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Okay but Holster said he would 'wolf a teamster sub' for Ransom? I've never watched 30 Rock what does that mean?!?

hahahaha so basically in 30 rock there are these subs that are like…the best sandwiches of all time and there’s a whole episode with one of the plots dedicated to liz lemon (the main character) getting to eat one cause her co-workers ate hers and she’s been looking forward to it all year so she’s gotta have one. EVENTUALLY she gets one but in the same ep she’s ALSO trying to like meet up with her ex-boyfriend and like resolve their kinda messy break up and at the end of the ep she has to run thru an airport to make up before he catches his flight and obvs they don’t let you take food thru security so there’s this Dramatic Moment where liz has to choose between meeting up with her ex boyfriend or eating her sandwich and she can’t so she ends up shoving like the whole sandwich in her mouth (instead of savoring it the way she wants to) while screaming “I CAN DO IT!! I CAN HAVE IT ALL!!” (it’s iconic) and then she meets up with him and they apologize and he’s like “so are we friends now?” and she says “yeah […] i wolfed my teamsters sub for you!” and they leave as friends so that was really long and convoluted but BASICALLY TL;DR… it means that you would like waste something u really, really love for the other person

if you’re interested in watching it it’s season 2 episode 14: “sandwich day” …the whole series is on netflix!

I would just like to point out that Jasper has already earned at least three Pearl Points

Punctuality - if you consider it punctual to show up at THE DRAMATIC MOMENT.  Look, at least she’s started showing up; sometimes you have to reward behaviour that’s just sort of getting close to what you want just to get the ball rolling.

Perseverance - despite getting punch-dumped into Canada by Lapis she has regrouped and come up with a new plan (the fact that her plan is utterly weird and got her beaten up by two kids in a beautiful trenchcoat while losing a dog does not negate the perseverance)

Positivity - “Jaspers keep going until we get what we want.”


AOS ALPHABET D is for Dramatically Jumping out of Planes
 Your first jump?  Second. First was with Coulson and Lola. It’s a car. It flies. 
…yeah this is my first.

What if Keith’s hair gets chopped off during a mission gone wrong. Like, maybe he almost gets sniped by a Galra soldier but he moved at the last second, and his hair gets shot off by the laser blast. Maybe something explodes too close to him and his hair gets burned off on the ends. Maybe his hair gets caught on something and he has to use his knife to cut himself free. Whatever happens, it’s this huge dramatic moment, because he’s cutting off his hair. That’s like Keith’s identifying feature.

But you know what would make this even better? If Lance is the one who gets all upset while Keith couldn’t care less. Lance claims it’s because now he has less to tease Keith about, but he’s secretly devastated because he loved Keith’s hair and he fantasized about running his fingers through it. Everyone sees straight through him though. Everyone except for Keith, naturally.

I just want Lance mourning over Keith’s hair while Keith honestly does not give a shit and is completely oblivious to Lance’s freak out

  • the climax of amethyst and steven’s self esteem issues and the acknowledgement of their strong relationship because of it… hands down one of the sweetest things in the entire series. what steven says to amethyst hit me really deep as someone who grew up feeling really worthless
  • i expected jasper to corrupt but i did not expect the line about pink diamond
  • in that one line they manage to explain jasper’s entire motivation and it worked
  • smoky quartz has such a great design and personality I love them… I’ve talked before about asymmetry in character design and how it’s used a lot w/ amethyst and i really adore how lopsided smoky looks. the yoyo-as-a-weapon was fantastic 
  • sardonyx and smoky would love each other a whole bunch ok
  • the continuous joke with peridot trying to move the metal and failing being turned into a very dramatic moment as she skewers the corrupted jasper was great plotting
  • amethyst’s “c’mere sis” was just such a great moment of empathy from her
A dramatic character moment in Metal Gear Survive

“I can’t believe we managed to avoid those metal warzombies that we’re probably going to explain shittily. Its times like these that you really get perspective on what’s important in life, Janet Stronglady.”

“Oh…I love you so much Richard Genericprotagonist”

“My name isn’t actually Genericprotagonist, I was born Richard……..Snake!”