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honestly I love Sombra so much,I think she's an interesting character and her skins look good to me,and she makes me feel better because she has the same thick accent as me and her being so technology oriented reminds me of my siblings,I don't think the thing about her looking too young is that true,I mean she's just 30 and wearing dramatic makeup,I'm sure she'd look older without makeup,idk I just can't dislike her and wanted someone to share this with

You can like Sombra, it’s okay! The main issue is that blizzard is awful when it comes to designing women cause they all look the same lmao

makeup for the signs
  • (these are looks I either notice the signs do a lot or tend to really look good on them. use sun, rising, venus, and fifth house)
  • aries: heavy black eye makeup, black lipstick if any
  • taurus: rose lip and light or pastel eye makeup, very matte
  • gemini: dramatic lashes and subtle but maybe sparkly lip gloss
  • cancer: dramatic eye makeup but in soft colours, very natural lip
  • leo: classic dramatic cat eye and red lip
  • virgo: emphasis on skin, matte, either subtle nudes or bold yet cool-toned colours (burgundy, black, ocean blue, etc.)
  • libra: rose or bright pink lip, simple eyeliner
  • scorpio: basic yet dark eye makeup, natural or dark red lip
  • sagittarius: either really natural or really bold, bold red lips and dramatic lashes when the latter
  • capricorn: lots of dark neutrals, maybe a plum lip if feeling bold
  • aquarius: very natural but if using colour goes for fun quirky colours (pink eyeshadow, blue lipstick, etc.)
  • pisces: lots of lashes or shimmery eyeshadow, softer lip colour

Psychedelic Cyclamen Ombre Lips: Rimmel Color Show-off in 220 Shocking Pink and Lime Crime D'Lilac (plus tips)

When you combine 2 shades that look really vibrant and saturated on camera, you get day-glo Cyclamen lips like the above. 

Instead of going for a typical dark shade to contrast against the pale creamy lilac, I went for a strong red-fuchsia in a matte texture.

Tips for perfect ombre lips:

  • Pick opaque lip colors because anything slippery or sheer is not going to give you that saturated gradient effect
  • Apply one shade on each lip, leaving the inner rims bare first, then swop the lipsticks for each lip, and very lightly run the second shade along the inner bit of your lips before pressing with your fingers to blend the edges into the first shade better.
  • Press just the center of the lips together to even out the “mixed” shade, and smooth in with your finger again if the color gets uneven.
  • If the outer rims of your lips are no longer as vibrant looking due to all the blending and pressing, touch up just the top and bottoms of lips lightly to replace the color.

Looks good with:

Dramatic black winged liner. It actually looks very “cyber-geisha” in real life.

(This is fun and dramatic, but not exactly something you should wear to your next meal. It will take you too much time to touch up.)


Beta Baby: Bright Orange Lips and Dark Lids 

Are you ready for super dark lids and a bright orange lip?

The eye look is pretty much a solid black, with hints of chocolate around the edges, and that orange is REALLY orange, so it’s not for you if you aren’t ready for strong makeup!

But of course, feel free to switch out the lip color for any other bright shade you like!

It WILL work for girls with glasses, because your frames and lenses make it a lot less dramatic looking, so technically you can get away with a LOT more eye makeup, since subtle looks are not very noticeable. Just take it easy on the mascara so your lashes don’t push up against your glasses too much. (The look is so dark you won’t need big lashes anyway.)

Products used:

  • Base: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-1 Perfecting Cream SPF 21 (testing this one out; it’s great for oilier skins!)
  • Concealer: Make Up Store Cover All Mix
  • Powder: ClearLast powder in Matte Ochre
  • Blush: NYX Cinnamon blush
  • Eye Kajal: Shahnaz Hussain Kajal (I bought this stick kajal off eBay from India. Try VDL’s Eye Bomb Mega Smoky Pencil or a kajal from Bourjois. That, or even black gel liner from a pot!)
  • 2 Dark brown shadows in one cool and one warm tone: NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura
  • Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black
  • Orange lipcolor: OCC Lip Tar in Beta

Last tip: If you have oily lids, pack a matte black shadow over the black portions of the lid so your kajal doesn’t smudge or crease.


Subtle, Glitzy New Year Glitter Eye!

Here’s a way to pack on the glitter and glamour but still have it remain quite clean and chic for the New Year. I also wanted to reverse the typical half-glitter eye, by applying dark glitter on the outer areas of the lid, instead of a light glitter on the inner half of the lid, which is the typical way to do it.

You’ll just need

  • black eye pencil
  • matte beige shadow or pressed powder
  • matte black or charcoal shadow
  • glitter (any opalescent, multi-colored shade would work well; I used Taurus, a black with green, gold and bronze highlights)
  • clear glitter glue or clear brow mascara

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[Requested] The Black-and-White: Soft gray-scale smoke with graphic Black and White Liquid Liner

This is a simple white-and-black smoky eye with a more dramatic graphic liner twist. The eyeshadow isn’t hard to do, and is something that you can easily wear out, but the liquid liner is slightly trickier and it’s also not always hard to locate a very strongly pigmented white liquid liner, so it’s optional whether you want to follow the look exactly or just keep it simple and either skip the liquid liner, or only do the black.

For a basic liner application guide, look here.

The same rules apply when you are applying liquid and gels/creams. 

Products used:

  • 88 Warm palette (3 shades used; matte white, black, and a deep metallic grey)
  • Lime Crime Uniliners in Quill (black) and Lunar Sea (matte white)
  • Black mascara (L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black)
  • White eye pencil (Revlon Khol pencil in White)

If you’re looking for budget white liquid liners, Prestige used to have one, but I am not sure if it is still available. Unfortunately, most of the good matte whites I know are from more expensive brands like Illamasqua, Stila and Lime Crime. 

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