me driving in Korea…

me: *sees car pull over to the side of the road*

me: Korean drama protagonist right there yep deeply pondering through a flashback what his crush said to him 30 seconds ago

Go get her. Are you going to let her get away? People always make fun of the way I dress. They say its tacky, unflattering, strange, and that I’m crazy. I know that. I know everything, but I play dumb, act calm and firm.
I just ignore it.
Because I like the way I dress.
Because I want to do it.
Because this makes me happy.
—  Jang Woo Jin
Favourite television series of 2017

 Descendants of the Sun

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Dr. kang Mo Yeon, was a strong female protagonist and I loved how real this show was in terms how even in your early 30s your career isn’t sorted. That even when you work so hard, unfair things may happen. But you can’t give up.

I love how she is a strong female lead and is honest about how important money is for her and why she chose to become a doctor. 

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I like how she was so realistic when she met Yoo Shi Jin at that cafe and told him how she feels about the military and how being a surgeon she cannot respect or understanding people killing people for any reason. Or just blindly following orders. I like how, in spite how how attracted she was towards Captain Yoo Shi Jin, she told him that they must not continue it further. 

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I like how none of them contacted the other in those 8 months no matter how much they missed each other. 

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Of course, it goes without saying, I was crushing on my Big Boss the whole time.

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  This series was well done with the cross over of the military and medical drama and was a perfect balance of romance and something bigger than ourselves. It was about moral dilemmas and emotional conflicts. About trusting your instinct and being brave. Being professional. Being true. 

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I can’t ever forget the scene when Dr. Lee Chi-Hoon is crying and says, ‘I’m crying because I’m okay. Because my life is okay’. 

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The romance between not just Wolf and Yoon Myeong-Joo was adorable in addition to Big Boss and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon 

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but also the friendship and love between  Song Sang-Hyun and Ha Ja-Ae was totally the sweetest thing. 

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Every time Song Joong Ki had English dialogues, I was grinning so hard. 

Kim Gi-Bum, Park Byung-Soo and Daniel Spencer are perfect examples of how every character in this series was so well done. Even though they were not the leads, their scenes were brilliant and it was easy to form a connection with them. 

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This series had everything! Suspense, intellectual and philosophical stimulation, romance, action, devastation, great chemistry between multiple characters, multiple thrillers and balance. 
I re-watched the whole thing as soon as I was done watching it the first time. I know many people hated on it because it became too popular or mainstream but I don’t care. 

Scenes like when Red Velvet was performing 

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When the parcel arrives for wolf and big boss and they run like their life depends on it,the morning when the female doctors are admiring the military men marching, the phone flip scene in the first episode, the first time Big boss is over at Dr. Kang Mo Yeon’s place and she goes to wash her hair but runs out of water, when Kang Mo Yeon runs to get her phone when what she recorded while she was in the car hanging on the cliff thinking she was going to die, was being played on the speaker, the two stuffed toys. 

The friendship between Big Boss and Wolf. 

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The frenemy dynamic between kang Mo Yeon and Yoon Myeong-Joo.

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Lee Chi-Hoon trying to figure out that kid’s name throughout the show. 
It is all perfect. 

The two plush toys!

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This tv series is pure gold. 

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PS The fact that The Song-Song couple actually go married is the best celebrity news in 2017.

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I think ep 8 and ep 9 are going to be my favorite episodes 😍 there are so many leaked videos that are driving me crazy ! I love this drama and I seriously am not ready for it to end, I don’t know how I’ll live without these two end their romance.