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Hamilsquad modern au and fashion

A total hipster, knitted beanies and cardigans, colourful pants and shoes from the thrift store, scarves and fingerless gloves in winter. 
Makes an effort to look like he doesn’t care about his looks. Suceeds in this and still looks good most of the time. 
Wears sweatpants in public whenever he can get away with it. 

Always a perfect colourscheme, can make things that you would never think go together kind of work. Experiments a lot with new styles and is just really into the whole matter. 
Has his own little clothing line and makes most of his clothes himself.  Expensive suits, grey sweaters, silk ties.

Models for Herc and loves it, looks great in anything. 
Sometimes likes it dramatic.
Hats, coats, big patterns, lots of contrasts. 
Wears only jeans and t-shirt on other days, really it’s like you’ve got two different people. 
Can sadly not be persuaded to wear his glasses everyday. 
He will make you cry by wearing a tanktop in summer.

Your typical white girl despite being neither white nor a girl. Wears addidas sneakers, skinny jeans and wears his ponytail through the back of a snapback. Basically doesn’t really care about fashion and just buys the stuff he can find in every store.
He even gets starbucks like the basic bitch he is. 
Has to be stopped by Herc. 

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In one of your recent posts you called Chuuya a disappointment, I know you were mostly joking but honestly Chuuya's role (or lack thereof) has been pretty disappointing so far imo. I want to know what you think about his character and popularity. So sorry if this has already been asked.

I’ve covered a bit about Chuuya and the rest of Port Mafia in this post. About his character and personality, I have no new thoughts so you can check out some of what I’ve written here. As you can tell, I really like Chuuya, and while I don’t want him swallowing up everyone else in terms of screentime, given his surprising popularity I’m slightly miffed we haven’t been given any good side materials. Even better if there are no mentions of his ex-partner.

Okay, so let’s look back at 36.5. With no one else higher in the chain of command, we can assume that Chuuya has temporarily taken on the role of a commander for the mafia.They surround the building and are in prime position to attack, but once Chuuya hears that the ADA members have gathered together in one place with the intention to fight and hold them off, he decides to switch gears and prepare for a frontal assault.

What the hell Chuuya? You have numbers on your side! Why didn’t you position at least three or four men to guard the other exits? You had snipers at the ready, you had their paths blocked. Even if they escaped, someone could have sent out an alert to report the general direction of where ADA members were headed. What a great start.

(Another tactic, something horrible but one that should fit in with the mafia’s methods… After finding out where Fukuzawa is being treated, stealthily position mafia members inside the hospital, having them blend in as patients and medical workers. Have them keep their distance from the floor where Fukuzawa is in to avoid suspicion (after all, they’re up against detectives). Once everything is set, Chuuya could go and make that flashy entrance again, but this time they have members threatening to harm hospital staff if they don’t hand over Fukuzawa. This plan may or may not fail depending on how ADA would react, but it sure beats showing up at the front door and asking for a brawl.)

I also talked about how Chuuya could have at least looked around to find evidence of foul play when he faced off against Ranpo. Or at least, let us hear in his mind how he doesn’t feel right about the situation. That he charged in recklessly even if there was a false sense of security… You mean to tell me that despite years in the mafia, he still hasn’t honed a sharpened battle instinct to sniff out that something is wrong? Man, do they pick up executives by drawing straws? Maybe I could be one too?

On one hand, you could say this is consistent with how he is normally portrayed: brash, straightforward, and quick to anger. At the same time, in this dire situation and in his current position, you’d think Chuuya would stop and be more cautious when making his moves. Compared to Kunikida, Ranpo, Atsushi, Tanizaki, Kyouka and even Akutagawa, he has shown no resolve or strength of character in this arc so far, only running his big mouth and charging forward mindlessly. Frankly I’m not even hoping for much in the next chapters. Ranpo would be brilliant, of course, while we don’t know whether Chuuya will remain as utterly dull and disappointing as he is now. I guess for Mr Asagiri, Chuuya being ½ of soukoku is more than enough…

scanlation credit: Dazai Scans 

underrated poe party things

-is that a thrrrrrrrrrreat, miss bronte

-poe writing down eddie’s speech to steal it right in front of his face then denying it like five minutes later

-*pulls off hat dramatically* I AM NOT THE MURDERER

-hg’s pronunciation of “camera”

-the song in the opening theme speeding up every episode as the authors start to die off

-uh, i think it was called karen?

