliver wood (to be fair this one is completely understandable)
  • school play fanfics, usually with the purpose of getting their otp to kiss on stage (i am 1000% convinced jk rowling had “tales of beedle the bard” mention that theatrical productions are banned at hogwarts specifically to get people to knock it off)
  • “american exchange student” OCs
  • a girl ends up in harry’s (or draco’s) dorm for some reason – either bc she’s pulling a mulan or because of a mistake no one bothered to fix
  • lots of fanfics of the otp banging bc “i don’t want to die a virgin”
  • “101 ways to annoy lord voldemort” lists
  • calling voldemort “moldyshorts”
  • fanfics of the characters somehow reading the harry potter books and reacting to them (these were all taken down bc of copyright)
  • leaving peter out of marauders fanart and fanfic (i understand the urge but come on he was a marauder it’s what made his betrayal so tragic)
  • fred/george fanfic (my eyes, they bleed)
  • fred and george (but mostly fred) being the school heartthrobs
  • think of any two characters. any two. there is a fanfiction somewhere that ships them. (this is still true, of course – in a fandom this massive, it’s inevitable)
  • if you spoiled THAT DEATH from the sixth book, and someone murdered you for it, it was your fault
  • same with THAT DEATH from the fifth book. and a certain few THOSE DEATHS from the seventh.
  • cedric dying was old news within like a month though.
  • the divide between people who had gotten into the series late (or, sometimes, because of the movies) and people who had been there since (almost) the beginning
  • people refusing to go online until they’d finished reading the seventh book for fear of spoilers (i am SO glad i didn’t have tumblr back then)
  • people actually saying they wanted to join the death eaters
  • every character was either good or evil. no in between as far as the fandom was concerned.
  • everyone’s icon looking like this for some reason

  • dramione fanfics where he calls her mudblood AFTER THEY START DATING??? AND SHE PUTS UP WITH IT????
  • dramione fics where hermione heals him with her love
  • making ginny out to be the school bicycle and basically burning her at the stake for going on dates
  • fics where the head boy and girl get their own separate room??? for some reason???
  • VAMPIRE AUS (usually harry and/or draco)
  • dumbledore either being 100% heroic or satan
  • hermione’s parents always being named “dan and emma”
  • fics where hermione turns out to be adopted and a pureblood all along!
  • harry switching to the dark side for some reason??
  • basically
  • the harry potter fandom has ALWAYS been wild
  • it’s the same shit as always, the details are just different
RIP To My Youth pt. 2

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: It’s the next day and despite the nerves, Y/N is ready to show off her new look to everyone at school. How will they react? With the Vixens tryouts right around the corner and unwelcomed run-ins with Jughead, support from other members of the scooby gang will be needed.

Warnings: Just a few swears it’s all good. 

Word Count: 4343 (Yeah I know it’s pretty long so yano, make yourself a cup of tea, sit down, get comfy and give it a read)

You know in those cliché teen movies where the protagonist walks through the halls of their high school and it’s all in slow motion with some kind of empowering music playing in the background and it’s just completely over dramatic? 

Well, that’s pretty much exactly what I felt like walking into school today, whether that was a good thing or not was an entirely different issue. I was turning heads, to say the least; I put so much effort into my appearance today that I kinda felt like if I didn’t achieve this response I would have completely failed. I tried my best to keep up a confident demeanour, and to my surprise, I was holding up rather well. I think that little pep talk I had with myself in the mirror this morning might have actually worked, hell yes.  

 My burgundy dress clung to my body as I glided down the hallway, ignoring the stares I was receiving a little further up I could see Archie, Ronnie and Kevin in a group by their lockers, they were deep in conversation and hadn’t spotted me yet. Unfortunately for me, in order to get to them, I was going to have to walk past the vast majority of the football team, who were all laughing about something in a group by their lockers.

 My heart sped up and I could feel my pulse quicken, I prayed they wouldn’t say anything as my usual encounters with them usually involved them teasing me in some petty juvenile way. 

As I passed them I held my breath and to my dismay but also surprisingly I was met with a symphony of cat calls, without thinking I turned my head to look at them, I made direct eye contact with the big man on campus himself Reggie Mantle, he just looked at me arms folded leaning against his locker and smirked. I was surprised because usually, he’d call me a freak or something uncreative like Wednesday Adams which Jughead and I had both been called numerous times throughout our years here.  I rolled my eyes rising above it and quickly made my way over to the three familiar faces by the lockers.

 “OH MY GOD” Veronica nearly yelled as she eyed me up and down when I stood next to her, “oh my god is right, YES why didn’t you tell us you were going all extreme makeover, that dress and your hair is literally giving me life right now” Kevin said with a look of amazement in his eyes. “Well, I thought I needed a little change,” I said laughing at the look on their faces. “You look amazing Y/N, I can’t get over this” Ronnie continued, she proceeded to literally poke me in the face, I looked at her as if to say ‘what the hell are you doing’, “sorry I just had to make sure this was real” a big smile was now painted across her face. “I think you broke Archie” Kevin motioned to the red headed boy whose mouth was wide open. Kevin’s words immediately brought Archie out of whatever strange trance he was in “H-hey Y/N, sorry it’s just really weird seeing you look so, so” Archie started “So hot!” Veronica finished. This made all of us laugh in unison.

