drama on ice


so I got this idea of Rise of the Guardians-YOI AU where Victor fell thru the ice and became Jack Frost while Yuri succumbed to his darkness after losing Victor and became Pitch. 

Just imagine the freakin drama when Frost remembers who they were but Pitch doesn’t and is too far gone. 

Jack Frost: [whispers] What did you do?

Pitch: The question is Jack…What did YOU do?


Things i wouldn’t even be surprised by : This
But real talk here,am i the only one who thinks that Yuuri may grow a little over confident with Victor? There was something i could smell already since episode 3…just something …

Victuuri Week Day 2: Historical Drama AU (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶”

in which Viktor is a yangban who falls in love with this extremely cute and intelligent scholar ~

Part of my Swan Prince Victuuri!AU !!!! And I still don’t know what I’m doing !!! Yuuri finds an injured swan in the woods?? Stay tuned for what happens next (maybe) !!!


I really got too much time

Okay, so we all know that Victor brought a sofa with him to Hasetsu.

And yes, here we see the sofa. 

BUT when I was watching yoi again I noticed something….

Oh could it be……another…..fucking…


Victor Extra Nikiforov got himself two sofas. I just can’t, this boy is too much

tfw your teammates don’t forget about you and love & appreciate you ;u;
happy birthday to my boy georgi, forget anya, you deserve happiness!!! 


(im just a few hours late, but still hbd!) 

Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2
  • Viktor: *grossly sobbing* LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY PEONIES!
  • Yuuri: *holding Viktor* Good god, I think he's right! They are marigolds!
  • Viktor: I may not know my flowers... bUT I KNOW A BITCH WHEN I SEE ONE!
I can’t believe this fandom is incapable of differentiating between love on ice and yuri on ice

Love on ice barely resembles Yuri on ice. Barely. The coach/student lover thing? not new. Yuri on ice just did it extremely well. This hallmark thing has like 2 things in common with Yuri on ice: coach/athlete dynamics, ice skating. Sure the main girl is like leaving figure skating and is 26, but that’s only very very very superficially similar to Yuuri/victor. Yuuri bombed the GPF, and he actually wanted to continue skating even after that. He thought that this last season would be his final, and mainly in part because he thought he was holding Victor back. Victor was still going strong in the figure skating scene, and was being stifled with his need to constantly surprise the audience so took a year off to coach the best figure skater in japan he fell for at the GPF banquet. Not the same as love on ice at all???? 

Remember everything that made yoi unique and interesting? Realistic portrayals of anxiety? Realistic characterizations overall? Awesome supporting side characters? Multiple lgbt characters, characters from all over the world, characters of a variety of ethnicity’s? Maccachin? Beautifully done romantic plot? That fantastic plot twist in ep10? Professionally done choreography and costumes? Love and dedication from the people who made it? Wide sweeping critical acclaim? Yeah, love on ice will have none of these. 

Maybe a couple thousand middle age or older white women will watch love on ice when it comes out and then the entirety of planet will forget it’s existence. Why are people panicking over it?

I find the existence of love on ice less insulting than the fact that this fandom literally can’t tell the difference between the two. What the fuck guys.

Glad to see that the YOI fandom moved on from the burning trainwreck that was the movie that shall not be named.

Lesson for the future? Don’t get involved at all because whatever terrible thing is going on, it probably isn’t what we think it is and we just end up getting swept up in the negative hype. Just stay calm, breathe, wait and think rationally until everything blows over. There’s a 90% chance that whatever drama was going on was no big deal after all, no matter how bad it looked at first.

Drama Queen
  • Victor: Hey Yuuri, do you hear... Super angsty music playing?
  • Yuuri: You know, I thought I heard crying but the music was so loud I wasn't sure. I'll go check.
  • Yuuri: *knocking on Yuri's door*
  • Yuuri: Hey... Are you okay? What's wrong?
  • Yuri: NotHING! GO AWAY!!
  • Yuuri: I'm coming in!
  • Yuri: No, stupid pig!
  • Yuuri: Aww, poor baby, is it boy trouble?
  • Yuri: *sniffling* ...yeah, Otabek hates me and wants to break up with me!
  • Yuuri: *holding Yuri* Oh... This seems... Sudden. Victor, honey, come up here. Did you know about any of this?
  • Victor: Of what?
  • Yuuri: Yuri and Otabek's problems?
  • Victor: No... They didn't have any problems last I heard.
  • Yuri: He hates me and won't text back!
  • Victor: Haha, he probably just forgot to! I do all the time!
  • Yuri's Phone: *dings*
  • Yuri: Oh, he texted back.
  • Yuuri and Victor: AND?!??!!!
  • Yuri: Lmao, he just forgot. Silly Beka Bear!
  • Yuuri and Victor: *walking away* What a drama queen.
  • *Music and crying resumes less than a minute later*
  • Yuuri and Victor: Jfc