drama spoilers


Bok Joo. Mom didn’t come to see me. She came here for money. To borrow money. My assumption was completely wrong. Even though I missed Mom to death, I persevered through it. I thought it was the same for her. Only I was happy to see her. It’s so embarrassing. I’m embarrassed…for myself.

Okay okay okay I know I panicked over the whole “LeFou is gay” thing, but I’ve seen it and I’ve got to say…they made it work. (SPOILERS) LeFou in this version is more of a good guy who fell in with a bad guy he rather quickly figures out is bad. He often tries to steer Gaston away from doing evil shit but gets ignored. He ditches Gaston for good and gets a happy ending, possibly with a boyfriend. It’s leaps and bounds better than I thought we would get, and it’s a good baby step in the right direction for Disney.

for fucks sake why couldn’t they have ended it with the gang eating cake in 221b


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Sherlock frickin’ Holmes
  • Sherlock “texts a restaurant owner specifically to go out of his way and come to the flat with John’s abandoned cane to prove his limp is psychosomatic” Holmes
  • Sherlock “lemme just put up my dukes and fight this enormous golem dude ” Holmes
  • Sherlock “goes to Buckingham palace wearing nothing but a sheet just to annoy his brother” Holmes
  • Sherlock “proves a huge frickin’ hell hound was just a hallucination by mixing a fear-inducing drug into his friend’s coffee and scaring the shit out of him in a lab” Holmes
  • Sherlock “gets placed in a jail cell due to excessive showing off” Holmes
  • Sherlock “pretends to take his best friend hostage to avoid being arrested” Holmes
  • Sherlock “literally fakes his own death” Holmes
  • Sherlock “dresses up as an over the top French waiter to surprise his friend with the fact that he’s not actually dead” Holmes
  • Sherlock “vaults over a table, bounces around the room, and talks about murder during his best man speech” Holmes
  • Sherlock “breaks out of a hospital, does a bunch of elaborate shit I’m not even gonna get into, then mediates the weirdest marriage counseling session ever with John and Mary, all while bleeding internally” Holmes
  • Sherlock “has a drug-induced dream about himself and people significant to him in the Victorian era, with maximum gothic drama” Holmes
  • Sherlock “calls his infant goddaughter by her last name” Holmes
  • Sherlock “walks around in such a way that he spells out the words “fuck off” with phone tracking just to mess with his brother” Holmes
  • Sherlock “aggressively recites Henry V while high off his ass and waving around a loaded revolver” Holmes
  • Sherlock “tosses said revolver to the side just to catch a falling cup of tea in midair can you say BRITISH” Holmes
  • Sherlock “finds out he has a sister, decides to get the truth out of his brother with the aid of a horror scenario complete with a creepy little girl, a fucking CLOWN, and portraits bleeding from their eyes Holmes
  • Sherlock “steals a boat, calls himself a pirate, and jumps into the air with his coat flapping in full grandiose fashion” Holmes