“I was actually wondering if you two would come shopping with me this weekend, If I’m going to keep up this look I’m gonna need help from the experts” I motioned towards Kevin and Ronnie. “Of course! We will be your fashion fairy godparents, ready to give you all the style advice and direction you need” Veronica said looking at Kevin who nodded in approval of her statement.  

“Thank you guys so much” I breathed a sigh of relief, “Sorry Arch, I’d ask you too but I don’t think girly shopping trips are really your forte” I said looking at Archie.

 “Don’t worry no offence taken you’re right, but maybe I can meet you guys at Pop’s afterwards?” Archie replied. “But of course Archiekins, after a day of retail therapy Pop’s milkshakes are the only way to regain one’s strength” Veronica answered.

 “Oh my god I completely forgot to mention, Cheryl’s having a party at her house this Saturday too, apparently her parents are heading out of town to meet with a private investigator and she’s throwing a party to celebrate her mother giving her back the River Vixens and the new recruit she’s picking after school, so naturally I got the whole gang invited, Veronica Lodge does not disappoint” Ronnie said clapping her hands and grinning, this was met with the rest of us grinning excitedly and thanking her.

 However all I could now think of was that damn audition today, I’d almost forgotten about it, this news of a party being thrown practically in honour of the new recruit was enough to turn the butterflies in my stomach into grenades. The bell signalling the start of first period cut off this thought and brought me right back into reality. “Oh god, we’d better get going, see you guys in the student lounge at lunch break?” Kevin asked, we all agreed to meet there and went our separate ways.

 What class did I have first today? Shit, it was English. My stomach dropped and the grenades started exploding in a far fiercer manor. Jughead was in this class, what the hell was I going to do. Taking a deep breath I started walking rather slowly, in some last ditch effort to delay what was to come; however, in the back of my mind, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to escape the inevitable.  

 By the time I reached my class everyone was already inside and the teacher had begun talking, great if I wasn’t nervous enough to see Jughead I’d have to do the awkward “dash to my seat/ apologise for being late” stunt.

 I took a deep breath and quickly opened the door to the classroom, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Walking in I looked at the teacher who had a surprised look on her face, “ah sorry I’m late Mrs Jackson” I said, before I could scan the room for a seat, the teacher quickly added “oh I didn’t know we were getting a new student today, why isn’t there an office aid with you?”

 What the fuck, did she really think I was a new student; honestly I didn’t think I looked THAT different. Then again she was pretty damn old, needless to say, I was still rather embarrassed. I heard some muffled laughs coming from the students already seated, ignoring them I looked at my teacher, in hope of her getting a better look at my face “Uh Mrs Jackson, it’s Y/N Y/L/N, I’ve been in this class all year” I said trying to sound as polite as possible, the muffled laughter continued “oh so It is! I’m so sorry dear you look quite different today, please take a seat and try not to be late next time” I gave her a flat smile and turned to scan the room.

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Is it wrong that I’m already thinking how magnificent a First Lady Kim Kardashian could be?

And y’all know E! would get, like, 7 more seasons out of that stuff.

“Kanye, you’re POTUS. I know you have to sort out the middle east and terrorism and healthcare, but you never spend any time with me anymore!”

*she cries in a suitably dramatic manner while sad, cheesy music plays in the background and Kris tries to comfort her*

if this really ended up being a queerbait and the world is pudding etc etc i’d go to mark’s house and do a dramatic reading of A strage meeting from The blog of Dr. John H. Watson with heavy emphasism on parts like “strangely likeable" and “charming”. after that i’d eat a print of the blog post and i’d ask him, as i was chewing and maintaining eye contact, to say that this isn’t gay.

No but really, i love the way bioware’s whole “we gave them human faces so the audience could empathize with them more easily” backfired so massively for 1 and only 1 reason.

Archon, the big baddy of the game, the main antagonist of the story. Has the Kett equivalent of “Baby Face”. I cannot take any scene they are in serious. It’s just too fucking hilariously adorable. Especially in a scene full of Kett not saying a single word, while super ominous music plays in the background (and i mean SUPER ominous, like, Darth Vader dramatic entrance ominous). It’s too comical, it’s supposed to be a tense plot moment but everyone is just going “AWWWWWWWWW i made the cutie patootie sad! D:”

GG BioWare. GG

tinseltina-deactivated20150906  asked:

question at kuroo's wedding will bokuto be singing Mr C's Cha Cha slide during the reception? because i can't get that image out of my head


I’m already prepared to call K-2SO one of the greatest Star Wars characters ever, though.

Dear God, it’s like they took C3P0 and injected him with robot steroids and Larry David’s socially awkward genius. 

“I will stand by you, Jyn!”

*suitably dramatic pause as empowering, heroic music plays in the background*

“Eh, Cassian said I had to.”

