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Catch gold medalist, skating legend Viktor Nikiforov ghibli sobbing into Christophe Giacometti’s (sparkly, freshly pressed- oh my god Viktor stop) suit while his husband-to-be Katsuki Yuuri is dead to the world, passed out on the floor naked with said skating legend’s panties on his head, just because he misunderstood a joking remark (Of course I’m not as flexible as you! But they- Sha… Chihoko, they’re so flexible, and gold glittering, always stretched into the Boston crab position… So unforgettable, on top of Hasetsu Castle) as Yuuri talking about a mythical ex who dared to be more flexible than him. “I thought I knew everything about him,” he sniffles prettily on the delicate cashmere, smearing it with snot as an horrified Chris pats him on the arm “Who is this person? This Shi- Chihoko?!”

Catch the same Viktor Nikiforov ignoring that it’s cold as balls and climbing up the tallest building in Hasetsu, butt naked and everything because he has nothing to hide and everything to prove, flexing his heart (and still more than acceptable pecs, thank you very much) out and bellowing “This person may be Yuuri’s past, but I am his now!

Enter a flushed, very hangover Katsuki Yuuri, who had to run there, just in time to hear Viktor yelling at the top of his lungs, “IS THIS BETTER THAN CHIHOKO” confused as to who the hell is this Chihoko guy, and why exactly is his fiancé trying to become a replica of the shachi placed atop of Hasetsu Castle again? 

“He thinks Chihoko is your ex,” someone suspiciously sounding like a delighted Phichit supplies, followed by the shutter of a camera.

Yuuri takes a deep breath, blushes wildly just thinking about what he’s going to say. “I could search the whole world, nobody is better than you!”

And there Viktor is, a determinate, intimately smitten expression written all over his face, as he sniffles from the cold, fixing him with a fierce gaze and “Yuuri,” he pleads, “Strip and join me here!”

Let it be said that Katsuki Yuuri really, really loves Viktor Nikiforov, because even as he lets out a long suffering whine, he’s already reaching for the hem of his shirt and pep talking himself into public humiliation.

“What the actual fuck,” Yurio screeches, and Otabek places a hand over his shoulder and drags him away.


my personal fave warrior cat scenes

- when silverstream met graystripe AKA “what are you doing on riverclan territory?” “drowning?” “cant you go drown on your own territory?” “ah but who would save me there?” 

- when cloudtail was teaching daisy fighting moves and cloudtails like “ok pretend im a badger coming to hurt your kits” “but my kits really like you???”

- when fireheart came to the medicine cat den in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to talk to cinderpelt about sandstorm and cinderpelt was so tired that she finally was like “fireheart….literally everyone in the clan can see sandstorm has a crush on you” and he was like “i….wait….WHAT”

- when ravenpaw caught the adder and graypaw and firepaw were so proud of him that graypaw tried putting the dead adder around the apprentices den so he could show off the fact that ravenpaw did something so cool to dustpaw and sandpaw

- when the clans were coming to the lake and brambleclaw noticed his mama goldenflower having a hard time moving down the hill and he went over to help her walk down

- also the scene where brambleclaw was worried about something and goldenflower just cuddled w/ him until he fell asleep

- when jaypaw, hollypaw, and lionpaw were playing outside of thunderclan camp and were trying to organize a mock battle and they tackled brambleclaw when he padded over to them

- that one scene in one of the field guides where squirrelflight is showing the reader around thunderclan camp and she jumps onto the highledge and says “okay and this is how firestar starts a clan meeting” and then she’s like “SHIT ok we have to get out of here there’s actually cats coming out of their dens run run run”

- when squirrelpaw was going on the journey and leafpaw was listing off herbs to her and squirrelpaw was like “i’ll be fine dw” 

- when the fire happened in rising storm and thunderclan took refuge in riverclan camp and graystripe shows fireheart to his kittens, and IMMEDIATELY they know who he is bc graystripe talks to them about fireheart constantly

- that scene where fireheart was attempting to apologize to sandstorm and runningwind was just sitting there all quiet w/ this smirk on his face bc it was sorta awkward but he was getting info on drama

- when mousefur called a clan meeting. brambleclaw: can she do that | brackenfur: she just did it

- when firepaw got in trouble for feeding yellowfang and he couldnt have fresh kill that night, so graypaw tried to sneak him an extra mouse and tigerclaw caught him and graypaw, being the good friend he is ate another whole mouse so firepaw wouldnt get in trouble and got a bellyache afterwords

- that time when firepaw got so annoyed w/ yellowfang that he snapped at her and let his temper go and he thought yellowfang was crying and he was about to apologize when he realized she was laughing at him

- “lionblaze fought a fox” jayfeather: yeah i know he’s an idiot

- “thanks, jay”

- when lionblaze is thinking of cats who could be training in the dark forest and he takes one look at whitewing and just goes “no way. never.”

