I just finished the last episode of Radiant Office and I’m so confused?

  • Was Seo Hyun a bad guy? Cause Ho Won basically forgave him for his shadiness and like why?
  • Why didn’t we meet this brother and why can he just order Seo Hyun to move to America?
  • How did Seo Woo Jin get his job back? And when did he say he was going to go on vacation?
  • And why give Do Ki Taek stomach cancer? He obviously wasn’t the stage 4 patient the doctor was talking about in the beginning so why?
Did I miss something??

But I will keep my promise. Whether a storm comes, whether no one is here and I am lonely, whether I am afraid because it’s a road I’ve never taken before, I will endure it all and go to you.

“Sometimes I wonder about actors I want to see paired up in a drama, based on how I think their acting styles would match. But I blame people on Dramabeans for my latest ‘I want to see them’ couple - Kim Woo Bin and Lee Sung Kyung. I think they’d have amazing chemistry, I just wish Sung Kyung was more popular so producers could actually consider this pairing.”


“It’s your life, Dad. I’d like it if you were happy. I’m okay with anything as long as you’re happy.” 

Can I be absolutely honest without alienating all the wonderful people who have decided to follow me in the last 12 hours?

Here it goes: I am not writing about ‘W’ because it is a perfect drama.

After six years of watching k-dramas and decades of watching dramas from other countries, you can become picky. And there are some moments when I am frustrated with ‘W’, but not in the way I am frustrated with a mediocre drama or a bad one. It is when you see a drama glimpse perfection, reach out but fall short. It is when you see a writer who is brilliant in coming up with concepts and plot twists, but her script is executed by a director who doesn’t linger on the character beats properly.

That’s why I wrote that internal dialogue of Chul in episode 11! I am sure that those emotions can be conveyed properly by the director if he chose some different directional cues. If he focused on the flickering hand and then a gaze from Chul’s face that is more a bitter smile than no expression, if there was a close-up of perhaps bandaged fingers when Chul practiced making pasta, if there was a shot of dozens of post-its tucked into Volume 34 of the manhwa… I’m sure they can come up with much more if they tried but somehow I am left imagining these details for myself!!

After eleven episodes, there are still moments that leave me cold when it is supposed to sweep me up. Sure, I cried watching ‘W’. I screamed watching ‘W’. I clutched my pillow tight and ripped out the stuffing. These are all the marks of a drama that is not normal, not pedestrian, not complacent – it is a drama who tries very hard to be brilliant and succeeds a lot, but there are still sometimes when I wanted a little more from a scene, a different edit of the dialogue, a different take of a close-up expression. I have to be honest.

But the reason I write about ‘W’ still, and write with such passion, is because I would rather have one ‘W’ than ten generic romances. Every episode is a challenge to the audience, making them keep up, asking more from the Korean (and International) audience than just some feel-good escapism at the end of the day. It asks questions about authorship, about what it means to have autonomy, discusses how fiction can cure real pain and how life is only worth living when you serve more than a singular purpose. 

It is a drama that doesn’t take the easy way out of a happy ending but instead wants the characters to earn it. Not through angsty tears or convoluted birth secrets or noble idiocy, but through working through a problem with logic, through collaboration, through quick thinking and great feats of bravery.

Which is why I could sit here and try to poke holes in such a drama, try to sound unique by asking ‘am I the only one who thinks that W is overrated’… but I won’t because I respect the cast and crew for the great leaps of faith they took to put a drama like this on-air. It may not be the most populist, it may not be the best, but it is certainly a drama I will never forget. I may always be viewing other fictional works through the prism of ‘W’ for a long time to come.

I write about ‘W’ because the discussion that has surrounded this drama had made me love reading hundreds of comments on Dramabeans. Not just flailing fangirling posts, but legit conversations dissecting medieval art history, scientific theories on parallel universes, or importance of character agency in literature. On Tumblr and Facebook, people write essays breaking down the cyclical evolution of the relationship between Yeonjoo and Chul and I can honestly say I don’t regret a single second spent reading it. 

Writer-nim has created such a rife and vibrant universe that people (both Korean audiences on Naver and international audiences on Twitter) can’t help but speculate and discuss and revel in the joy of loving something. More than anything, I love fictions with their own ecosystem and universes and you end up wanting to write fiction of every character because you want all of them to have their own happy ending. That’s how I felt about Harry Potter and Buffy. That’s how I felt about IHYV. That’s how I feel about W.