  • Friend A: I thought there was only one Robin.
  • Me: *drops my drink in shock, glass shatters in slow motion*
  • *batman theme starts playing in the background*
  • Friend B(who has known me longer): Oh boy you've done it now
  • Friend A: Done what? Where is that music coming from?
  • Me: *reaches into the black whole of my purse and whips out a diagram showing the history of every Robin ever, complete with pictures, and a pointer stick*
  • Alright kids school is session
don't count your owls - norio - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

     don’t count your owls  

Author: norio                    
Relationship:   Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Akaashi KeijiBokuto Koutarou                                            Additional Tags:    Alternate Universe - Hogwarts
Bokuto gets stuck as an owl and Akaashi gets stuck with Bokuto.


So i spent the whole day reading Haikyuu-fanfics while listening to epic/emotional/orchestral music. Then, i found this wonderful Hogwarts AU Akaashi/Bokuto fanfic and after some time that  BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM SOUNDTRACK   started playing in the background. I didn’t even notice, at first.
But when Akaashi faced a few Dementors and was about to get killed the music started getting louder and louder which made everything incredibly dramatic and then THE CHOIR GOT TO ITS CLIMAX  - AT THIS POINT I STARTED SHAKING HOLY COW that shit gave me the hardest goosebumps of my life. Even the Jazz-themed part after that FITS PERFECTLY INTO THE WHOLE SITUATION. I’m literally crying right now.

I really need some fanart to this fanfiction
or  more   owl!Bokuto turning into human  /  human!Bokuto with wings  fanart  in general, please Q_Q

I even tried to draw something matching to that one amazing part of the vocals getting louder. (00:52) It’s just a quick drawing of him spiking because it was too hard for me to actually draw Bokuto turning into a human again and using the Patronus charm.    RIP ._.

xsabrinalynn  asked:

concept: harrison as a vlogger

harrison would be the kind of vlogger to upload light-hearted videos like “day at the beach with the boys!!” and it would be him/tom/and jacob playing at the beach with happy music in the background, or “walk with monty!!” and at the end of the video he would recommend dog food brands.

meanwhile if tom were a vlogger he would upload those dramatic clickbait vlogs like “I ALMOST DIED?????” when in reality he broke his nail boxing, or “FRIENDSHIPS ENDING????” and the whole time he would talk about how mean jacob and harrison are to him, and each video he would be shirtless and flexing

Bruh I just had the craziest Yuuri!!! On Ice dream and I am Shook. Alright, okay, let me try and remember this because you all are going to love it.

The dream starts out with me watching trailers at the movie theater and then I hear Stammi Vicino start to play over the speakers. Opens up with Victor and Yuuri either dancing to the routine or ice skating (it was vague as dreams tend to be). All I know is that they were doing one of them around the Russian Palace in the time frame of when one of the Tsar’s ruled. (Think Anastasia time frame.)

So music is playing in the background and we see the two strike a dramatic pose during their routine before we scene switch to show a flash of fire and people panicking as the castle is under attack (again think Anastasia) and then another switch of the ending routine before we see Yuuri losing his ring. Another scene switch to a shot of Yuuri’s ring dramatically falling down the steps as the fires and panic continue. 

Skip to a shot of Yuuri running to try and get his ring back before giving up and then panicking crowds separating Yuuri and Victor and the two trying to reach for each other. They can’t reach and we can hear them call each other’s name as the music swells. 

The music starts to slow to something softer and we see a scene of the castle now empty and abandoned, Yuri Plisetsky walking through the worn halls and looking around curiously. His foot almost steps on the ring that is old and coated in dust, the teen looking curious as he stops and looks down.

We see a title card of black (I think anyways) and then hear a woman voice over and her speaking in Japanese and I think the words were along something of ‘Love can transcend anything - war, death, and even time’. Something cheesy like that.

Cut to seeing Yuri’s face as he holds up the ring which glints in weak sunbeams. At this point the music is near faded as we hear a voice off screen of Yuuri saying ‘Victor?’

Cut to Stammi Vicino now playing music box notes as a title card shows ‘Yuri!!! On Ice OVA’ and then fades to an icy pond with a golden ring sitting at the bottom, words flashing over the bottom that says ‘Coming This Fall’.

If you don’t think I’m either going to make this fucking video or write this fucking story then you are wrONG. 

Hogwarts houses + miraculous cliches
  • <p> <b>Hufflepuff :</b> You can do it, Marinette. Just speak to Adrien, I'll be there for you! I'm your bff, right?<p/><b>Gryffindor :</b> Hey you who's been akumatized, what about a fight with this cute little kitty? *pointing at himself*<p/><b>Ravenclaw :</b> LUCKY CHARM! 🐞 Well wtf is this shit hmm well let's see *beep beep with polka dot patterns on things you'll use* I think I can handle this<p/><b>Slytherin :</b> *dramatic background music playing* hmm a boy desperate for love, seeking for attention from his crush.. what a PERFECT combination<p/></p>