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it’s so anoying that none of these things actually look like the guy, but it’s still good practice. ‘started watching Black Sails (and by that I mean ‘i have seen it all in four days’) and. well. Billy. just Billy. toopureforthispirateworld

Whiling away the hours until the very last episode of season three. Did we tell you it will be an extra-special double-length episode? Did we tell you that only after it’s released will the contest’s secret message be complete? Did we tell you of our plans for next season, and the season after next? No, of course not. We have to play some things close to the vest.

Tune in tomorrow for episode twenty-four.

Once Upon a Time stars tease new dangers in Wish Realm

Once Upon a Time‘s trip to the Wish Realm got really complicated in the winter finale — and the danger ratchets when the show returns on Sunday.

During the winter finale, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) found herself in the Wish Realm, a land in which she never became the Savior. In order to wake her from her reverie, Regina (Lana Parrilla) crushed the hearts of Queen Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and King David (Josh Dallas), making her the most wanted woman in the land.

Fortunately, Emma woke up. Unfortunately, their escape from the Wish Realm was interrupted by the arrival of Robin (Sean Maguire), who in this world is still very much alive. When the ABC fairy tale drama returns on Sunday, the Outlaw Queen reunion will take a quick turn as the palace guards, led by a vengeful Prince Henry (Jared Gilmore), aim to make the Evil Queen pay.

“We have to find a way out, and we have several people after us because they all think Regina’s really the Evil Queen,” Morrison tells EW. “She’s sought out as being this terrible person, so now Henry is after her trying to kill her. The danger is the entire kingdom is after us, and we’re just trying to figure out how to get back out to stop this weirdness.”

Despite being hunted, Regina may not actually want to leave now that she’s seen Robin again. But this isn’t the Robin that OUAT fans remember — this version is not Robin Hood, but Robin of Locksley. “Regina’s dominated by her emotions most of the time, and seeing Robin really shook her up,” Parrilla says. “She’s in a position where she has to figure out what she’s going to do with that relationship, and even though he’s not real, she has questions and she needs them answered. One of them is, ‘Was Robin better off without her?’ That’s her quest in the winter premiere. There’s still a part of her that is really hopeful.”

But facing off against her son may prove more difficult for Regina. “Killing the Charmings, it wasn’t a real sacrifice for Regina,” Parrilla says. “She was really just trying to wake up Emma, but then when Henry comes forward, it’s a whole different ball game. No matter whether Henry’s real or not, it’s still her son, so she can’t even fathom the thought of hurting him on any level. I think the real danger for them is getting trapped there.”


'Grey's Anatomy' Cast Offers Hope for Couples of Grey Sloan | EW

The cast of the ABC medical drama gathered at PaleyFest Sunday afternoon for a panel moderated by EW’s very own Henry Goldblatt. Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone, Jerrika Hinton, Kelly McCreary, Jason George, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Jessica Capshaw, Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew, Martin Henderson, Giacomo Gianniotti, and executive producer Debbie Allen revealed scoop about the upcoming Ellen Pompeo-directed hour, whether there’s hope for Jackson and April, if Meredith will finally take the next step with Riggs, and much, much more. Here are the highlights:

Pompeo’s directorial debut: After screening the upcoming Pompeo-directed hour, the actress credited Allen with getting her to direct her first episode. “This force of nature wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I’m forever grateful to her for that,” Pompeo says. Though this was the actress’ first time directing, she notes that she wasn’t nervous about landing the emotional weight of the Maggie-centric hour, but rather just the technical aspects. “I have the best cast in the world,” Pompeo says. “I wasn’t really afraid of anything.” However, Pompeo adds directing herself was “not fun, but I was lucky to have Debbie Allen right with me every step of the way, so when I was tired or confused, she jumped in.”

Maggie’s mom returns: LaTonya Richardson Jackson returns as Maggie’s mother ahead of the Pompeo-directed episode, therefore setting up the episode to heavily feature her treatment for breast cancer — so yes, Maggie will finally be in the know. However things shake out, her mother’s illness is certainly going to affect Maggie. “Major life events like this enable you to shift your perspective and reevaluate what’s important to you,” McCreary says. “For a long time, being one version of herself was the right way to do things.” Judging by this comment, it sounds like she may try to shake things up soon.

The future of Meredith and Riggs: While it looks like the duo might be heading toward an actual relationship, the question remains how Maggie will feel about that since she’s harbored feelings for Riggs since last season’s finale. “Women have to stick together,” Pompeo says. And if Mer did choose her sister over Riggs, Henderson says he’d understand. “I would respect it, but I think it would be sad because all men know that it’s impossible to be a great man without a good woman by your side.” Whether Meredith and Riggs explore a relationship or not, Henderson hopes we’ll get much more information about his character soon. “It’s been wonderful to play a character that’s polarizing,” he says. “There’s this mystery and enigma as to, ishe a good guy, is he a bad guy? … As an actor, after a couple seasons on the show, I’m looking forward to the opportunity for Nathan to be a in a relationship — whether it’s platonic or not  — to see who he is deep down.”

Will Jackson and April reconcile? After a steamy hookup in Montana, there’s hope that Japril might get back together, but Drew stays relatively coy about the future. “I honestly think the main takeaway is that these two people, there’s so much love there, there’s so much respect there, they know each other so well, so whether it continues toward romance or stays platonic, we know these two people are going to be OK,” Drew says. As for whether Jackson’s father, Robert Avery (Eric Roberts) will return, Williams says, “I hope so.” Adds Allen: “We planted a lot of seeds this season, and that’s one that could resonate in a lot of ways, but there’s more coming.”

