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What is BMC Femslash Week?

  • A full week dedicated to creating and promoting content for the greatly underappreciated femslash ships in the musical Be More Chill

What can I post?

  • Any and all types of content are both accepted and greatly appreciated! fanfiction, fanart, headcanons, moodboards, and anything else you can think of  would all be super great!

What can’t I post?

  • anything offensive (i.e. racism, fatphobia, smut as theyre underaged,, basically the regular stuff you try to stay away from)  

How Can I participate?

  • Create content and post in the tags #bmcfemslash or #bmcfemslashweek
  • Track those same tags for more femslash content
  • Post your fics in the ao3 bmcfemslash collection
  • follow the @bmcfemslashweek blog for a tagged collection of bmc femslash content!

What are the prompts/themes?

  • Day 1 September 1st - Pining
  • Day 2 September 2nd -  Fluff, Angst, or Hurt/Comfort
  • Day 3 September 3rd - Halloween Party 
  • Day 4 September 4th - Poly Ship
  • Day 5 September 5th - Role Swap (with anyone in bmc!, not just with each other) 
  • Day 6 September 6th - Soulmates
  • Day 7 September 7th - First ‘I Love You’

What ships can I create content for?

  • all of them! chloe/brooke, brooke/christine, christine/jenna, chloe/brooke/jenna, jenna/christine/brooke, all four of the girls together, or any other combination thats interests you the most!

When can I get started? Why is it so far away? 

  • we’re giving you a little over a month to plan and organize what you’re going to post for femslash week so you can get started planning right away! just remember to save your posts for when femslash week is actually going down!

How can I participate if I can’t create content? 

  • reblogging this post and spreading the word to as many bmc content creators as possible!

Please remember this is all about having fun and creating more femslash content, you absolutely don’t need to follow the prompts but creating any type of femslash content at all for the week would mean a lot to a lot of wlw fans! Thank you and please please have fun with this!

It was my responsibility to do this, therefore I am not sorry.

Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2
  • Viktor: *grossly sobbing* LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY PEONIES!
  • Yuuri: *holding Viktor* Good god, I think he's right! They are marigolds!
  • Viktor: I may not know my flowers... bUT I KNOW A BITCH WHEN I SEE ONE!
Connected souls (Fili x Reader)

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A/N: Requested by anon: May I request #88 w/ Fili? […]

#88 = “After everything… I’d still choose you.”

Thank you so much for your request and I’m really sorry that it took me nearly two weeks to write it, but this one is for you and I really hope you like it.

I had planned to make this a twoshot, but I decided to not let you wait any longer.

I used Khuzdul in this, but I put the translation right behind the words in brackets, for that you guys won’t have to scroll down all the time xx. 

I hope you enjoy :)

Word count: 4282 (I don’t know what happened…)

Warnings: Lots of drama, I never thought that I’m the drama queen type of girl lmao, but I guarantee you a happy ending.

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Thank you guys so much for the kind words and the pep talk on my little tantrum haha. You guys are so wonderful it makes me cry. I am so lucky to share a fandom with people like you who are so respectful, intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and positive. 

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