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Year: 2004
Number of episodes: 74
Producer: Madhouse
Author: Urasawa Naoki
Languages: Japanese and English
Genres: mystery, drama, horror, police, psychological, thriller, seinen
Rating: R 18+
Plot: In Europe post WW2 a talented Japanese brain surgeon Dr.Kenzo Temna who is highly praised by his peers and loved by his patients suddenly takes a turn for the worse after he denies to perform a surgery on the Mayor of the town and rescues a young boy instead. Suddenly the people who shun Dr. Tenma for what he did all suddenly died his life became normal again and he lived to the fullest helping people for many years. 10 years later people suddenly start to be killed off again like before and Dr.Tenma discovers the one behind the murder is none other bu the boy he haves 10 years ago Johan Liebert who is a murderous monster, handsome and all too smart to be caught. Dr.Tenma finds it in his right to be the one to stop Johan and kill him to save the world from his monstrous ways. Review Undercut.

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Fukumenkei Noise

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 7 (Emitting, every Tuesday)

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Personal Opinion: Being a new anime still not many things happen but I have to say that these seven episodes have been a total madness, super good, leave you wanting to keep seeing more.

PS: Give it a chance!


Tokyo Ghoul

Year: 2014
Number of episodes: 12 (s1) + 12 (s2)
Producer: Studio Pierrot
Author: Ishida Sui
Languages: Japanese 
Genres: action, mystery, drama, horror, supernatural, psychological, seinen
Rating: MA 15+
Plot: In Tokyo a species called “ghouls” is feared throughout the city. Ghouls are known to eat humans and are unable to digest any human food or beverages besides coffee, the have super human strength and supernatural powers which make them feared among masses and has a whole government defense force whose soul purpose is to wipe out ghouls. When ordinary university student Kaneki Ken is forced to become half ghoul against his will he has to learn how to deal with life as a ghoul and struggle to live as a human. Review Undercut.

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