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Hilcrhyme - personal color :D


Drama Theme es el rey Midas del hip hop en este maldito pais.

Fucking GOLD, son!

leavetheworldbehind Vacila osi.


“Perhaps the most difficult truth to swallow is Bella’s death. Unlike so many of the ends on this show, we knew this was coming. Bella has died a relatively natural death compared to the creatively gruesome murders that normally populate this show, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. It is confusing in other ways. As Bella puts it, she is not curious about the “absolutes” of death, but rather the “what ifs.” In one of the most powerful sequences of the episode and season, we see Bella being made ready and Jack readying himself for her funeral. It is seamlessly cut, a callback to a similar sequence in episode two that saw Will being stitched back together for life while Abigail was stitched back together for death. Like that sequence, it is intensely emotionally affecting.

So many “prestige” dramas prioritize theme, visual style, and highly-constructed dialogue over sentimentality. Hannibal is special because it recognizes that emotion elevates the recipe. Like all of Bryan Fuller’s shows, sentimentality is not something to scoff at, but rather the weight that makes everything else matter. This sense of sentimentality was somewhat missing in last week’s episode. In a new place and with so many new characters in play, it was unclear why anything mattered, why we should care what happened to Chiyo or The Caged Man beyond any basic human empathy. This week, we spent time with characters we have known from the beginning, struggling to get past everything we have endured with them. It is this emotional weight that grounded all else, elevating “Aperitivo” to the best episode of the season thus far.”

Hannibal Season 3, Episode 4 Review via Den of Geek’s Kayti Burt

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Drama▲Theme - Loyalty - 忠義

Drama▲Theme – Loyalty – 忠義

Drama▲Theme es un beatmaker Venezolanoque se ha ganado el respeto de los mexicanos a costo de bombo y caja, es un ferviente creador de rap beats y se encuentra constantemente liberando remixes y mash-ups de artistas admira. Su estilo explosivo, enérgico y constante; hacen que escuchar su trabajo te lleve rápidamente a mover alguna parte de tu cuerpo al son de su rebote noventero. Pues bien, hace…

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ECDLT con SHO-HAI - NO INTENTEN ESTO EN CASA [Videoclip] @clubdelostris3 @ladieresis @soytrafik @jompy_minimos @djlazerdogma

El Club de los Tristes presenta ”No intenten esto en casa” con la colaboración de Sho-Hai de Violadores del Verso.
Tercer single de el nuevo disco de Trafik, Jompy y Dj Lazer ”E.C.D.L.T”, producido por Drama Theme.

Para hacerte con una copia exclusiva del disco que saldrá durante el mes de Septiembre, envía un e-mail y haz tu pedido a: elclubdelostristes@gmail.com


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So I made a Video for “LOYALTY” the new single form Drama Teme’s new ep “BUSHIDO”

Hope you all enjoy


The Lion

July 23 - August 22

The fifth sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* pleasures, fun, playfulness, entertainment
* creativity, recognition, compliments
* romance, love affairs, sex, offspring
* children, childlike activities, childishness
* taking risks, gambling, sports, games
* performance, drama, limelight, applause
* hospitality, appreciation

Elemental Quality

Leo is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac. It can be likened to a fire burning in its appropriate place, such as a campfire, a blazing log fire, or a bonfire around which everyone can gather.

Fire changes substances, and Leos like transforming things with their energy. Being a fixed sign, Leos may be loyal, stubborn, and proud of their achievements.

Spiritual Goal

To learn the true meaning of love.

illustration by ashley yazdani
The Art of Manipulation by RZZMG

Hermione wants Draco Malfoy, and she’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Who even knew deceit could feel so good? Post-Hogwarts 7th year, AU. Romance-Drama-Comedy. 2013 DramioneLove Valentine’s Fest. One-shot. COMPLETE!

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Hermione G., Draco M. - Words: 2,266 - Reviews: 70 - Favs: 347 - Follows: 48 - Published: Mar 11, 2013 - Status: Complete - id: 9086706

I’m five minutes into the first episode of Arrow and I’m 90% sure they just recycled the Luther mansion from Smallville? Also: why do I keep watching superhero dramas with homoerotic themes?