Every morning I wake up to a new batch of moronic comments that I usually ignore, but comments on the photo of the little girls I met yesterday was too much.

Its not my job to tell others what to do to their bodies & I think its disgusting that its “okay” to say hurtful things to anyone because of their size, big or small. Also the first person to start a “health” debate on this photo will get banned. I’m so sickened by some of y'all that it’s too much today.

#effyourbeautystandards #stopthehate #dramafornoreason

No I am not going to continue to respond to rude and offensive stuff just because you’re CHOOSING to be offended by my statements. Like seriously, no need for drama. If you don’t like what I have to say, keep scrolling.

An Instant

Love comes in it’s most rarest and most unique moments, including arguments and fights. It consumes you and it grows within you without you even expecting it… I hate this feeling of knowing that tonight there was no “ I love you” I hate knowing that while you sleep, I think and replay every step in my head, every word said, every action taken and wonder if things could have been different… Yes, I hate the feeling knowing that while you sleep, I toss and turn in my head wondering if you are at least thinking of me as I am of you… And it’s in that instant, when you know how much you truly are and love that person because regardless of anything I will always say “ I love you”…

Ain't that some shit..

It’s astonishing how people I thought where cool are now all of a sudden choosing sides and shit I mean I guess that’s how true colors reveal themselves huh? And that shit today with Tafolla had me hella hot me and you have no problem but if you want one there will be one, and the whole Mimi shit is just frankly infuriating I assure you if it would’ve been the other way around and I hit you back instead of holding myself back then there would’ve have been so much shit talked about me but since that didn’t happen “oh where so proud of you” blah blah blah and she over there oh my hand hurts but that’s what you get when you call me a bitch and all this other bull shit 😤