okay now that I have your attention I would like to take a second to rant this is not refined or the most eloquently written post but it is what it is…from the heart and honest. I really want to make My So-Called Zine a forum for EVERYONE I realise that having hundreds of followers means nothing if I just preach to the choir. I really want My So-Called Zine to be a way for all of us to connect, share and facilitate brotherhood/sisterhood the way WE see it. I was looking at my dashboard seeing that there are a lot of US who feel isolated, depressed or just plain lonely (which is strange because we are on tumblr.. a social networking site as a supposed means to connect to each other and yet we are sometimes nothing more than a “follower”). I also saw people coming together over simple posts of cassette tapes or mini interviews. I saw queer boys and grrrls wanting to start bands w/ no idea that there was a post right below their own wanting the same thing.

I know and hope you do as well see that the pics of cassettes aren’t just a nod to trendy nostalgia or a dead musical format but are a remembrance of a warm way we used to communicate. I know that when we post shit about Kathleen Hanna or Riot Grrrl we aren’t just saying "this is cool, validate me by liking it it" but rather these posts asked "remember?“ Remember when one person, when a small group of people, when a community raised their voice and said that we weren’t alone in our bedrooms w/ our angst, depression, abuse etc. Remember when someone reached out and we reached back. Remember the soundtrack to our past that possessed a hope that we carried into our present.

When I was fired I had gained weight, fell into a depression and found myself asking myself what really made me happy. Though it may seem simple and cliche maybe even a little vapid it was zines and music… but when I took a deeper look it was the people and community and then one more look revealed it was the message these vessels represented. I just want you to know if you need help or a way to connect whether it be finding another member in yr area for a band or someone to talk to hopefully MXSXCXZ can help. Let me know, let each other know.

Hey! Remember this thumb? It’s more famous than the guy who ran this blog: http://dramathan.tumblr.com/ Rec-A-Day is back ladies and dobermans only it’s called Rec-A-Week and it’s not just a clever name it’s a way of giving me more time (a week to be exact) to thoroughly review and relate the wax. Those of you who aren’t familiar with Rec-A-Day… well it was a 365 where every day for a fucking year I posted a 7", 10", 12" and in one case a 4" wax and wrote about it. Not just a review but how it related to my life.. a diary told through records that got me into so much trouble! Only this time you won’t be seeing my thumb…awwww I know. But I assure you the places these records pop up will be worth your while. So yeah, come check it out: http://recaweek.tumblr.com/

Better late than never.

To Help You Get Back In To The Groove(Y)… 


Dramathan xxx

Rec-A-Day Day 20) The Amps “Pacer” This is a sister band, no pun intended, to the Breeders and also one third of my holy trinity of Kim which also includes Kim Gordon and Kim Shattuck (the last I’m not too sure of anymore but we’ll dish more about this at another time). This album will be the soundtrack to my “Pinball and Putas" outing tonight listen to the lyrics and you’ll know why… Oh, Deal sisters how I love thee!

Tried and True MixTape Hint: Tipp City is a great first song for almost any mixxxtape!

Long history w/ Veruca Salt… ummmm… I never got to meet them when Nina was in the band. For some fanatical purists I’m sure to be written off by the end of this sentence. Long and short of it……….. never miss a VS show when they are playing near me (even if sick as a dog i.e. the wasted space show). Once I took photos (when I was still really into photography_ for L. Post’s make-up artist (which turned out sooooooooo shitty). They are all always super sweet unless Post is arguing w/ her dude about vegetarian pizza… seen it first hand. xxx Dramathan

Of course it wasn’t the same carnation of Hole but it was rad-ass. I paid my 20 buxxx for premium parking by the stars dressed in a cardigan and my Divine t-shirt which sparked a couple of cool conversations. I was totally blown away two moments in the show… 1) wear she did a cover of “Play With Fire” by The Rolling Stones which is my fav out of all of the stones songs. I actually e-mailed Love and requested it… I mean the lyrical content read as her life. I like to think I had my hand in that but I’m probably just being a complete delude-n-noid. and 2) When she played her cover of “Gold Dust Woman” it seemed like the only time she was really in to it and was having fun. Great night. Esp. since the time before that I had bought tix to see her solo for “America’s Sweetheart” she cancelled because she got arrested. It happens.