-fyodor responding to pretty much everything that happens to him by drinking a shot

-poe and ernest accusing each other of being the killer every other episode

-the music changing slightly every time an author arrives at the door in ep 1 and then cutting out altogether when emily appears

Somewhere out there, he wanders. A legend among men lives without fame or renown, but his legend will forever be remembered in the hearts of the people he touched. Somewhere out there a true hero is walking amongst the masses, passing by without notice as the days fade into years. But I remember. I remember you, Trucker Hat Zed. I know I am not worthy, but I shall become a horrid Zed main to carry on this great legacy. I will finish what he started.

i love how oswald was always the one known for the Glittery Suits and top hats and dramatic gestures but now that’s literally ed, and ed was the one who used the word ‘fascinating’ so often but now oswald does too, it’s like they both miss each other so much they started unconsciously copying each other’s smallest details and that fucks me up so much

Can we all agree that when they dance, Even is doing his finger snapping and his shoulder hunching and his walking back and forth, singing along, while Isak looks at him totally whipped and bob bobb bobbbs his head to the beat, stepping from side to side and sometimes grabbing Even’s waist, pulling him closer and sometimes they make out a little before continueing to dance

Madame Georgette (active, 1900-1940)

Woman’s Hat, c. 1905

Plaited straw, velvet, artificial roses, and net

“A bouquet of artificial pink roses circles the crown and spills out from under the brim of this dramatic straw hat. Madame Georgette, one of the most famous milliners in Paris, designed it before World War I (1914-1918). The hat’s wide flat shape, was one of Georgette’s signature styles…The elegance of her designs earned her praise as an accomplished and original artist.”

Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade

St. Louis Art Museum

You Being Sick: SF9


InSeong wouldn’t say much, but rather just quietly go about making you soup and taking care of you.


YoungBin would tease you in the beginning, talking about how you’d betrayed him by getting sick and leaving him all alone. But then, he’d probably give up whatever you two planned to do that day and end up watching movies and cuddling with you. 


JaeYoon would be super dramatic screaming about how you need to stay away from him so he won’t get sick. He’d manage to stay at least five feet away from you at all times, acting like you had the plague or something. He’d apologize (not sounding very apologetic) and say dramatically hat he loved you, but he couldn’t get sick due to his idolness. 


DaWon would be super clingy and attentive, squealing about how cute you are and his poor jagi for being sick, and then you’d cough in his face and he’d sulk in the corner for an hour. 


ZuHo would probably just put on your favorite TV show for you to watch after buying you some snacks, and then leave you to your own devices (unless you needed him). 


Eomma Mode: activated. 

He’d be super attentive, forcing you to eat soup and take medicine (despite how you protested), and he’d also be a sucker for when you asked him to cuddle with you or do aegyo to make you feel better. 


When you moaned and groaned about how sick you were and how awful you felt, he’d probably try not to laugh, and then when you scolded him, he’d awkwardly ask if you wanted him to dance for you or something. dANCING WILL FIX EVERYTHING xD

“Do you - do you want me to dance for you?”

“No, TaeYang. I want a warm blanket and a bucket, because I might throw up.”


He’d snuggle with you all day to make you feel better, and wouldn’t listen to you when you told him you don’t want to get him sick. 

“HwiYoung, you shouldn’t be this close to me. I don’t want you to get sick too,”

“Shhhh, Jagi. I’ll survive.”


ChaNi wouldn’t know what to do (having never taken care of a sick person before) and would most likely panic, squealing and whining and messing up everything he did for you. But you wouldn’t mind, because he was enough entertainment to make you feel better than any medicine. 

aw that’s cheesy as shit isn’t it

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Tythan 7 minutes? This is my first request! Your sleepover hc was just too damn adorable 💜💚

Aw thanks :3 

Ethan was…nervous when they had decided to play 7 minutes in heaven. He agreed reluctantly because everybody else seemed really into the idea, and Tyler seemed super excited about it. Ah, Tyler. He so cute… Ethan’s thoughts drifted off. They put all their names into some random hat and the first to draw was Mark. Of course, Mark just happened to pick Amy. So Amy and Mark went and did whatever in the closet. Ethan’s hands began sweating, it was his turn next. 

Mark and Amy came out of the closet when the timer went off, giggling and holding hands like high schoolers or something. Mark’s hair also seemed a little disheveled. Ethan’s heart was beating as fast as humanly possible when hee reached into the hat and pulled a name. He looked at it, and read it over and over but for some reason, his brain just wasn’t working right.

“Well? Who’d you get?” Mark asked, with a big dopey grin on his face. His question woke Ethan from his trance.

