dramatic kirk

what the telepath invading the Enterprise sees


Jim Kirk: flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers lunch flowers flowers flowers plants are for looking at not eating flowers flowers ah, that old girlfriend, love of his life flowers flowers so beautiful enterprise flowers flowers safe flowers

Spock: the complete orchestral score of Delvok’s nineteenth symphony layered over contemplation of Planck’s constant layered over the distraction of how he totally could have won his last argument with McCoy if only he had said this instead of that layered over measurements of the nebula they have just entered layered over–

Dr. McCoy: intense preoccupation with the health of the crew and thinking about what to say in his nightly communique with Joanna and also gloating about his recent victory over Spock

Scotty: intense preoccupation with the health of the ship and also wondering how his 84 grandmothers are doing. he’s also building a new still in his head that will produce alcohol faster when they are at warp

Chekov: women women women Russia women Russia practicing his innocent routine for when he claims Russia invented the concept of breeding horses women women Sulu fencing women

Sulu: how does Chekov get his hair to Do That? also livetweeting Chekov’s problems

Uhura: thinking about playing poker with Chapel last night and daydreaming about how she would look in a captain’s uniform

Chapel: Does McCoy Ever Put Away Paperwork?: A Treatise By an Annoyed Nurse



Also Jim: Look at my husband tearing a strip out of this alien without giving a fuck. He just speaks his mind and his mind is BRILLIANT. SO CONFIDENT. SO CALM. Look at that sexy genius. He’s so honest and moral he is – OH GOD HE’S PERFECT HE’S BEAUTIFUL EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS I WANT TO BURST WITH LOVE WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE HIM OH I DECLARE MY SOUL MY HEART –

Spock: While I appreciate the sentiment Jim your reverent gushing is overpowering my capacity for thought within my own mind.

Jim: Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s your fault though. WHY DO YOU MAKE ME LOVE YOU SO HARD–

Spock: -_- An unfortunate shortcoming of my ancestors, not developing a muting technique for mind bonds. 

(I bet their mind bond is noisy AF and it is 9000% Jim’s fault)

Star Trek Asks

1. What planet would you not want to lead an away team on?

2. Favourite first officer?

3. Favourite chief engineer?

4. Favourite Doctor?

5. Starship you’d like to serve on most?

6. Your least favourite episode?

7. Episode you could watch over and over?

8. Best one liner?

9. Who would win in a fight between the captains?

10. When did you become a Star Trek fan?

11. Favourite Star Trek movie?

12. Best Starfleet uniforms?

13. Favourite captain?

14. Spot or Porthos?

15. Worst alien makeup/costume?

16. Best alien makeup/costume?

17. Favourite series?

18. First Star Trek episode or movie you saw ever?

19. Last Star Trek episode or movie you saw?

20. Least favourite character?

21. Favourite character?

22. Do you read Star Trek books? If yes, which ones would you recommend?

23. Best over dramatic Captain Kirk moment?

24. Best guest star?

25. Favourite Jeffrey Combs character?

26. The character you’d follow into battle no questions asked?

27. Which character deserved better?

28. Favourite time travel episode?

29. Favourite holodeck gone wrong episode?

30. Best starship designs?

31. Most cringeworthy moment?

32. Wesley or Jake?

32. Planet you’d want to retire on?

33. Best fight scene?

34. Which Enterprise is the best?

opening of 90% of star trek episodes:

[zoomed out shot of enterprise in space]

[shot changes to slowly panning around enterprise bridge]

helmsman: there is a thing!!! a thing is happening captain!!

uhura: yeah that’s definitely a thing sir

kirk: hMMMM

[kirk gets out of chair and leans over railing to look at spock bending over console]

kirk: spock wat do u think

spock: science can confirm that this is a thing captain

kirk: [dramatic pause]

kirk: okay so its a thing


anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about the kissing preferences of each of the enterprise crew members?

Kirk: Any time Jim is with someone, deep in his mind he wants to become The Guy That Nobody Can Ever Best ™ . You are no exception. Everything about your relationship has a dramatic flourish to it; especially your kisses. He likes to pull you close to him by the small of your back, look deeply in your eyes, and then give you a very drawn out, tender kiss. If he’s feeling especially feisty, he might even dip you down a little. 

Spock: He’s still grasping onto the concept that words and gifts aren’t enough to show you his feelings, so kisses are scarce. It’s usually a quick peck on the lips, followed by an explanation as to why he has done it. “I noticed that you did something different with your hair today. I find it very visually appealing.” “The captain has requested I stay on duty later than normal, so I may not see you until tomorrow.” “I can tell that you are nervous about this away mission. I assure you, the odds that I will not return are almost nonexistent.”  

Sulu: He likes kissing. He likes kissing hello and kissing goodbye and kissing good afternoon, and every time in between. But his favorite time to kiss you is right when he gets off duty. That moment when he first sees you after he no longer has to be professional and restrain himself. After a week straight of kisses that make you see fireworks, it becomes your favorite time of day, too.

Scotty: He is always doing something with his hands. Usually he’s fixing things around the ship, and when he’s not, he fumbling with some plans to update the control panels or simply drinking a cup of tea. But when you’re around, he finds himself taking your face in his hands as he brings you in for gentle kisses. 

Uhura: She is private about her relationships. Not because she’s ashamed. She just doesn’t like to mix work with her personal life. That being said, her favorite kisses are actually the PDA type ones. She sees that person eyeing you from across the bar. She overhears the new crew mate talking about you inappropriately. Then she waits for the opportune time to strut by you, pull you into a deep kiss, and then be on her way. Kirk and Bones live to witness the aftermath of these moments. 

Chekov: While he can hold his own, romantically, he knows that there’s room for improvement, which is why he secretly idolizes Jim. He sees how suave he is. He sees the way he can get women to fawn over him. So he tries to mimic that, and it’s obvious. He pulls you into those dramatic “Kirk-esque” kisses, and you do your best to pretend like he’s getting the impact he wants…in the end, though, you’re able to show him that the kisses that take your breath away are the ones he gives you as you’re falling asleep or passing each other quickly in the hall. It’s the ones that are playful, in the moment, and not planned out, because those are the ones that are not Kirk, but Chekov.

Bones: He will never admit it out loud, but his absolute favorite times to kiss you are when you wander into his medbay, bored. It always goes the same way, with you pacing around, then hopping up on one of the beds and swinging your legs as you play around with an instrument that you probably aren’t supposed to touch. He yanks whatever you’re holding out of your hand. Goes on a “do not touch this or you will end up dying” tangent, and then gives you a light kiss because you both know he’s overreacting, and your puppy eyes are irresistible.  

Hunger of the Idiot

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Prompts: “He’s too attractive. I don’t trust him.“, “There’s not a lot of money in revenge.”, “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”, “We’ll never succeed. We may as well die here.”

A/N: Idk if Jim and Bones were roommates at the Academy. Maybe they weren’t. Maybe Bones just acts like he lives there and gets made when other people do the same. Anyways, this ones a lil NSFW. The reader and Jim are Hanky Panky friends. Jim’s never safe for the work place. The title came from a screenshot of some title generator thing my friend did because I couldn’t think of anything. I’m double sick. Don’t expect good things from me. I’m gonna stop typing this now. 

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Nothing tickles my fancy more than the idea of Jim knowing a whole lot about Vulcan culture. Like him being able to speak high Vulcan and just casually dropping it into conversation with Spock one day and Spock being so surprised that he just stops talking and slowly blinks at him. 

Jim reading ancient Vulcan pre-surakian poetry along with his Elliot and Shakespeare and Wordsworth. I don’t even know why but it’s 100% my jam.