drama in the sky

sunflowers or roses? skirts or dresses? books or movies? long sleeves or short sleeves? quiet libraries or crowded coffee shops? sweet or sour? city or countryside? Nutella or peanut butter? romance or drama movies? pictures of flowers or pictures of the sky? skin care or hair care? watermelon or honey melon? horses or ponies?


Goth girls you wanted to be in middle school


“Maybe we tried to leave as much memories of ourselves with each other because we knew one day we wouldn’t be together anymore.”
― Makoto Shinkai, 5 Centimeters per Second.

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Imagine having a bad fight with your fiance, Jensen, when he thinks you’re cheating on him with your ex, Tom, and running to him for comfort. Only to worry Jensen even more when you don’t answer any calls.

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Imagine getting a role in a movie with your ex Tom and Jensen, your current boyfriend, getting jealous and worried. (Part 2)

Imagine Jensen, your boyfriend, visiting you on set when you have a intense kissing scene with your ex and costar, Tom. (Part 3)

Imagine being engaged to Jensen and being involved in a scandal when you’re seen out on a “date” with your ex, Tom Hiddleston. (Part 4)

It felt like someone was playing a sick joke on you, making your life look like some terrible drama romance movie as along with your blurry vision clouds formed in the sky and in seconds rain poured down. You drove just as fast as before, which wasn’t such a good decision considering it was raining cats and dogs. You swerved a couple times and in the end just slammed on the breaks, making the car come to a halt. You placed a hand over your mouth, trying to muffle theuncontrollable sobs that would leave your lips, shutting your eyes as the tears fell worse than the rain outside. It was nighttime by now, and leaving in such a condition and with such a weather wasn’t a wise decision but you couldn’t face him another second. It wasn’t the man you loved, not the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, facing you that moment. And although you saw a flash of Jensen when you took off the ring you still couldn’t stay.

You clenched the steering wheel in your fist, eyes shut tightly as your entire body was shaking. You heard the messages arriving and breaking the silence numerous times during the ride, and when it wasn’t that it was calls. At this moment your phone was ringing once more and just the thought of Jensen being on the other end, waiting for you to pick up, while pacing around nervously and anxiously because you had left with such a weather and an emotional mess. He was getting worried but you didn’t have the mind to think about that. Your sobs were getting too much for you to handle, you couldn’t even breathe, and all you needed was to get out of this small space of your car and breathe fresh air. Not even caring about the rain you pushed the door open and climbed out, eyes casted to the ground as you let the downpour soakyou to the bone.

You were only relieved you could feel your lungs working properly again. You gritted your teeth and with shaky hands you reached in and took the keys, locking your car and pushing away from it. With wobbly legs you walked down the road, arms wrapped around yourself, and eyes casted down. You didn’t need another look other the first one you got a few minutes ago. You knew this road.

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Hirakawa Daisuke 20DH Fan art

Which is your favorite character?

-Senbonzakura (saga Zanpakuto)

- Makoto Itou   - Rei Sagara    - Legolas      - Will Turner.

-Bernard          -Rei Ryūgazaki

- Hayato Aozora            - Noriaki Kakyoin

- Suguru Ohmi      - Shiki Natsumezaka

- Akari     -Sakamaki Laito     -Mayuzumi Shizuma

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