“Kathryn” Ethan responded, looking up to meet their waiting eyes. Marks face fell a little, and Tyler looked…upset. He couldn’t imagine why. 

The two went into the closet and just talked. Ethan confided to Kathryn that he had the hugest crush on Tyler. She told him that he should go for it, you never know ‘til you try. A couple minutes later the timer went off and they walked out of the closet. Ethan whispered a quick “Thank you.” before they sat back down.

Now it was Tyler’s turn. He would either pull himself, Mark, or Ethan. The thought that it could be him had Ethan nervous all over again. Tyler dramatically reached into the hat and pulled out a tiny slip of paper. He read it over, and a small smile formed on his lips like there was an inside joke only he knew about. 

Tyler looked up and said, “I got Ethan.” then glanced over to the blue haired boy and winked. He just fucking winked at me. I can’t believe this shit, Ethan thought. He stood up, offering a hand to Ethan to help him up. He politely refused, not wanting Tyler to know how badly his palms were sweating. He followed the older man into the closet, then Tyler pulled the door shut, enveloping them in a thin sort of darkness. 

Ethan could barely make out Tyler’s face, straining to see it. Tyler just stared down at him. In a glossy sort of tone, Tyler bent down in whispered, “I am so happy I picked your name.” He didn’t move back when he was done either. He just hovered by Ethan’s ear, driving him absolutely insane.

“O-oh really? Why’s that?” Ethan stuttered out, his voice cracking at the end.

“Well for starters, I can’t do this to Mark.” He said, then leaned forward and began kissing right below his ear on his neck. Ethna involuntarily let out a little whimper. He could feel Tyler smile against his neck. “And I’ve wanted to do that for so damn long,” he continued as he pulled away.

Ethan was speechless. He wasn’t sure how long they had been in there, but it had already felt like an eternity, but honestly, an eternity wouldn’t have been long enough. He could’ve stayed there forever. Ethan stood up on his tip-toes, resting his hands on Tyler’s shoulders for balance, and gently put his lips against the others. Tyler’s mouth eagerly responded, happy to know that his feelings were reciprocated. 

The blue boy’s hand wandered up into Ty’s locks of curly hair and grabbed a fistful, pulling him closer, as close as he could. They kissed until they had to come up for air. Ethan rested his head on Tyler’s chest. He sighed, saying, “I like you a lot.” as he did. 

Tyler rested his head on top of the mess of blue, responding, “Do you? I couldn’t tell.” causing them both to laugh and soon after the timer went off and they came out of the closet. Together.


HAHHAHHHAHA you like what I did there at the end? yeah? me tooo.

Got7 Reacts to You Surprising Them at a Fan Meet

Hey guys. I randomly wrote this while I was in class, so I decided to post it. I hope you enjoy, and remember that my inbox is open for any requests that you guys may have. If there are any groups you want me to check out, send them in and I’ll take a look at them. 

Reaction: You surprise them at a fan meet. 

Basis: The dating ban has been lifted on Got7, but your relationship is not public. Jackson and BamBam snuck in for everyone’s reactions but their own. For Jackson, Mark snuck you in, and for BamBam, Jackson snuck you in. You’re wearing a face mask and hat. The order they are sitting in is (From start to finish): Youngjae, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, BamBam, Jackson, Mark, and JB.

1. Mark

     Mark would be extremely confused when you winked at him from under your hat. You didn’t want to speak because you know he will recognize your voice. You do aegyo at him, struggling to contain your laughter when he does it back. Your laughter clues him in to your identity. He would grab your hands and pull you closer.

     “Baby, what are you doing here?” Mark asks softly, lowering your face mask. Jackson pokes his head in between the two of you so he can look at Mark’s surprised face. You lift your face mask again, leaving a shocked Mark and howling Jackson behind as you move on to JB.

2. JB

     “JB-Oppa, you’re so cute!” You say loudly, making a heart with your hands. 

     “Thank you,” JB says, his facial expression betraying his irritation at being called cute. You lower your face mask, silently laughing at him. His eyes widen as you lift it back into place.

      “Jagiya, I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for coming to support us. To support me,” JB says softly, offering you a kind smile before you leave.

3. Jackson

      “Jackson-Oppa, you’re my favorite part of Markson!” You tease, suppressing laughter. Jackson would know it was you immediately because you always joked that Mark was your favorite.

     “This couldn’t possibly be my Jagi. She would never do something like this,” Jackson says dramatically, his hat expression teasing. When you take off your hat and mask, he would gasp dramatically, causing Mark to elbow him.