Rec-A-Day Day 15) Bratmobile “Pottymouth" I still remember the first song I heard from Bratmobile…..it was "Panic”! I was screwing around on my friend’s Napster. Remember fucking Napster?!? Anyways I was messing around on his comp and It was that song then “Make Me Miss America” aka “And I Live in.." (not on Pottymouth). I recall thinking who the fuck is this lady and how did she get a hold of MY DIARY?!!! This album is totally from one of my top 3 bands of ALL TIME and also the album that is officially kicking off "Bratmobile Week!!!”. This piece of waxxx holds an extra place in my heart because it was how I became friends with my BFF Priscilla-the-Killah aka Bitchzilla aka Betty the Yetti aka Mrs. Danzing! (the last thanx to Frankenpeach!). If memory serves me right I was having a pool party in high school and I put on “Pottymouth”. Pris was the only other person who knew all the words and we drunkenly sang the album in it’s entirety. That’s how I knew she was down and it cemented our friendship! This album is small crash-course in feminism, bedroom-angst, D-I-Y culture and in short the Riot-Grrrl movement! Thank You Miss Wolfe! Thank You Bratmobile! Your My P.R.D.C.T. And if you wanna read a teeny tiny interview w/ Allison Wolfe on mix tapes by this guy go here: http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/zines/2437/   

P.s. “Cool Schmool”, “No, You Don’t” and esp. “Some Special” are always a repeat listen for me “I’m getting older/ Your getting younger and in this we are miles apart/Got some special velvet sidewalk/ "Too bad, it ain’t yers”.“

ok so what’s great about posting old zine shit is that I can really dish… so it was one of the first Fyeah Fests… when it was still actually called FuckYeah Fest…. anyway.. I went solely for this band. I’m sure many of you can relate, there are a lot of us who really only go to a show for the opening band… yes the lonely few. So I really wanted to hang w/ Molly from Bratmobile (and did) but she introduced me to Massimo Damiano. I mean he had a lot of stage presence and I dubbed him total swoon core but I really wanted to hang more w/ Molly. She thought he would be the best choice to do a little mini-view for my queer little zine so I was followed to meet him. One of my questions that I snuck in when I met him (being a cheeky little fuck) was “Did you know that your interviewer has a huge crush on you?” and that started it all. He sought me out later that night but I had a bf and you know I’m a good boy. The next night at a sold out Mika Miko show he came up to me and as soon as I introduced him to my boyfriend totally snubbed him! No hard feelings I still love his band even though Molly I don’t think is in it anymore… either is Fon (from the Hissyfits) and Carlos (of the Peechees). So yeah a whole zine got started from a little crush. That was also the night I was introduced to Two Tears and I mean Angela Chase had Frozen Embryos and Buffalo Tom, Reality Bites had Hey! That’s My Bike, Daria had Mystic Spiral but I…. I have Two Tears.

Rec-A-Day Day 14) Neko Case “Middle Cyclone” Got to see Neko Case @ The Hardly Strickly Bluegrass Feastival in Sf the year Marianne Faithful was also on the bill. I must say there were a couple of genius albums that came out in 2009 but this is my hands down fav from that year. "This Tornado Loves You" and still does.

Rec-A-Day Day 318) Rilo Kiley “The Execution Of All Things”

I have to give credit to bitchface for this because I went through this “I’m too underground to buy Rilo Kiley waxxx” stage for the longest. It’s bullshit valley damage and I apologize. I always loved Jenny Lewis’ lyrics and that’s what got me to drag my ass to go see them years back. It was a really great show and they closed with my fav song (at the time) “Spectacular Views”. Shout out to http://hellobitchface.tumblr.com/  again for making me re-listen to “More Adventurous”…esp “Portion For Foxes”, let’s see who gets their greedy little hands on the waxxx first.

P.s. Honestly the main reason why I decided to do Rilo Kiley today was because I re-watched Foxfire..hahaha.. I used to skip school w/ my friends in Jr. High and we would zap hot pockets and watch it over and over.

Favs: “The Good That Won’t Come Out”, “Paint’s Peeling”, “Capturing Moods”, and “Spectacular Views”

“So Long”,