P.S. I’m not yet conviced this is Jongsuk’s best work, because I’m not the type of fan that says that he’s brilliant in everything he does. But he has a way of making Chul his own – the crisp effectiveness of his tone, the way he walks even,  and Lee Jongsuk’s particular brand of melancholy suits Chul to the bone. I can take it if you say Jongsuk has been better in other dramas, but I can’t take it if you say that other actors could have been better in this role than him. He IS Kang Chul.


“The Physics of Love”
by Kim In-yook

The size of a mass is not proportional to its volume
That little girl as small as a violet
That little girl that flutters like a flower petal
Pulls me with a mass greater than the Earth
In a moment, I
Like Newton’s apple
Mercilessly rolled and fell on her
With a thud, with a thud thud
My heart
From the sky to the ground
Continued to swing dizzyingly like a pendulum
It was first love


Translation Credit: girlfriday (Dramabeans)

The Physics of Love by Kim In-Yook

The size of a mass is not proportional to its volume
That little girl as small as a violet
That little girl that flutters like a flower petal
Pulls me with a mass greater than the Earth
In a moment, I
Like Newton’s apple
Mercilessly rolled and fell on her
With a thud, with a thud thud
My heart
From the sky to the ground
Continued to swing dizzyingly like a pendulum
It was first love

Trans by dramabeans
Picture credit by Cherish_Yoo @ Twitter


This is it y'all- the all inclusive, comprehensive guide on how I passed math this year. It was a long and difficult process but I found a method that worked for me!

I’m going to finish this and scan it into my google drive (with some examples) and give a copy to my math teacher from last year (he asked for a copy heh). What do y'all think?

Now Let’s Talk about Jung and acceptance

Okay, let’s move on from In Ho’s dominating screen time and his typical second lead move of “wait a month before rejecting me.“ They always try to delay the inevitable don’t they? But don’t despair, In Ho. Who knows! Shyamalan was allowed to do his twists, perhaps you can have yours too.

But let’s talk about the good stuff now. I read dramabeans’ recap of episode 14 (again will only watch after it all ends to save my heart from being broken) and it ends with Seol hugging Jung and saying she’s not going anywhere, that she understands what he’s feeling. This happens after another one of his Machiavellian plans. One that actually blows on his face for once (another push toward his maturing no doubt)! But the big change is that Seol says she understands him now.

How awesome is that? Well. It depends on your perspective on Jung, right? If you think he needs to change to be in a healthy relationship with Seol, the show’s choice of having her accept him without any sign that he regrets his past actions is frustrating.

But here’s the thing about Jung: no one has ever accepted the real him. A glimpse of it has turned In Ho against him (look, In Ho is free to do what he thinks is best for himself, and he had every right to be hurt by Jung, but it does not change Jung’s perspective and own feelings about the events. If Jung was hurt that much, then it hurt that much. He’s the only one capable of evaluating his own pain).

In Ha, while she claims to understand him, only sees his dark side. She thinks she’s looking in a mirror when she looks at Jung, but that’s just her own bias.
His father? Well, he’s the root of that problem.

For all his life Jung has, again and again, seen that trusting people with his true self leads to getting hurt. 

And someone who can’t trust won’t make the first move. He won’t open up, he’s too afraid. Seol needed to be the one who trusted first. Is that fair to Seol? No. But that’s how life works, that’s how relationships (of any kind) work. Sometimes you give more, you risk more if you truly want to reach someone. And yes, it is a risk. Seol is putting herself in a vulnerable position and she might get hurt. But it’s her choice. She’s doing this with open eyes. She knows he doesn’t show his emotions, she knows he believes he’s justified in his actions (for now).

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Baek In Ho vs. Yoo Jung: A Character Study in Two Fights

Cheese in the Trap is one of those shows I find myself thinking about a lot when I’m not watching it or between Mondays while I’m waiting for new episodes. Which for the purposes of this blog is great, because it inspires me to write a lot of meta.

In episode 7 of CITT, the contrasts and parallels of the scene of Jung beating the underwear thief and In Ho rescuing Seol from her stalker occurred to me. I even noticed on MDL or Dramabeans (possibly both) some saying that it was hypocritical for people to have a problem with the beat down Jung gave in episode 7 if they were swoony about In Ho white knighting for Seol in episode 5. Now that is interesting, isn’t it? Because I do think these two scenes bear some examination.