     You blow him a kiss before moving on to Mark. Jackson would debate pulling you behind the table with him, but he would spend so much time debating it that you had already left, ruining his opportunity.

4. Jinyoung

      “Jinyoung-Oppa, your vocals are so pretty,” You say excitedly, bouncing in place. Your hands rest on the table as you lean closer,” I love you, Oppa.”

     Jinyoung’es eyes widen and then a smile blooms on his face. He lifts your hands gently and presses soft kisses to the knuckles of both of your hands. 

     “I love you too, Jagi,” Jinyoung says softly, releasing your hands reluctantly as you move on to Yugyeom.

5. Youngjae

      “Youngjae-Oppa, your smile is so pretty,” You say, lifting your hat a little and lowering your face mask,” Can you smile for me?”

     Youngjae’s eyes widen in shock. You were almost scared they would end up on the table with how shocked he was, but then, his expression becomes excited. He smiles brightly, his eyes joining to create a gorgeous eye smile.

      “It’s so good to see you, Jagiya! I’m glad you came!” Youngjae just barely stops himself from touching your face before you move on to Jinyoung.

6. BamBam (This little shit will be the death of me, I swear…)

     BamBam would know it was you before you reached him because you decided to wear a sweater you stole from him. Much like the mischievous Seungri from Big Bang, he would make you sit with him behind the table, introducing you to everyone who approached. He wouldn’t let you go until the Fan Meet was finished and everyone knew his girlfriend. 

     “What? I wanted everyone to know my Jagiya. She’s so pretty that I thought that the fans should know how lucky I am,” BamBam says, hugging you tightly.

7. Yugyeom

     “Yugyeom-Oppa, you should show me a few of your dance movies,” You wink at him, causing his expression to furrow in confusion until your control failed and you started laughing. BamBam is laughing silently next to him, unable to control himself. He would remain confused until he realized that the hat on your head was one you kept stealing from him.

     “Jagiya, how did you get in here?” Yugyeom would look a little shy to see you. Jackson couldn’t resist coming up behind him and slapping him on the shoulder, giving away his involvement in the whole situation. He would spend a few minutes debating whether he wanted to thank them or fight them, but by the time he made up his mind, you had to move on to BamBam, whose still dying.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! You can inbox me any requests you have from my blog or you can message them to me. 

Reasons why The Executioners is one of the greatest Dr. Who episodes of all time:

- the doc lecturing vicki with a tool in his mouth, rendering him untranslatable and angrily muffled “hmm hm humph mm! HMM!!”
- the entire concept of the time space visualiser
- ian reading a book on space monsters
- ians striped shirt
- the doctor hammering away while the time space visualiser lets out this AWFUL high pitched noise and everyone is screaming
- “”“”“neutrons of light energy”“”“” ya ok thats totally real science. photons who
- “everything that happens anywhere in the universe is recorded in light neutrons” LMAO sure
- “GOOD! dontgoaway”
- the first thing ian wants to see in all of time and space is lincoln giving the gettysburg address
- like 2 minutes of the gettysburg address while the actor playing lincoln looks mildly uncomfortable
- barbara being SO excited omg?
- shakespeare being like “fuck hamlet its not fit for MY STYLE” and then immediately changing his mind
- "now you’ve squashed my favourite beatles” - the doctor
- ticket to ride being “”“"classical music”“”“
- the doc running to the console all excited bc they about to materialise
- ian and barbara worrying about their new space daughter running off
- THE DOCTOR AND BARBARA SUNBATHING TOGETHER (while the doc is dressed to get maybe his face and hands tanned)
- "whats that awful noise?” “i beg your pardon, awful noise? thats no way to talk about my singing!” “no doctor not that awful noise, the other one”
- the dalek’s plan being ruined by sheer dumb luck/the hugest coincidence
- “YES all right my dear all right all right, what is it now, gracious me can’t i even relax for five… THE dALeKS!!!!”
- the daleks going thru that cardboard turnstile door thing and you can see the dude behind it holding the door open for them juuuuust barely
- the doc taking barbara’s hand as they run off to get ian and vicki
- the trapdoor the ring opens having a sense of dramatic irony
- the doctor’s hat
- “i have the directional instincts of a homing pigeon” SURE doctor
- whatever the FUCK that monster is actually being scary lookin
- the doctor’s muffled screaming
- the dalek rising from the sand. iconic
- did i mention the beatles being in this episode

One thing you have to appreciate about Belle

is her fashion sense.

She finds out her minutes old son is now 28 and evil, is wandering around town trying to keep people from killing him and vice versa, but she still found a few minutes to put on a more dramatic coat and hat.