dramatic moment indeed

Forgive the Raw

He slinks but not in the way of the hidden creatures you may think
How many times have you heard of the egocentric
The impulsive
Blathering on even after is said
“I heard you,
Yes, I agree
yes, yes,
I taste it, I smell it, I feel it”
Although he laughed,
There is no stopping him
I’ve shown anger, at times,
But he’ll keep going
At the next dramatic moment- so so many indeed
I’ve laughed it off as a joke
Or been so direct he could barely stand it
This man has no boundaries, I can see
So clearly
But he is the man who raised me
And I have no apologies for him
Nor I
I mostly live in silence
A neutral way that sees without judgement, for the most part
It’s how I came to be, after some revelation
I’d hope everyone gets to meet
It’s only after patterns of hurt that I flee
There are so many many ways to be

Where are you, such forgiving soul