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A Peek Inside Russia’s Most Beautiful Buildings From This Stunning Instagram

St. Petersburg inhabitant, Sergey Prokopenko documents the breathtaking beauty he witnesses on a daily basis as an architecture blogger, guide and travel enthusiast on his Instagram. Prokopenko captures the hidden treasures, abandoned remnants and latibules hidden from the mass.

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Beautiful Photography of Dunluce Castle Ruis at Dunluce, Bushmills, County                                Antrim, United Kingdom by Darek Gruszka

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Kehoe House, Savannah. Oil on Canvas. 24" x 36". 2013.

A view from the rooftops, Savannah Georgia. During my last year at SCAD I decided to paint Savannah from a perspective that is not often seen. Since the city is flat and there are not many tall buildings I was able to combine my interest in urban, architectural painting with more traditional landscape painting - depicting wide open, awe-inspiring views that reach far into the distance. While my NYC paintings are all about change and the rapid exchange of the old for the new, this view of Savannah is nearly timeless - if I were to travel back one hundred years ago I could paint nearly the same exact picture. (Assuming I could find something tall to stand on in place of the modern parking garage I was standing on for this painting.)

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The most striking thing about Sonic Boom to me was that Sonic 06 already happened, (and apparently Sega really got shook up internally from it) but then they waited a few years, turned around, and did the same exact thing again. You'd think they would be more careful but I guess not! It really gives the impression that Sega just straight up doesn't give a shit. Hopefully the wait we've been having lately will be worth it

Well, it’s important to note that Sonic Boom and Sonic 06 happened under very different circumstances:

  • Sonic 06: Sega of Japan plans a big ambitious Sonic game for 360, PS3, PC and Wii, targeted to celebrate Sonic’s 15th Anniversary in 2006. Upon learning how underpowered the Wii hardware is, the project lead (Yojiro Ogawa) leaves Sonic 06 and starts up a Wii-exclusive Sonic game (Secret Rings). He has no extra resources to work with for the Wii game, so he has to borrow half of the allocated resources from Sonic 06, severely crippling that project. A new project lead (Shun Nakamura) is appointed, and he’s stuck with trying to pick up the pieces in order to ship a game on hardware with dramatically different architecture than last generation, something that many Japanese developers of that era were struggling with. Even with many features being cut or scaled down, the game still ships in a barely functional state, and according to rumors, even though Sonic 06 went through Quality Assurance testing, most of the bug reports had to be outright ignored due to the limitations they were working with. Secret Rings (the side-game that sabotaged Sonic 06) also comes out and suffers for its lack of budget, but since its limited budget was built in from the start, it manages its resources better and comes out the other end a more tolerable experience.
  • Sonic Boom: Worried that sales are slumping, Sega of America tries to revitalize interest in Sonic the Hedgehog by rebooting the franchise with a newer, more hip take for a burgeoning generation of younger Sonic fans. Perhaps taking a page from the astronomical success a company like Level-5 sees with things like Yokai Watch, this Sonic reboot will launch with a simultaneous cross-media assault of comics, cartoons, toys, and other merchandise. To help them with this reboot, they hire Bob Rafei and his new company, Big Red Button. Rafei helped launch Crash Bandicoot at Naughty Dog, a game that bore clear Sonic influences, so it seems like a good match. Big Red Button targets next-generation platforms for “Sonic Boom,” a four-player co-op Sonic game. It utilizes the powerful CryEngine 3, but Sega surprises them with an exclusivity deal to launch the game on Nintendo’s Wii U. Sega of America’s plan is to release Sonic Boom after Sega of Japan takes a crack at Nintendo’s platform with their game, Sonic Lost World. Sonic’s Wii games had universally out sold their 360 and PS3 big brothers in the past, and Sega hopes this trend of Sonic selling best on Nintendo will continue. CryEngine support for Wii U is awful, and Big Red Button struggles to squeeze the game on to Nintendo’s platform. They request more time and more budget from Sega to help get the game done, but there are two problems: Sonic Lost World kind of bombed, making Sega skittish about pouring more money in to other Wii U projects (like Sonic Boom). On top of that, all the other Sonic Boom stuff (those toys, comics, and cartoons) are scheduled to launch for the Christmas season. Sonic Boom on Wii U was designed to be the tent pole to prop all of this stuff up, and delaying it would be a disaster. Trapped between a rock and a hard place, Big Red Button limps across the finish line after serious cuts on internal staff in order to make their deadline.

It’s not like anybody at Sega sat down and said “Let’s waste years of time and millions of dollars by throwing another Sonic game in the garbage.” The road to hell is paved with the best intentions and all of that – and in this regard, at least as far as Sonic Boom is concerned, Sega was coming from a well-meaning place, thought they were making all of the right moves and just happened to bet on the wrong horse. Who even knows, the mandate to shove Sonic Boom on to the Wii U may have actually come from Sega of Japan. Wouldn’t be the first time the Japan end of things did something like that.

None of this is any excuse for what a failure either game is, of course, because bad decisions were still made along the way, even if the people involved tried to make the best of it. But it helps to have context, is all.

Boyfriend Pens (and Party Pie)

Title: Boyfriend Pens
Rating: Teen and Up
Summary: Clint has just figured out the pens Bucky keeps giving him are boyfriend pens. This is no way for the President of the United States to find out he’s in a relationship.
Notes: Set in the Leader Of The Free World universe, where Clint Barton was elected president and Tony Stark secretly rules the world. For more in the LotFW ‘verse, you can read the AO3 fic collection here or the tumblr headcanon collection here. This particular story comes from a specific headcanon about boyfriend pens


Clint was in a meeting with the Deputy Secretary of Education (the Secretary had resigned mysteriously a few days ago, Clint had a note to talk to Tony about it) when he looked down at his pen and had a sudden revelation.

He let out a brief, low-pitched yelp. Just one, and not too loud, but it did cause the Deputy Secretary of Education to stop talking and squint.

“Are you all right, Mr. President?” he asked carefully.

“Yeah! Yeah, sorry,” Clint said, looking up from his pen, because he was after all the President of the United States, and he had larger orders of business to attend to than the pen and all it symbolized, as much as he hated to admit it. “Momentary cramp.”

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Belle Abri (Spring Farm, Montego Bay, Jamaica) :: Belle Abri (“beautiful sanctuary”) is one of the newest homes overlooking the Half Moon golf course and vast vista of Caribbean Sea. The architecture is dramatic ~ the view is breathtaking.

Six well-appointed bedrooms are in the main house, including an extraordinarily spacious master suite. The seventh bedroom is a separate cottage with kitchenette and is located just off the pool terrace. Dining tables are in both the large mid-level living area and outside on the long covered verandah.

The infinity-edge pool has the unique feature of a defined children’s pool area, separated from the deeper pool by an underwater partition. Child friendly, Belle Abri provides a complimentary crib, high chair and playpen.