Gumiho is a fox spirit followed and obeyed the Three Gods Grandmother. Originally, she had all nine tails. But she was incredibly pretty! That was the problem. That gumiho came down to the world of humans and wanted to live as a human. But her unearthly beauty became a problem. The civil servants who needed to study stopped their writing. And the farmers who needed to farm stopped their planting. And the merchants who needed to sell stopped working.

They were all bewitched by the gumiho and could do nothing at all. The women couldn’t bear to see the men like that and went to the Three Gods Grandmother. Three Gods Grandmother was in a dilemma and she thought that if she found a husband for the gumiho, the problem would be solved. So she searched for a man to be the gumiho’s husband. But the women didn’t want to give up their husbands or sons to be husband to the gumiho, spread strange rumors about the gumiho.

“I heard she’s trying to eat a hundred men's livers and become a human!”

So Three Gods Grandmother cut off all the gumiho’s nine tails, and trapped her in this painting, so she could never come out into this world again.