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You know what I will never be over?

That canonically (and I would say this includes the hotpot scene) is that when Victor and Yuuri get drunk they get jealous but that jealousy translates as “IM GONNA EARN HIS ATTENTION BY BEING THE AWESOMEST…WHILE NAKED!”

Like Banquet Yuuri wanted Victor’s attention so he got in dance battles and stripped and pole danced.

Victor got naked at the hotpot place

Now with this drama info:

Yuuri suggested a drunk strip drinking game (and did a naked Eros routine!?!? I’ve seen that suggested in summaries)

Victor climbed a castle naked and did stretches while yelling that he loved Yuuri

You can try to argue that isn’t canon but it is entirely in character

All of this is idiotic and adorable and they are both such incredibly extra idiots.

Also why I think sober Yuuri stripped and joined Victor. Because he’s lived with him long enough and they are both so extra that they make each other worse. It’s too normal for them now

Müge Boz as Hatice Turhan Sultan

Turhan Hatice Sultan (c. 1627 – 4 August 1683; Turhan meaning “Of mercy”), was Haseki Sultan of the Ottoman Sultan Ibrahim (reign 1640-1648) and Valide Sultan as mother of Mehmed IV (reign 1648-1687). Turhan Hatice was prominent for the regency of her young son and her building patronage. She and her mother-in-law, Kösem Sultan, are the only two women in Ottoman history to be regarded as official regents and had supreme control over the Ottoman Empire. Turhan Hatice herself was the only one in Ottoman history to equally share the power of running the entire empire with Ottoman Sultan legally, although in fact she transferred her political power to the grand vizier. As a result, Turhan became one of the prominent figures during the era known as Sultanate of Women.

Corpse✝Heart Story & Characters

A very odd musical, performed by undead princes.

In England, there exists a night school for black magic, known as “Unknown School”. The motto of the school is “Death is the beginning of eternity” and all kinds of undead creatures, such as ghouls, liches, mummies and wraiths gather there. They have only one aim – to obtain the “jewel heart” belonging to the Princess of Unknown, which is said to bring a person back to life.

Once again, the annual “Revival Festival” comes around and the undead princes begin their fight for possession of you…

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anonymous asked:

You say the script is already planned out but how come how come Jeremy talks about the scripts changing?? And steven and josh talk about improvised lines?

I’m gonna throw in my two cents first. Yes, scripts can change, but not drastically. Like Jeremy not being able to talk Spanish in a good enough accent? But hey, guess what? That wasn’t even in season 1 or 2 which means it’s most likely in season 3 WHICH btw is most likely in production by now and especially waaay before now, especially if they plan to do a June release (to correlate with their initial release. Typcally shows have their Summer release: June. And their fall/winter release: January and then keep with that release time frame for following season. June, January, June, January, etc). And yes, there’s room for line improvising, scripts aren’t set in stone. Just like how Steven likes to record multiple versions of a line. That’s one version of improvising. Improvising doesn’t always mean changing the line completely. 

But anyway, I had a friend answer this question for me. They’re a film graduate so trust me when I say this: they literally know what they’re talking about. Their response: 