They also say a lot about the nature of our two main leads. So let’s do an in-depth comparison shall we?

Warning: This is really long, because when I write meta I like to use copious screen shots. But cutting it into two parts will lose the effect I think. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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anonymous asked:

1) It's kind of strange that on dramabeans there's more coherent and thoughtful critique than on tumblr. The entire last episode was a plot hole after a plot hole and deus ex machina. The only thing i can agree on is that the creator of W became a monster. Everything else is wishful thinking. Han Chul Ho didn't cause his happiness unless that bit is referring to the creator. Kang Chul was not created by the dad and he was always human. He can't become human.

 I agree that Yeon Joo can be sad and grieve BUT she was extremely passive prior to even knowing anyone was dead. She could draw a portal (like portals used by the killer) to reach KC. Her dad left after her, drew tons of things, spoke to HCH, and then somehow managed to get there almost at the same time she does. That’s what we mean by passive. She didn’t do anything and was only reacting to everything that was happening. How can a story end when villains die? How can the creator disappear just like that? So Hee deviated from her predetermined path. It makes absolutely no sense that dad can’t considering he is not even from that world. If his purpose is to kill KC, then he absolutely cannot disappear since KC is alive.

ok… before I even begin to break down your points. I want to preface this with, I realise everyone has their opinions. I know that everyone has their point of view. But you’ve come to the wrong place, if you expect me to agree with you and NOT defend a show that, from my tumblr you know I clearly love. I want to also tell you that there are many thoughtful and wonderful smart fans here on tumblr that VERY MUCH critique W. I’ve seen meta after meta that discusses Chul’s inner thoughts. I’ve seen meta after meta on here discussing the show in full length and it’s not just fangirling it’s real meta and discussion. I know someone who wrote an absolutely COHERENT AND WONDERFUL PIECE on W and it’s take on the entire multiverse theory. Don’t be so harsh and quick to judge us. 

I will admit when I think there is a fault. Because I for one preach that no drama is ever perfect. But you sound super judgemental by opening your ask with “dramabeans have more coherent thoughtful people on there”. So i’m not doing this for you who will probably still disagree with me after I break this down. I’m doing this almost in defence of us here on tumblr. We’re not any less coherent and thoughtful than those on dramabeans. 

You’re not very clear on what you mean by Han Chul Ho (the prosecutor) not causing his happiness? I mean he’s not supposed to be happy and he was written with the purpose of being a villain. An antagonist for Chul? And he didn’t exactly end happy, he died. I’d say more on this but I truly don’t understand what you mean. 

Kang Chul was not created by the dad and he was always human. He can’t become human.

If this is referring to something I said in my posts. Then I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough. When I say he became human I don’t mean he wasn’t human in the first place. I don’t mean he wasn’t real. But he was the main character of a webtoon. He was living inside a world that didn’t feel real to him. To Chul that world was fake, and it’s one he spent the entire show breaking out of. Part of his arc was about coming to terms with the fact that he is human. That he’s real

And what do you MEAN he wasn’t created by the dad? He was created by Yeon Joo but it was the dads drawings that brought Chul to life. I literally do not understand where this statement came from? Chul didn’t become human in the literal sense, but he ended up living in the real world. In Yeon Joo’s world. Which is where it was always supposed to end up because another huge part of Chul’s arc was not only coming to terms with his own existence, but finding what was real. Separating fiction from reality. And for that to be complete he had to move/integrate into the real world. 

And here I go again defending my princess Yeon Joo. Because nobody calls her passive and gets away with it. I’m sorry, but my post did say FIGHT ME, and for Yeon Joo I damn will. 