Can Amelia and Owen’s relationship survive? Their relationship status is currently marked “it’s complicated” since Amelia now no longer wants to have kids, which is basically the one reason the relationship between Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh) didn’t survive. “He desperately wants a baby,” McKidd says. “Owen’s really struggling. He’s a very tortured guy — he thinks the thing that’s going to fix him is to have a family with this woman, but she doesn’t want to right now. He’s waiting and he loves her and he’s tortured and we’ll see what happens.”

What’s next for Jo and Alex? Though the two have been on the outs since Alex beat DeLuca within an inch of his life, now that Alex knows that Jo was married to an abusive man, he understands why she was hesitant to marry him. “He wants to marry her,” Chambers says. When asked whether he’d like Alex to end up with Jo or with — twist — Meredith, Chambers says, “Anything is possible, especially on Grey’s Anatomy. Who knows? He might end up with Catherine. I’d like to see how it fleshes out, the relationship with him and Jo.”

The relationship at the center of “Civil War”: Ever since the show introduced a replacement for Webber, the hospital has been at odds over Dr. Minnick (Marika Domińczyk) — well, except for Arizona, who has found romance with the new doc after ex-wife Callie (Sara Ramirez) moved away last season. “It’s been interesting, it’s been new,” Capshaw says, explaining that the show got to a point last season where viewers could “happily permit both of them to be happy without each other,” hence paving the way for Arizona’s new romance with Minnick. “I find myself at a point where there’s something exciting happening for her, there’s a newness. This season I feel like is the beginning of creating something new.” However, Capshaw hedges, “I have no idea if she’s the one.” For what it’s worth, when asked what her favorite ‘shipper name on the series was, she says, “I think I have to go with Calzona.”

The future of Grey’s? When asked what she thinks about the future of the show and where she’d like to see Meredith end up, Pompeo says, “Maybe why I’ve been able to do this show for so long is because I try not to have expectations. I do the same thing in my life, I try not to look down the road too far because we’re going to miss what happens right now today… I try to enjoy every moment with an open heart and an open mind… Life will tell me where I”m going. I don’t want to think about what’s next, I want to enjoy this moment.”

anonymous asked:

I need more of your modern parenting headcanons! Could we get some with Ace, Whitebeard, and Izo?

Thank you! I love writing these lmao?

also this took really long sorry boo 💖💖


  • Alright, so it’s really really hard for me to see him as a parent
  • He’s more of the really cool aunt who just kinda shows up out of no where and chills at people’s houses
  • His favorite years are probably the teen years, as it’s easier for him bc it’s like having a friend rather than taking care of a screaming potato
  • Though they’re super caring & don’t want their kiddo to go through any hardships, he LIVES for the high school salt 
  • Honestly he is probably is, if not one of the most petty people in the OP universe, & will help & absorb all the drama 
  • ^ Salty Sundays; the two of them will go to the mall, splurge, bitchily sip fancy coffee, & talk shit 
  • I mean, he’s the go to person for fashion advice; you’ll either always be complimented or told to ‘pour gasoline and burn those trashy rags’
  • that’s all I got


  • low-key probably the best dad in the op universe
  • His home is always open to any of his kids or their friends, or literally any kiddo in need
  • He trusts his kids, a lot. It’s very hard to break his trust
  • He’s also super forgiving and won’t hold anything ever against his kids
  • Even though it’s Thatch’s thing to cook; Whitebeard can totally grill out
  • Like during the summer, every Saturday everyone on the block comes together for like a party. People bring sides and drinks, and he just grills tf out of some grillable items
  • probably coaches a lil league 
  • He cares about school and grades, but only if they aren’t about to have a mental breakdown; bc to him a letter isn’t worth your sanity
  • he’s just a good dad man, you can’t really put it in words, he just is
  • like for real can he be my dad plz


  • the lit dad
  • that was not a pun
  • Shows up for EVERY dance recital, sport event, spelling bee, graduation
  • rEALLY LIKES playing with his kids
  • ^ they have really good imaginations & can make a castle out of a box??? who else can do that besides kids
  • ^^ and they’re super accepting & random too, ‘you wanna play pirates kiddo?’ “only if I can be a scientist, cowboy, princess, pirate’ ‘okay’ 
  • He’s pretty random too, like he’ll wake up & be like ‘yo kids, wanna go on a road trip to see the worlds largest yarn ball? if you’re not ready in five minutes I’m leaving without you’
  • garbage dad jokes
  • you know that weird thing when guys wear the baby chest strap thing? & then a bunch of girls come up and start flirting with them but they all have to do with the baby or being a dad so it’s kinda weird. yeah he’s that guy
  • *tries to make pancakes, some how they get stuck to the ceiling* 
  • literally has no idea what he’s doing help. him.
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Season 2 Trailer - Posted Friday, 12/11/15 8:30 pm

Eleanor Tomlinson decided she wanted to be an actress, aged just ten, while perched on the knee of a Nolan sister.

Which Nolan, I ask.

Tomlinson is sitting on a sofa in a London photographic studio. Now 24, poised, tall and whip-thin in a jumpsuit with an olive green trilby on her head, which she doesn’t remove for the duration of the interview, which is fine, if a bit off-putting. I’m not sure anyone I’ve interviewed remained behatted throughout; not even Marilyn Manson.

Regarding the Nolan:

“Whichever one was in The Bill,” Tomlinson says. (It was Bernie.)

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