From the moment you pitch a pilot to a network, you have what’s called your “bible” for your show. [the vld team calling it the Voltron Bible isn’t just a joke; that’s literally the industry term]. Inside that bible is everything you would need to pitch your entire show and get it on the air. Literally everything a network needs to see in order to 100% accept or deny a show at that pitch meeting. Full character descriptions, early art mock-ups, [in the case of voltron] alien planet descriptions and initial alien designs, setting descriptions, etc. What’s also included here is a breakdown by season of the overarching plotlines. First season usually has full episode descriptions, episode-by-episode, of what happens in each. Think like a wikipedia “list of episodes” description but two or three paragraphs instead of a few sentences. Subsequent seasons have an overall rundown of what happens for the full season —typically 4-5 paragraphs— although if you’re doing a short run they may just go ahead and do full ep descriptions for each. [Side note: A standard season is 26 episodes. A standard run is 3-5 seasons.] Voltron is currently gunning for five, which means they’ve already got their overarching plotlines planned for a minimum of five seasons.] Also included in this bible is the full script for your pilot episode, done set and ready to go so you can hand it over to the network and they can see exactly how this show is gonna potentially go. Now, once you get the greenlight for the pilot you start with storyboarding and animation, scriptwriting for the rest of the episodes; next you get your voice actors together and start recording and all that fun stuff. As storyboarding progresses and such, there may be a little wiggle room in the animation for lines to be fudged or improvised based on the script, but  they have to still match the animation so they can’t be too far off the mark. Things like Keith’s mom being MIA, him having a Blade of Marmora and him being half-Galra? Planned from the get-go. Literally plot points that big would never be left out from the bible. Same for Lance being Cuban and his love for Varadero Beach. Keith’s father being human would also be in there. Texan accent likely was implied since they would’ve included where Keith was from just like Lance. Now, Voltron is a bit unique in that S1 and S2 were intended to be one full standard season at 26 eps, but with their promotions and hype and pressure from upper management, they decided to split it and released the first half as S1 and the second half as S2. This means that all 26 eps would’ve been outlined and scheduled for a production timeline at the same time and everything that happened in S2 was planned from the pitch . Literally not even ‘planned since the pilot aired’ it’s planned. from. the. pitch. This is why shows like Firefly suffer when they get cancelled early and just leave you on a massive cliffhanger with no end in sight, and why it’s so difficult for things like Young Justice to condense to two seasons when they found out they wouldn’t be getting more airtime— everything they dropped in a “five year gap” would’ve been your S2-S3 in all likelihood, and they had to skip a bunch to even get to a reasonable cutoff point to even attempt a grab something other than an abrupt and awkward cliffhanger.

So there you have it. Also, yes, actually season 1 and season 2 of Voltron were meant to be one big season, Keiths dad having a Southern accent was literally already recorded before Season 1 even aired. 

“The funny thing with animation is that in order for it to be done by a certain time, it’s got to start forever ago. So we’ve known about season 2 for a long time, and it was pretty much done before season 1 ever came out. We didn’t get any sort of budget, we didn’t even get people off our backs. We didn’t get any kind of backing off until [the first season] came out and it was really successful.”
                          - Montgomery

“Honestly, for us, it feels like a giant season. But production wise, it very much was a season 1 that was split into two seasons.”
                         - Dos Santos

There you have it my friend. Sinningpaladin had ZERO fucking influence on Keith’s dad having an accent. Galra Keith? Pitched from the beginning, it wasn’t because of the fandom. Relationships? Most likely already pitched and they have a general idea, especially if they have at least 5 seasons planned and “promised” already. Like, if y’all wanna continue to believe this kid, be my guest. Whatever, but Dreamworks is getting involved legally already sooo… Any “deets” they’ve ever given were really vague. The info they posted about NYCC? They posted it like a few days prior to the con and all of that panel info was available 2 months prior to the con. I don’t even think they actually have a grasp on what a PR actually does either……. Not to mention that a PR has to be onboard the project from nearly the beginning and Sinningpaladin? Yeah they started the show in late June. After the release. So there’s that. 

Shizaya facts you (probably) didn’t know about Izaya Orihara
  1. Izaya officially and canonically stated that he has seen Shizuo’s sleeping face and that it was cute (yep he used “kawaii” for how Shizuo looked while sleeping)
  2. He also said that Shizuo is actually fun sometimes
  3. While talking about Shizuo’s sleeping face, Izaya said that there are many fun things he could do with sleeping Shizuo; his first idea and example was to undress him and let him wake up naked on 60dori street in Ikebukuro
  4. Izaya said that yes, he wants Shizuo dead as soon as possible, but if he plans to live a bit longer, he should grow to be a bit more human, then he might like him more.
  5. Just saying there but he specifically uses “motto suki ni nareru” –> that he would like him more than he already does.

Generally all this CD is Izaya being revealed to not hate Shizuo as much as he claims and it’s perfect.

all translations and links courtesy to @roppicrimsonveil