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louis, after coming down and getting home: so, babe, I might have fucked up just a little bit... harry: you have no idea how pissed off I am right now. louis: I know love just- harry: where the fuck is mine? you know I like the weed from peru the best, you better have brought some back and been polite to nigel (their dealer) louis: wtf??? harry: if you didn't bring me weed there better be another ring in your pocket louis william tomlinson or so help me god

Hdjd ok but this is real (especially the ring part, because Louis would’ve bought one anyways) 


[INFO] Taemin will appear in a drama “Final Life” set to air every Friday starting with September 8th! Taemin also sings an OST for “Final Life” which is titled “What’s This Feeling”!
Trans: mredwardsanders

Corpse✝Heart Story & Characters

A very odd musical, performed by undead princes.

In England, there exists a night school for black magic, known as “Unknown School”. The motto of the school is “Death is the beginning of eternity” and all kinds of undead creatures, such as ghouls, liches, mummies and wraiths gather there. They have only one aim – to obtain the “jewel heart” belonging to the Princess of Unknown, which is said to bring a person back to life.

Once again, the annual “Revival Festival” comes around and the undead princes begin their fight for possession of you…

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You know what I will never be over?

That canonically (and I would say this includes the hotpot scene) is that when Victor and Yuuri get drunk they get jealous but that jealousy translates as “IM GONNA EARN HIS ATTENTION BY BEING THE AWESOMEST…WHILE NAKED!”

Like Banquet Yuuri wanted Victor’s attention so he got in dance battles and stripped and pole danced.

Victor got naked at the hotpot place

Now with this drama info:

Yuuri suggested a drunk strip drinking game (and did a naked Eros routine!?!? I’ve seen that suggested in summaries)

Victor climbed a castle naked and did stretches while yelling that he loved Yuuri

You can try to argue that isn’t canon but it is entirely in character

All of this is idiotic and adorable and they are both such incredibly extra idiots.

Also why I think sober Yuuri stripped and joined Victor. Because he’s lived with him long enough and they are both so extra that they make each other worse. It’s too normal for them now

Shizaya facts you (probably) didn’t know about Izaya Orihara
  1. Izaya officially and canonically stated that he has seen Shizuo’s sleeping face and that it was cute (yep he used “kawaii” for how Shizuo looked while sleeping)
  2. He also said that Shizuo is actually fun sometimes
  3. While talking about Shizuo’s sleeping face, Izaya said that there are many fun things he could do with sleeping Shizuo; his first idea and example was to undress him and let him wake up naked on 60dori street in Ikebukuro
  4. Izaya said that yes, he wants Shizuo dead as soon as possible, but if he plans to live a bit longer, he should grow to be a bit more human, then he might like him more.
  5. Just saying there but he specifically uses “motto suki ni nareru” –> that he would like him more than he already does.

Generally all this CD is Izaya being revealed to not hate Shizuo as much as he claims and it’s perfect.

all translations and links courtesy to @roppicrimsonveil

Müge Boz as Hatice Turhan Sultan

Turhan Hatice Sultan (c. 1627 – 4 August 1683; Turhan meaning “Of mercy”), was Haseki Sultan of the Ottoman Sultan Ibrahim (reign 1640-1648) and Valide Sultan as mother of Mehmed IV (reign 1648-1687). Turhan Hatice was prominent for the regency of her young son and her building patronage. She and her mother-in-law, Kösem Sultan, are the only two women in Ottoman history to be regarded as official regents and had supreme control over the Ottoman Empire. Turhan Hatice herself was the only one in Ottoman history to equally share the power of running the entire empire with Ottoman Sultan legally, although in fact she transferred her political power to the grand vizier. As a result, Turhan became one of the prominent figures during the era known as Sultanate of Women.