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Also Google “Seton Hall University the children aren’t real” and scroll down to section C.

I literally don’t care if they’re also a CSA survivor. We don’t get a free pass to create *and share* art that could produce even more CSA survivors. I’m not playing purity police…I just know how to apply common sense to the question “does fictional child pornography put real life kids in danger?” and I also know how to Google that question. Maybe we could talk about adults *unknowingly* looking at a minor’s body if roachpatrol hadn’t been condescending as fuck about “waving a magic wand and making all the people they’ve drawn magically 18” and OBVIOUSLY created child porn for their own pleasure as opposed to coping or venting. But that’s not the case lol. Y'all ugly af

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Random question: you know roach’s pronouns, she’s a woman, that information is everywhere, but you keep using “they” pronouns for her. How come?

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Right, so those things you just cited aren’t what we’re talking about. They’re just straight up different issues in different situations. When I said “as far as I know fanfic has never hurt any actual children” I meant fanfiction, not an institutionalized, commoditized, and publicly visible genre.

For example, loli & shota is a massive, extremely profitable, extremely influential industry rooted in a whole lot of toxicity and, often, misogyny. Roachpatrol is one lady on the internet who, once you strip down all the accusations, has posted two or three drawings of underage. In years. At the height of the homestuck fandom. If you’re going to accuse everyone who has drawn or written underage characters having sex, that’s some massive percentage of almost every fandom with teenaged main characters that’s ever existed. All of those people are pedophiles, including a lot of people who are themselves underage. Every single one. Seriously?

It also seems like it’s time for the definitions game. The crime of pedophilia is sexual contact with a prepubescent minor, statutory rape is sexual contact with a pubescent minor. Both very bad, but they’re different things and are bad for different reasons. Pedophilia is bad for reasons that should hopefully be REALLY OBVIOUS, statutory rape is thus because people who are sexually mature are not also mentally mature, and aren’t mentally prepared for sex. Therefore, laws exist to protect them.

But by definition, attraction to pubescent people under the age of consent does not make you a pedophile. Adult brains can be attracted to teenagers because they see the sexual maturity, the same as they would with another adult, and it’s up to the adult to be a good person and go “okay but that particular human is young and I should Stay Away™.”

Pedophilia is a super-serious accusation that you should not wildly swing around. Because then, when an actual pedophile comes along and they get accused of it, people have to start asking the question “okay is this the real deal or is this a person who drew fictional characters doing the do on the internet.”

I think the major rift in this debate stems from “should there be depictions of teenagers having sex on the internet.” I dunno about anyone else, but when I was a teenager reading about teenagers having sex, it wasn’t some covert, dirty topic I was seeking out to cope with trauma. (I mean, it WAS covert and dirty, but that’s because growing up, all sex was bad and dirty to think about before you were married.) I was a teenager, I wanted to know how I felt about sex, I read smut with people my age I could relate to and saw how I felt about it. (Turns out I’m asexual, so there’s that.)

Whether the person who wrote it was a teenager or adult didn’t really matter to me. Actually, I take that back! Adults usually wrote stuff that was higher quality, had healthier portrayals of consent (or lack thereof), and had more realistic ideas of what a healthy or unhealthy relationship looked like. Being from the deepest part of the Bible Belt, fanfiction was literally my entire sex ed, starting with “so what even is a period.” If it’d just been teens writing that stuff I’d probably be worse off because I would’ve just been learning from other teenagers with their own swamp of misconceptions and unhealthy approaches.

Look, out here in real life, adults writing fanfiction about teenagers helped me, a human being. I know a lot of people who have the exact same story I do. There’s the “coping with trauma” argument, but that’s different from just learning about your own sexuality, you know?

I’m so defensive of roachpatrol because I have watched her help a lot of real-life survivors who came asking for help, and because her stories were really important to teenager!me, both to help with the shredder noise and just figure out all this weird sex(?????) stuff that was going on in my brain. Roach has helped a lot of people, the world is demonstrably a better place because of what she does!!

Please, point to a real person that she or her art has hurt, and bring receipts. Then tell me how any of this is helping them.


Dramatic clarinet!

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Check please fandom, why so drama?

Let me explain to you why so drama.

The nature of the comic is that we don’t actually know a lot. We get tiny snapshots and then draw conclusions. These aren’t invalid conclusions but they also aren’t canon or necessarily reflective of the creators intentions. But we have a group tendancy to grab one, act like it’s canon, then get upset about it. And again, these aren’t invalid conclusions, but they’re also not the only one.

Example - Shitty presuming Jack has a girlfriend. Fandom has a unit took this an proof that Shitty was presuming Jack was heterosexual and got upset about it. Alternate explanations:
Jack has told Shitty explicitly that he is heterosexual.
Jack has told Shitty he’s bi but Shitty knows it’s an important secret and while drunk and cross was not drunk and cross enough to out Jack in the middle of a haus party.

We’ve seen this in action. How many people (like me) presumed the person insisting on complete secrecy was Jack and the one wanting to be more open is Bitty? But when we saw Jack and Bitty actually talk about it, Jack was the one who was more open to telling their friends. We didn’t see what was going on in Bitty and Jack’s heads so we made assumptions and some of us were wrong.

Again, this doesn’t make us bad people. It’s normal. It’s human.

When it becomes a problem isn’t when we make reading and respond to them - it’s when we treat our reading as the one true reading and get upset at others for not sharing it or the creator for it.

Why this is relevant right now? The bet. The dominant reading in the fandom is that they all knew and were betting on when Bitty and Jack would tell them. This is a reading that’s consistent with the text. It’s one that some people are angry about and that’s fine. We validate all emotional reaponses.

But it’s not the only possible response or interpretation. And we have no way of knowing if it’s what Ngozi intended. It is AN interpretation.

Others? They knew Bitty was dating and were betting on when he’d tell them (but didn’t know it was Jack).
They knew Jack was dating and were betting on when HE’D tell them (but didn’t know it was Bitty).
They have various pools in a joking style for various pairings (ie they also had a pool on when Jack would tell them he’s dating Parse?)
They didn’t know but had discussed the option one night when drunk and set up the pool as a joke.

Unless she says clearly, we have no way of knowing what Ngozi intended. So while your interpretation and response are valid. Acting like they are the only ones, any more valid that others, amd getting upset at Ngozi will only create drama.

Also, don’t feel preassured to accept one interpretation because it’s the dominant one in fandom if that interpretation does not feel true to you or upsets you. Also, don’t be afraid to change your interpretation and see things in different ways.


“Mya Gosling, the author of the popular Shakespeare webcomic Good Tickle Brain, is struck by the difference between the top plays in the U.S. and other countries. “Does the popularity of King Lear over Romeo and Juliet mean that the rest of the world is brooding over parental relationships and family dynamics,” she asks, “while Americans are just running around thinking about sex all the time?”” 



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Okay, but funny story

Me and my theater buddies were sitting (in a circle) under a part of the roof that hangs over the courtyard during lunch cause it was raining and we didn’t want to get soaked by the rain. And as we were sitting there in a circle, eating lunch, we just randomly started puting trash in the middle of the circle and made a shrine/sacrificial site..whatever you want to call it (my frien Sarah even flipped a water bottle into the center and it landed the first try)…

and since then we’ve been the Theater Trash Cult.