dramatic coastline

Sometimes I wish everyone studied palaeoanthropology just a little

Cos then everyone would be aware of how scary the climate can get and that humans have gone extinct before. Literally, humans just like us just stopped existing (and yes, I’m specifically citing Neanderthals and no this is not about taxonomy or introgression). Entire cultures have disappeared. Ancient history makes that clear. I’m not trying to push environmental determinism. I’m just saying we’re doomed, as all living things are, to go extinct. I just don’t think people would be so blasé about climate change if they were aware of what an ice age is and just how frequent they actually were. Or of how dramatically coastlines can inundate.

My favorite, dramatic coastline :) Since living on a small island in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean you don´t have to go far to find one

This is from the Reykjanes  peninsula situated at the southwestern end of Iceland, near the capital of Reykjavík where you can amongst other things find The Keflavik International Airport and the Blue Lagoon. 

The peninsula is marked by active volcanism under its surface, and large lava fields, allowing little vegetation. There are numerous hot springs and sulphur springs in the southern half of the peninsula and beautiful and dramatic coastlines like this can be found there

GerCan -- the fire and the flood

After much asking, arguing, and then outright pleading, Ludwig managed to get at least what province Matthew was in from Alfred. It was only after he menaced a young secretary in Matthew’s office about what might happen if her nation was alone for too long or if something happened to him on his holiday, that Ludwig found out where exactly Matthew was hiding in Newfoundland and Labrador.

He would feel guilty, about many things, not least the way the young woman’s face went white and her fingers stilled on her typewriter, for his dishonesty, but Ludwig had already thought of all the ways Matthew could hurt himself—physically, mentally, emotionally—so he really could only feel relief by her worry.

As Ludwig drove along the island’s dramatic coastline, up and down across hills, he added ‘flung himself into the ocean’ onto that list. It was exactly the sort of thing Matthew would threaten to do and actually do. Alfred had scoffed, but he was inclined to think of Matthew in a kinder, sweeter light.

Ludwig had met Matthew on the battlefield, in trenches, and even underground. He had danced with him during peacetime. He had fucked him then, too, and later in the war.

And Matthew, when it was all over, had smashed a bottle of wine on the floor and stormed out.

Ludwig would never have any illusions about what Matthew would do in any given circumstance.

So he wasn’t surprised when Arthur cornered him after a NATO meeting and requested he find Matthew and “tell him to get his act together. This is getting embarrassing.”

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Kicking off #mypubliclandsroadtrip Week 8 - Places to Beat the Heat – at the Beautiful California Coastal National Monument at Point Vicente.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula’s coastal beaches adjacent to the California Coastal National Monument rocks are an inviting place to beat the heat! Only minutes away from the fast-moving Los Angeles, the coast is filled with rugged natural beauty and majestic beaches while providing some of southern California’s last remaining untrammeled habitats for a variety of seals, birds, and intertidal organisms.

Considered one of the most beautiful areas in the world, Point Vicente is the centerpiece of breathtaking coastline vistas, dramatic steep cliffs, gracefully rolling hills, and off-shore rocks of the national monument. While visiting the coast, please view wildlife from a distance and give them the space and peace needed to breed and co-exist. 

Reykjanes peninsula is a UNESCO Global Geopark. It is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above the sea level and it has a dramatic coastline. But Im not sure if it is a good idea to take a photo of your girlfriend this close to the North Atlantic ocean smashing against the cliffs like this guy here is doing