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I’m gonna agree with the dolly debate club here. The Tree Change dolls are kinda gross in the message they send. There is nothing wrong with wearing bold/tight/revealing clothing, high heels, and/or heavy or dramatic makeup.

Saying that dolls would look “better” with flat feet, practical clothes, and no makeup is painting femininity as inherently negative. And that’s pretty damn sexist.

The reason MH dolls are popular in the first place is because they’re bold and stylish. I can guarantee that if MH dolls looked like these “made under” ones, they wouldn’t sell nearly as well.

Wearing makeup doesn’t mean someone is looking for sex. Makeup is an art and a form of personal expression.

Psychedelic Cyclamen Ombre Lips: Rimmel Color Show-off in 220 Shocking Pink and Lime Crime D'Lilac (plus tips)

When you combine 2 shades that look really vibrant and saturated on camera, you get day-glo Cyclamen lips like the above. 

Instead of going for a typical dark shade to contrast against the pale creamy lilac, I went for a strong red-fuchsia in a matte texture.

Tips for perfect ombre lips:

  • Pick opaque lip colors because anything slippery or sheer is not going to give you that saturated gradient effect
  • Apply one shade on each lip, leaving the inner rims bare first, then swop the lipsticks for each lip, and very lightly run the second shade along the inner bit of your lips before pressing with your fingers to blend the edges into the first shade better.
  • Press just the center of the lips together to even out the “mixed” shade, and smooth in with your finger again if the color gets uneven.
  • If the outer rims of your lips are no longer as vibrant looking due to all the blending and pressing, touch up just the top and bottoms of lips lightly to replace the color.

Looks good with:

Dramatic black winged liner. It actually looks very “cyber-geisha” in real life.

(This is fun and dramatic, but not exactly something you should wear to your next meal. It will take you too much time to touch up.)


Beta Baby: Bright Orange Lips and Dark Lids 

Are you ready for super dark lids and a bright orange lip?

The eye look is pretty much a solid black, with hints of chocolate around the edges, and that orange is REALLY orange, so it’s not for you if you aren’t ready for strong makeup!

But of course, feel free to switch out the lip color for any other bright shade you like!

It WILL work for girls with glasses, because your frames and lenses make it a lot less dramatic looking, so technically you can get away with a LOT more eye makeup, since subtle looks are not very noticeable. Just take it easy on the mascara so your lashes don’t push up against your glasses too much. (The look is so dark you won’t need big lashes anyway.)

Products used:

  • Base: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-1 Perfecting Cream SPF 21 (testing this one out; it’s great for oilier skins!)
  • Concealer: Make Up Store Cover All Mix
  • Powder: ClearLast powder in Matte Ochre
  • Blush: NYX Cinnamon blush
  • Eye Kajal: Shahnaz Hussain Kajal (I bought this stick kajal off eBay from India. Try VDL’s Eye Bomb Mega Smoky Pencil or a kajal from Bourjois. That, or even black gel liner from a pot!)
  • 2 Dark brown shadows in one cool and one warm tone: NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura
  • Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black
  • Orange lipcolor: OCC Lip Tar in Beta

Last tip: If you have oily lids, pack a matte black shadow over the black portions of the lid so your kajal doesn’t smudge or crease.


Holiday Look #4: The “Dense brown smoky” (Make Up Store Volga Shadow)

Trust me when I say this is one of the most intense - AND the quickest - smoky eye looks ever. In fact it’s slightly slapdash, and you can swop out the brown shadow for pretty much any color you want as long as it’s not pale.

The trick is not to cover the entire black base with shadow, but to leave just a bit at the lash line so there’s a natural gradation from black to brown as you smoke the shadow outwards.

The star here is the rich brown duochrome shadow, Volga. This MAC Club lookalike is less red-toned, so if Club makes you look like someone’s socked you in the eye while you were partying, this is a fantastic alternative.

You need only:

1 brush - a rounded synthetic eye buffing/contouring brush like the Loveybelle small eye contour brush, which I used here

1 matte black khol or cream liner - anything very soft and intense and creamy

1 deep brown shadow - I used a satiny duochrome from Make Up Store called Volga - which is like a less red version of MAC Club shadow - for a bit of dimension (the black base will deepen and make it more matte, so choose something slightly brighter or more metallic than you intend)

1 pale ivory/beige shadow [optional; I used an ivory shade in my Tarte Call of The Wild palette]


A soft pink-toned blush - I used Benefit Rockateur, which is my go-to daily blush when I’m lazy to think!

A soft pink shimmery lipgloss - Make Up Store’s Orchid is a frikkin’ gorgeous beige-pink that isn’t too sheer or too frosty.

P.S. On nails, I am wearing Erik from Make Up Store, a blackened-green creme that looks like Japanese kombu (dried seaweed).


Absinthia: Green Fairy Eye Tutorial

Meet 2013’s Color of the Year. Emerald.

There was a phase in my life when I wore NOTHING but green eyeshadow. I just thought it was such a sexy and flattering alternative to a neutral for smoky eyes. Some good options include MAC Humid or a discontinued pigment called Green. (I used that for this tutorial because I still have my large 7.5g jar from years ago, but use Humid or Antique Green pigment if you don’t have it.)

I also added a touch of golden lime (MAC Golden Olive pigment) and a deep emerald green glitter called Capricorn. Now, in direct light, this glitter looks like a straight dark emerald green, but when the light shifts or when you’re in the shade, it has a teal-blue shift. That’s probably my favorite glitter out of the Zodiac range from Lime Crime, but a regular green would work anyday.

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