Vampi mourns the dead of Drakulon in this panel from “Call Me Panther” in Vampirella #50, April 1976.

Denny Colt is the alter ego of Will Eisner’s The Spirit and Wildwood Cemetery is his base of operations. The Spirit doesn’t make an appearance in this story but his crypt does.

A Vampirella sketch from last night to ease my troubled mind. Just a sketch, nothing major. I played around with her face a bit to make her look creepier. :3





Here’s 3 handpicked reviews from the past week aka Mack Daddy Dan’s DYNO-MITE Dynamite Reviews For Non-Jive Turkeys (the name is a work in progress): RED SONJA: THE BLACK TOWER #4 Writer: Frank Tieri Art: Cezar Razek After the last chapter, I wasn’t sure how Sonja would be getting “a head” in this story (get…

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