DRAW A PORTAL? I’m sorry but really? When was drawing a portal ever an option? She can draw just about anything but a portal was never something that was explored on the show (a portal that could be drawn). And to be frank. Introducing a new idea like that in the last episode would have completely thrown everyone. And for a fanbase that was clamouring for a less complicated show, you all are sure disappointed when it doesn’t complicate things further. What do you mean she did nothing prior? What do you expect her to do when she had no fucking idea where CHUL was? She couldn’t drawn him medical aid, or other ways to save him because she had no idea where his location was. But guess what this “passive” woman did? She drew a car to get to Chul, and 100% if she was able to save him before getting dragged back into her world then she would have done it. Because how can you call her passive when she’s saved him countless times and put herself in danger for not only Chul but basically everyone. Reacting to things is not being passive? By definition it means you’re doing something, so technically you’re not being passive by reacting to the world around you. Life is a series of reactions. And Yeon Joo only reacts to everything around her in the last episode, because there is literally nothing more she can do to fix the situation. It’s out of her hands pretty much. Did you expect her to be the one to save Do Yoon (bodyguard)? That always had to be Chul. Honestly i’m at a loss on peoples criticisms of Yeon Joo’s character because she is literally such an amazing strong character. I’m not sure what more you want from her. She’s not physical fighter? And at this stage what else can she draw? Get the portal out of your mind because like a said it’s not only too new an idea to introduce in the last episode, but she didn’t even know where Chul was. HOW DO YOU EXPECT A PORTAL TO AN UNKNOWN PLACE. She found out where Chul was AFTER she had already left the tablet and driven to find him. Again I want to reiterate that Yeon Joo did her best in the situation that she was in. And I don’t understand what everyone wants from her because she’s a fucking hero. But she’s not always going to be the one to save the day. Even hero’s need a break. 

The story ends when the villains die, because then the hero wins. And yes the webtoon didn’t show Chul’s happy ending, but I think it didn’t have to. It was programmed to stop when the villains died because a villains death signals the end of a story. It signals a win. And Chul’s entire path was about defeating these villains so when they died, even if he “died” too, that’s where the story ended. I think everyone forgets that the comic W itself wasn’t a story about romance. So why would it stop to show Chul’s happiness with Yeon Joo? Why would it stop to show he’s alive when it’s ended on cliffhangers with him dying before? It’s not going to. When you look at the show, Chul’s death was never the answer to ending the webtoon. It only cares about the villains being defeated. That’s what it was working towards. 

Ok. Did you forget that Sung Moo’s soul was linked with the killers? So when the killer died (I forget the name they gave him). But when he died, a part of the killers soul was still intertwined with his. He still retained all the memories of what the killer did. And that made he start to lose his mind because shooting his own daughter was not the only evil act he committed. He’s a monster. Now how I understood it was that he was dragged into the webtoon world not only because he was the creator, but because of that part of his soul linked with the killers. I think the reason he disappeared is because he was an inbetween, for lack of better word. He wasn’t quite the killer but the part of his soul that WAS the killers was affecting him. It was made stronger when in the webtoon. He’s constantly fighting against it. Your statement is contradictory because you’re saying “why can’t Sung Moo deviate from his predetermined path” and in the same breathe asking “why did he disappear when his (the killers) purpose was to kill Chul and Chul was still alive so he shouldn’t have disappeared”. I think by disappearing that was deviating from the predetermined path. Because he’s not the killer remember? He’s a monster but he’s not THE KILLER. He’s something entirely different. A different breed of monster because he’s part Sung Moo, part killer. His soul was confused, and because of this he didn’t have a predetermined purpose like everyone else in the webtoon. Sung Moo was undeniably damaged and I really saw no way he was going to not disappear. He had to. I think when they said that the villains had to die, they were referring not to Sung Moo, but the killer who died before sung moo, and then Han Chul Ho. The Sung Moo who disappears, was a monster, but not really the villain of Chul’s story. You know? 

I’m sorry for this really LONG response. But I couldn’t not reply to this. Because this show is my heart. And because you dissed people on tumblr for not being coherent and thoughtful when critique’ing W. I hope this was thoughtful enough for you. If it isn’t then please proceed to be swayed by negative comments on dramabeans and continue about your day. Smile, and be kind of people. Whether it’s dramabeans or tumblr, or another blogging social media platform, don’t be so quick to put one set of fans into a corner. Ok. That’s all I have to say on this, have a lovely day and i’m sorry if i’ve said anything to offend you. But you should know from my blog how passionate I am about this show. xx  

PS. There may be typos, that is because i’m VERY tired. Please don’t let that be a reflection on how coherent I can be. This is probably me at my least coherent. I had a big night last night. 

  • <b> Me:</b> wow! I have so much work to do!
  • <b> Me:</b> *watches episode 12 of kill me, heal me*
  • <b> Me:</b> *watches episode 14 of heart to heart*
  • <b> Me:</b> *checks kdrama thread on soompi*
  • <b> Me:</b> *reads drama recap at dramabeans*
  • <b> Me:</b> *watches episode 1 of I heard it through the grapevine*
  • <b> Me:</b> *checks kdrama tag on tumblr*
  • <b> Me:</b> why am i not getting anything done?